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Kakko scores, but Oilers hand Rangers first loss of the season

Kaapo Kakko got on the board, but the Edmonton Oilers bested the NY Rangers

Kaapo Kakko broke through, getting his first NHL goal, the first of the game yesterday afternoon against the Oilers. But it was all Edmonton after that, as the Oilers put up four straight goals to remain undefeated and hand the Rangers their first loss of the season.

This game was completely dominated by Edmonton, who ran over the Rangers like they weren’t even there. Based on the numbers from Natural Stat Trick, the Oilers out attempted the Rangers 51-22, out chanced the Rangers 23-11, and outshot the Rangers 21-13 (all at even strength). The lone bright spot for the Blueshirts was their powerplay, as they moved the puck well and got a good amount of chances. Their powerplay is going to be lethal all year, so it’s good to see them clicking right off the bat.

Rangers 1, Oilers 0

What a pass by Ryan Strome here. That little backhander gave the rookie a clear path to the net, and Kakko just waited out Mike Smith and tucked in the finish.

Oilers 1, Rangers 1

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins won the face off clean back to Oscar Klefbom, who put a wrister through a ton of traffic that just eluded everyone and found the back of the net. I counted five guys in front of the net providing the screen. Not an ideal goal to allow.

Oilers 2, Rangers 1

The pass from Connor McDavid to James Neal gets deflected by Jacob Trouba and through Henrik Lundqvist. Hockey happens sometimes.

Oilers 3, Rangers 1

Not quite sure why several Rangers allowed Leon Draisaitl to be all alone in front, uncontested, to take a bunch of whacks after the McDavid shot, but here we are.

OIlers 4, Rangers 1

Draisaitl empty netter.

Shot Heatmap

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The Oilers had a ton of chances and a good amount from the net mouth. The Rangers, meanwhile, could get anything going at even strength.

Expected Goals

Again, this is basically what we expected to see given how the game went yesterday. Edmonton really opened it up in the second and third periods though.

When a team with the best player in the world comes in, they have a chance to win every game they play. That said, the Rangers did not look good, and quite honestly haven’t in two of their three games this season. Special teams will need to carry the Rangers this season if they plan on making any noise. I think we knew that though. And now for another week off to over analyze everything about this loss.

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  • I don’t know where this team is going to get their wins from this season but S.O.S. I can’t see them squaring off against…
    Washington- Kutz/Backstrom
    Carolina- Staal/Aho
    Philly- Hayes/Coots
    Pitts- Crosby/Malkin when in the lineup
    NYI- Barzal/Nelson
    NJD- Hish/Hughes (maybe not now but very, very soon will those two be established as elites.)

    Lias at 2c won’t help slow down any of those top 6 tandem’s.

    A little fun fact: I had the chance to play against Alex Chiasson back in the day. He helped his teammate fight me in a dust up in the corner during the dying seconds of the game. He kept talking French to me because he heard my name was French in the beginning haha. I honestly knew this guy was going to go pro in the near future, he was just to good at the time.

  • Pretty tough to make such a claim after just 3 games. Remember, other teams have to stop our top 6 as well … and our PP. 2nd line center is an issue, as is the left side of our defense … but you can find issues with most every team. Yeah, Lias more than likely isn’t the answer to the 2C issue, but he’s shown so far that defensively he can be solid … besides I suspect we’ll see Chytil back up in the near future, and Kravs at some point to add even greater depth on the wings. Patience grasshopper.

  • One quibble: Seemed to me that the Rangers has the better if the play in the first period. So they were dominated the rest of the way.

  • One less post and one more goal in the 1st period could have changed the whole complexion of the game … Hats off to Dave Tippett, many a time I wished he had been hired to coach the Rangers — like instead of AV. The man knows how to provide a proper defensive structure, he gets more out of his players … not less.

  • I thought I was being realistic here about the matchups within the division.

    Lias being solid in the DZ has as much credibility as your hey it’s only been “3 games” chant. He lacks the tools to become a high power defensive minded forward who can put up 5v5 points, let alone shutdown center.

    Sorry but I wouldn’t go put him out to contain a legit top 6 centerman or help with stopping a top 6 line. Imo a sheltered 3rd line that has offense to their game could school him on most nights. If Quinn does not pay attention than quality 4c and 3c like Cizikas and Eakin will have high active games vs him… I know that he has he kind of gotten by with Zib as his center on the PK as of late.. But in the pre season he’s already proved that he can’t hold down a unit by himself with a guy like Fast.

    His neutral zone game is none existence and that’s usually how you can tell if a center is defensively worthy. Now if we had someone like Cody Glass in replace of him than I’d say the potential is there.

  • I think the point is that Lias might deserve a shot, or at least should be in the mix, at trying out as 2C. It is not as if Strome is making a case for remaining as 2C. The second line has been pretty anemic.

    That being said, they have only played three games so far.

  • … and who exactly up until now has deserved a shot more than Lias? Again, I know he isn’t the answer to the question who will be the 2nd line center on this team for years to come, that should be Chytil … but I’m suggesting that he at least has earned a shot at playing in that spot since neither Howden nor Strome has played particularly well. Yes he’ll get schooled by the better centers out there, but he’s made some good strides over the summer.

    In any event my criticism of your post had less to do with Lias and much more to do with the comment: “I don’t know where this team is going to get their wins from this season but S.O.S. I can’t see them squaring off against…”. Like I said, other teams will have to find ways to shut us down … and our goaltending almost always gives us a chance to win. TBH I’m just as worried about the left side of our defense as I am who will play 2nd line center.

  • One of the bigegst issues yesterday was that the Rangers simply did not shoot enough.

    It looked, to me, that the Rangers had a lot of good looks at the Oilers’ goal and chose not to take the shot.

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