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Speculation (not even a rumor yet): Vitali Kravtsov considering a return to KHL

Vitali Kravtsov, the Rangers 9th overall selection in 2018, is speculated to be considering a return to the KHL, per Igor Eronko:

It is worth noting a bunch of things here. First is that no Rangers beat writer has confirmed this. Second is that this is the same guy who said the Rangers signed Ilya Kovalchuk a couple summers ago. Third, this comes just two weeks and four games into the AHL season. Fourth, the timing is the day after Brendan Smith is moved to the third line. Fifth, anyone with any sense of critical thinking and thought process dismissed this.

I wouldn’t even count this as a rumor. This is likely an agent trying to leverage a development situation for Kravtsov –who has been a healthy scratch in Hartford already– into an NHL job for his client.  Instead of mailing everyone my vacation photos, I’m saving a ton of time by posting them to my wall. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

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  • It would be a clusterf#@$%#!@%@!# of epic proportions if this kid is not put into a situation where he can succeed at the NHL level.

    I get that he is young and I get that his long-term development can be helped by a little transition time in Hartford. But come on, he has been playing in the KHL and been successful against more mature opponents.

    If I am him, I am thinking – Michael Haley??? Seriously??? This dude is on the team and I am not??? Would rather him be happy about being sent down???

    Let the kid freaking play and show his stuff and get him to NY as soon as possible.

  • This is just like someone on sbnation, thehockeywriters, etc. writing that Kravs wants to go back to the KHL — doubt there’s a lot of truth behind it, more like someone speculating to get “hits”, “views” etc.

  • Where there is smoke . . .

    He will be in the KHL before Thanksgiving. He sees a defenseman playing (now) on the third line and he (highly touted rookie who played well in Travers and in training camp) goes to AHL. Why wouldn’t he go? Gorton and DQ putting the screws to the kid.

  • Kravtsov came here thinking he would play in the NHL at his $925,000 salary not the minimum wage in the AHL. He probably feels like he’s getting jerked around down there and if he can go back to the KHL and make significantly more cash … then he HAS to be considering it… especially if there is a clause that says he can.

    Maybe this is just a rumor but it makes some sense to me.

  • Kid can go home and make 3x the salary, or stay in a foreign country, where the current ownership says you aren’t good enough to play for us. No brainer.

    Shouldn’t the NYR give the kid some guidance, and (possibly) some direction. “Play 8 games in the AHL and then we will bring you back to the big club if you show you can play our style of hockey”. We do not know what if any guidance they gave the kid.

    This all falls on Gorton and Quinn if he opts to go home. This is the type of miscue that could cause Gorton to lose his job.

  • Hopefully there’s no truth to this. While in preseason he did look like there will be some growing pains, isn’t that what this season is about? He’s a top prospect and should have a spot on this team now, even if he’s not going to be a superstar immediately. Why we need to see Smith and McKegg and Haley is tough to understand.

  • Ruin his NHL career? Haha yeah okay buddy..

    It’s a real shame that Kappo and this kid will have semi development in N/A. The AHL team isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. NYR’s bottom 9 isn’t going to help improve or make life any more easy for young talented wingers. Matter of fact Kappo straight out came to the media over in Finland and said that he only viewed Zib as the Ranger’s only center. No talking heads wanted to touch that article due to protecting the narratives of Chytil and Lias.

    Kravstov and Kappo flanking Hayes would have worked throughout camp, pre season and now. Zucc in replace of Kreider would have also helped Kappo jumpstart his career on Broadway.

    What a shame because the way Kravstov handles the pucks and skates reminded me of Kyle Connor from Winnipeg. I honestly see him being that type of winger in the near future if the cards align. I bet he could cover a lot of ice due to his skating ability and mobility with the puck. After Zib, we don’t have any center’s who could feed the wingers through any of the slot area’s. Howden is our only hope and at least he could somewhat skate with the puck in the neutral zone.

  • in situations like this I try to think like a young talented professional athlete would, but let’s face it, I have no idea what Kravstov is thinking and I sit in front of a computer all day drowning in graphic design.. lol


    I just think he would have thought about this scenario prior to committing all his obvious future to it. If he was too young to think about it, then certainly his team, family and others he trusts would have done so.

    He had to have considered this first year at the AHL level, right? I mean, he had no prior experience in this league.
    So some of you are saying because he played well, heck, maybe well enough to make the club right off the bat, but was placed in the farms for what he MUST HABE thought would happen, at least could happen.

    your telling me you think he’s gonna scrap not just the ‘NHL project’ that he ventured into, but he’s willing to derail his NHL professional, massive silver lining career…

    come on…

    let’s leave this nonsense where it belongs for at least the first half of this season, please…


    at least wait until a credible source states otherwise about the kid…

  • Hoping he chooses to stay. He needs to adjust to the rink size and more physical play. If he wants to go back, he has to understand that he’s greatly delaying any potential prospect for a successful NHL career. In terms of just letting him play over Haley/Mckegg, that makes no sense. He didn’t chase pucks, people or display any readiness to warrant substantial NHL minutes. It’s best he gets them with the Pack while sending a message to the Rangers that he’s ready to earn his uniform. I watched him stand by and watch his teammate get double-teamed and punched like a piñata and he didn’t move a muscle. It’s not just DQ who would have a problem with that. Anyone in the NHL should have to earn their way on. Vitale…get after yourself, people and pucks harder than you’ve ever before. Show us you want it. Toughen up or see ya in Arizona in 2025 or so.

  • I know an awful lot of people who would love to make 70 k a year. Even more that would appreciate what it takes to be in the NHL. I don’t believe this is true and the kid is that stupid. If it is though, we move on to someone with a better attitude, later Kravs!

    No one is comparing him to Smith, apples and oranges, my friend.

  • We drafted skillful European players that never played the hard fought defensive North American hockey. We were rated the team with the best prospect pool and we cut them for Greg McKegg and Mike Haley. Nothing against these guys and I’m sure they worked hard to get that spot.

    To me it seems Quinn doesn’t respect offensive skill as much as being a defensive minded forward. That only got us to the cup with the last group. What we truly lacked was a bonafide offensive star.

    I wish the org would just gives these kids a chance and if they show they’re not ready then send them down for development and atleast they have a reason for being sent down instead of all this speculation

  • I think DQ doesn’t like soft skill players. He’s been preaching the same thing over and over since he got here. Skate faster, go thru people, chase the puck down, force the play more, be harder to play against. I agree with him honestly. They all need to do much more and be much, much harder to play against. This team NEVER took a night off under Tortorella. They were ALWAYS hard to play against under him…night in/night out.

    That’s why players like Lemieux, Smith, and Haley are valued probably too much by Quinn. The rest of the team is extremely soft. Most of this roster just kind of stands there watching the play, trying to make the right read instead of forcing the situation aggressively. I still don’t think the roster is ideal for DQ’s style that he wants, IMHO. Kreider, of all players, hasn’t even showed up yet.

    Torts had this team ready to run through a brick wall for him. This current roster is trying to figure out what color the bricks should be…

  • Hey if Buchy can adapt any player can. We’re dealing with teenagers here, you have to cut them some slack while reminding them day in and day out how they have to play … that said, you have to actually PLAY them.

  • To Avery, I guess that was for me.

    Yeah, because if he goes back to Russia, his rights remain with the Rangers anyway, and the clock stops on his ELC.

    So merely going there for the next 3 years does zero for his leverage with the Rangers, who would keep his rights no matter what he does, under the same ELC.

    So, what’s your take on this? I’m curious.

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