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Rangers/Oilers Game takes

Whew, man what a long week off. Can’t wait to do this again until Thursday! Let’s recap this game shall we?

  • So Mika Zibanejad should skate in the fastest skater competition at the All-Star Game, that was impressive to start this game breaking away from McDavid.
  • Why would you match Marc Staal against Connor McDavid? One of the slowest defenders in the league vs. the NHL’s fastest skater does not seem like a recipe for success.
  • After so much time off, it’s only natural that the power play would look a little passive. Artemi Panarin doesn’t miss often from that left circle, but the first couple power plays, he couldn’t get the shot off the way he usually can.
  • It is freaky how much of a possession monster Kaapo Kakko is. The ability to read Mike Smith’s movements and get that all important first NHL goal was what we all were waiting for since draft day.
  • I am no Ryan Strome as a 2C fan, but he helps make that goal happen with that backhanded dime to Kakko to spring him to the net.
  • Lias Andersson getting less than 5 minutes of ice time through 2 periods is INEXCUSABLE. If Quinn thinks he doesn’t belong, he needs to be getting as much ice time as he can in Hartford. Jerking him around at the NHL level playing with a defenseman playing forward and a replacement level forward and expecting him to somehow look amazing seems rather unfair.
  • If you are going to only give Andersson this much ice time, by all means just dress Micheal Haley.
  • I still don’t see what Howden has done to earn Quinn’s trust as much as he’s gotten in his two years with the Rangers. He is rarely in the offensive zone for a guy who could produce offense in junior. Him becoming 2C in the third period seemed odd as he didn’t stand out at all prior to that.
  • It is amazing that after so many days off, Lundqvist is able to come out in a matinee and make some of the saves he made today. As David wrote earlier this week, the Rangers give up the blue line by design, but Lundqvist allows them breathing room when there are breakdowns and he makes some of the saves he’s made today.
  • They are not ALWAYS going to score, but it is so nice to have a good looking power play for what feels like FOREVER. The skill on PP1 is some NSFW material anytime they are on the ice.
  • In typical NYR fashion, McDavid finds himself on the scoresheet. Those deflecting-off-the-skate-while-trying-to-block goals have to be the most frustrating to not only give up as a defender, but you don’t have a chance in goal; even if you are Lundqvist.
  • Adam Fox is so poised as a rookie defenseman. it’s crazy how he’s able to pass the puck out of the zone with accuracy and under pressure.
  • I don’t understand why it takes so long for the refs to blow a play dead that now has costed the Rangers a goal against. Everything else was quick this whole game and now that?!
  • All in all, a pretty dull game other than the Kakko goal. I don’t blame the Rangers looking rusty today, it was honestly inevitable with a 1PM start, and so many days off. This team will be so much fun to watch once we get a more rhythmic schedule.
  • Edmonton is 5-0 huh? Hmm.


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  • OH MY GOD, How could Lias Andersson only had 7:16 total ice time with 5:28 even strength ice time? As BSB has stated “Lias Andersson, who has been the best non-Mika Zibanejad center so far, both by eyes and by stats, can’t seem to get more ice time.” … BSB should demand NYR fire DQ immediately!!! If not, BSB will have a protest tomorrow at MSG!!!

  • The Rangers were handling the puck like it was a hand grenade today. Their passing was not sharp and neither was Lundqvist. As a team, they are not in synch and yes this stupid schedule is a factor.

  • How can Brett Howden had 15:33 total ice time while Andersson only had 7:16? DQ must be blind, doesn’t he know Andersson is “the best non-Mika Zibanejad center so far, both by eyes and by stats” ??? The whole BSB Hockey expert team will protest tomorrow at MSG, screaming “No Justice No Peace” !!!

  • bench 4 or more. Let’s stop sugar coating it.

    Georgiev would have given them a better chance to win this one.

  • Every time I see Andersson on ice, unfortunately much less than I would like to, I think to myself: He deserves at least a shot at the 2nd line C job … and certainly the 3rd. I don’t hate Howden at all, but he gets more ice time than he deserves. Not that I think Andersson is close to being a legit 2nd line center in the NHL, but he looks so much better this year. Most Improved Ranger from last season, so far … and when skating isn’t your strong suit, you need the ice time to keep the legs going. Sitting too long only exacerbates the issue for those types of players.

    Agree about Staal, he looked particularly bad today … poor Tony D. I would suggest calling Lindgren up and giving Staal some rest, but we all know rest sure as hell isn’t the problem with Staal right now.

    Mamma said there would be days like this … the early posts didn’t help.

  • Georgiev must’ve given you kool-aid on the subway. You think he’s the messiah? Where’ve you been for 15 years?

  • Hank made a couple of fantastic saves early in the game to keep the Rangers in it. He plays good when rested. They could have used Haley out their to throw some body checks, nobody else did. Kreider was in his usual sleeping mode time. The power play looked good, but couldn’t score. We hit the post two or three times. After that, we lost momentum and were outplayed. The Oilers deserved to win.

  • Most interesting was after game, when DQ was giving speach 🙂 I founf some similarities with last AV interview as Rangers coach, the same no clue…

  • Lias’ ice-time, I can’t believe it. AHHHHH, THE HUMANITY! And then Strome gets the assist on Kaako’s first goal with a sweet pass, wtf DQ?!? I mean, giving Howden ice-time too? We’re supposed to bury that youngster in favor of LIAS! I bet the coach doesn’t even read the comment sections. Andersson’s xBGFRTYVD% is through the roof after only 3 games.

    This harping on Andersson’s ice time is getting very old very fast. Win or lose, doesn’t matter. Let’s get through a recap w-o the drama about Lias. More importantly, someone needs to tell Kreider his contract year has started already. It’s looking like the deadline is already affecting his game.

  • It just started, get use to it. lol His PLAY merits a lot more than 8-9 minutes a night, especially if Howden is getting 15+ and Lias is on the #1 PK unit.

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