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Folks, I must apologize for the almost three weeks that we have been down. The most frustrating part here was that I couldn’t write a post to explain what happened. Long story short, the site would load fine, as I’m sure you saw, but we could not access the admin panel to create new content. Nothing worked. Naturally, we were all frustrated.

If the site doesn’t load for you, clear cache and try again.

I called my hosting provider who spent a week trying to figure out what the issue was. They eventually told me the site had outgrown its current hosting and database plan and I needed to upgrade. While it most certainly would have been nice to receive some kind of warning before this happened, I needed to upgrade. The upgrade required a whole new server environment and a dedicated Linux/cPanel host. With that comes a full migration. That’s 11 years of blogging, images, comments, etc that need to be moved over. It takes time to move all of it, and it took almost two full weeks.

But here we are. We are back. You’ll notice the layout of the site is a little off, and I made the decision to just get the damn site up again and then do everything else in the background while we produce content for you all. You’re going to see a lot of changes in the coming weeks to the layout. There will also be some changes in the background that you won’t see. Usually I’d want this all done beforehand, but I’m taking a more agile approach to this.

As a way of making this up to you for all the down time, we are going to run a ton of content over the next week or so. If you’ve been here a while, we usually stick to a post per day until the season starts, unless there is news. We have so much backlogged content that we will be doing a post every 3-4 hours for the next week. Some may seem dated, but based on the number of you that reached out to me during the down time, I’m guessing you all missed reading it as much as we all missed writing it.

Thank you to everyone who reached out on social media and via email to check in on the site and on me. I assure you I never had any plans to shut the site down, and it meant a lot that you were all reaching out to ensure I was ok and that the site was not coming down. It means a lot.

One last thing: As you guys know, I launched a Patreon in April after the site was hacked. Now is a good time to bring that up again, as this site does cost a good amount of money to keep afloat, and this has has been particularly expensive to keep it up and running. If you enjoy reading, want to ensure the site stays afloat, and have a few bucks a month to spare, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I’m glad y’all are back up

    Adam Edstrom is big and can skate, doing his apprenticeship on the 4th line and doesn’t look hopeless.

  • I posted most of this elsewhere while we were lost in the wilderness. A Traverse City review.

    Henriksson has some skill, had serious issues at 5v5(but who doesn’t at 18.) Years away, but so is the need.

    Reunanen heads back to Finland if he doesn’t crack Hartford(which may be in the cards with Rykov, Lindgren & Day already there.) He looked good today against poor competition, heard a lot of footsteps early in the tourney.

    Kakko reads the game so well, just needs to fill out a little(5lbs this year), get used to the physical game(doesn’t handle cross checks to the throat all that well for some reason) and work on his straight line speed.

    Kravtsov needs to work out some kinks in his game(if anything bad is to be said about TC was that he tried to hard to be noticed at times and got caught with his pants around his ankles for it.) but he’s another guy who needs to fill out a little more to be NHL ready. He’s not Buch thin when he 1st came over, but he needs another 10-12lbs.

    Maser had his moments, showed some skill and would be good to have him spend a month in Portland just focusing on the system & getting 1st live minutes while getting the stink of PG off him.

    Fox is gonna be 2RD whether DeAngelo signs or not. He was putting guys on their heels and pyloning forecheckers.

    Keane looked good more often than not, if things go well he’ll be on the main roster after expansion.

    Skinner had some howlers day 1, but settled down and looked good more often than not. Is already putting on solid weight. This year in London gonna be very big for him.

    Gross? You hope he signs with a Swiss team before you have to qualify him, thereby stopping the clock.

    Rykov? Was the best Euro D for the Rangers at TC in forever. Still gonna have to learn the system in Hartford 1st.

    Robertson is gonna hopefully be a two eyed, non-punch drunk Staal in a few years. Good skater, good positioning, mostly good reads.

    • For an 18 year old I really liked what Henriksson showed me — I don’t think he’ll ever be a legit Top 2 center but he can play with talent and not look out of place.

      • I can’t disagree, the only unknown is how roster decisions start to play out once Seattle comes on line.

        That’s a ways away and so is he. But if I was a betting man, I’d expect to see someone like Edstrom (big guy on the wing who can skate) make the club before Henriksson.

        -Was just watching a little bit of Nils Lundkvist from yesterday and there’s all sorts of things he does that somebody like Adam Boqvist can’t do(actually defend for one.) just setting moving screens in his own end to help his partner have some extra time against the forecheck, can find an open man when carrying deep, can box out and be mean about it. Still chases above the dots too often for my taste, but nobody’s perfect.

  • As I’m sure you call can see, there are issues with the layout of the site. I am working on it, and hopeful to have a lot of the major kinks worked out soon.

    • Just glad you guys are back up and running. Was hoping to see you folks here before the pre-season opener, and it looks like you made it!!

  • Welcome back! Really not the worst time in the world for a site issue. Now with pre-season about to start, we can all try to choose the 22 or 23 players that make the roster. Guessing there is at least 1 surprise.

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