On Al Trautwig’s sudden leave of absence from MSG

The broadcast for Ranger games this season is going to look a little different. News broke yesterday that long time broadcast host Al Trautwig is taking a leave of absence from the Rangers and Knicks. This will be the first time in recent memory that Trautwig will not be involved in the broadcasts, as he usually hosts the pregame and postgame, as well as the intermission interviews.

Trautwig was noticeably unwell over the weekend, something that was very clear to viewers. Andrew Marchand of the NY Post noted that MSG brass met with Trautwig to determine the best course of action.

This appears to be a health issue, and we hope that Trautwig returns soon. He’s a voice most of us grew up with watching this team, like Sam Rosen. If Rosen is the voice of the Rangers, then Trautwig is the voice of the production.

John Giannone, who is another great on-air guy, will probably take a lot of Trautwig’s responsibilities until he returns.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Al.

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  • I hope that he gets through whatever is ailing him and it is not too serious. I remember him standing out for his excellent player interviews way back in the NHL on USA Network.

  • To me, a Rangers game not hosted by Sam Rosen… sucks. It just doesn’t sound right. I always feel something bad is going to happen. Sure he wears rose colored glasses, but he is the voice of the Rangers. Took me a long time to get used to it when JD left too.
    John Gianone sucks calling games, and we usually lose when he does, but he is solid at interviews, and actually asks relevant questions.
    Al Trautwig does not ask relevant questions. Sometimes I wonder if he actually watches hockey. He’s terrible. Awful. I wish him no ill will and it’s not personal but I wish he’d stick to basketball.

    • Nobody like Sam Rosen From This 62 Year Old Long Time Ranger Fan. He’s The Best 🏒😁

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