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NY Rangers trade Vlad Namestnikov to Ottawa Senators

NY Rangers get draft picks from the Ottawa Senators for Vlad Namestnikov

The Rangers have cleared up some cap space and some of their winger logjam, sending Vlad Namestnikov to the Ottawa Senators. The Rangers get a 2021 4th rounder and Nick Ebert, a former 7th round pick by the LA Kings in 2012. He’s in the AHL now and doesn’t really have an AHL future, let alone a NHL future. He was included because Ottawa was at 49 signed contracts and likely didn’t want to get to 50 with the trade.

The Rangers retained $750,000 on this deal, freeing up $3.25 million in cap space and opening a roster spot in the bottom-six (or top-six if Ryan Strome is moved down the lineup).

Have to admit, Rob nailed this one.

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  • Some cap space? That’s a sizable chunk of space tbh … is this a prelude to a Kreider signing an extension at some point in the next couple of months?

    I’ll say this for Vlady, he worked hard and was competent … but $4M was about $1-1.5M too much for his role on this team.

  • for a 2021 4th rounder and D Nick Ebert, a career minor leaguer … and they retain 750K. It isn’t much but hopefully the 4th rounder looks like a late 3rd rounder.

  • A move had to be made, and I’m glad it was Name, or Strome. Good luck Vladdy, you tried to play hard for us, and for that we thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • End of an era – Vladdy’s game is much more suited to the Euro contingent than Strome, so it would’ve been nice to see him play a little 2C before taking the dump.

    • True, but he’s a UFA at the end of the year and Strome an RFA …. basically it’s take a 4th rounder now or wait for the deadline, but then you’re probably looking at a 3rd from a playoff team. At least this way we build up cap space in case there’s a good deal to be made at the deadline.

    • Hey pal, playing Names over Chytil at 2C is anti-productive, short-term and long-term.

      Just like not playing Chytil there now is anti-productive.

      The whole “rebuild” was centered (pun intended) around Chytil, Andersson, and Howden being their centers. That has to be the plan this year. It just has to be. The Rangers need to find out whether the 3 can handle it this year.

      Because if not, then the Rangers will be forced to go in another direction for the center spots.

  • Addition by subtraction. We needed both the cap space and the top-9 roster space. The return is irrelevant at this point.

  • This move frees up some capspace yes for sure. I like Nams game but he is more of a play making shifty center then a power winger. It looks to me like the Rangers are building a team that is bigger stronger and faster.

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