NHL Network ranks NY Rangers prospects the top system in the league

The NHL Network has ranked the NY Rangers prospects as the best pool in the league, just ahead of the Devils at #2.

After adding five first round picks the last two years, the Rangers struck gold with landing Kaapo Kakko 2nd overall this season, on top of adding Adam Fox and supplementing their depth with an excellent 2019 draft. They also highlight Adam Fox and K’Andre Miller and the fact that the Rangers have five of the top 51 prospects in the NHL today.

Kakko is obviously highlighted in the video, along with Miller, but don’t forget that the Rangers have the likes of Filip Chytil, Lias Andersson, Brett Howden, Nils Lundkvist, Fox, and Vitali Kravtsov as top end talents in their pool. That doesn’t even account for the depth. Truly a great time to be a Rangers fan.

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      • Ha, nope … for some odd reason “fans” hold Gordie accountable for that which wasn’t under his control — i.e. the trading from 2012 until 3 drafts ago of our 1st and some 2nd rounders. His responsibilities were increased in 2007 — from then on he’s done pretty well with the assets given, aside from 2010 and McIlrath.

        2007 Cheraponov RIP and Hagelin
        2008 Del Zotto, Stepan and Dale Weise
        2009 Kreider
        2010 Jesper Fast
        2011 Miller
        2012 Brady Skjei
        2013 Buchnevich, Duclair, Graves
        2014 Shesterkin
        2015 TBD
        2016 TBD

        Yes, a few lean years, then again not a lot of assets available to him during those times — but what he’s done during the rebuild (which I still believe really started with the Stepan trade) has been excellent.

        Also FANS need to understand his role with bringing in free agent prospects and the young prospects that are coming in via trade. That also falls within the purview of the “scout” — and especially the Director of Player Personnel.

        Bottom line is that the hate directed towards Gordie is based on 2 things: 1) he’s perceived as Sather’s man (well guess what, so was JG) … and 2) his record from a few years ago — but again, not a lot of assets to work with.

        • Dewey…Gordie took over the draft in 2005…His very first pick was Marc Staal. 2006 he took Sanguinetti….very next pick in that draft was Claude Giroux. 2010 he took Mclrath which was indefensible….then missed a ton of very good NHL players like Tarasenko Kuznetzov and many others

          • Well at least you didn’t blame him for Jessiman. I actually believe it was 2007 though, when he really took over the draft table. Regardless, sitting here and focusing on mistakes made well over a decade ago is foolish. Every single GM, scout, etc. has made multiple mistakes (big ones) over the course of a career. Plenty of people screwed up on Giroux … Tarasenko, Kuznetsov and others. You people act like he was the only one. How about credit for Stepan? Drafted in the middle of the 2nd round, a redraft of that year would have him as a Top 7-8 pick. There are other examples of such drafting as well … and what of Cheraponov, would that have changed the impression of Gordie had he lived? Unknown.

            My point is simple, you can’t judge the career of a man by his mistakes alone … look at the body of work (which by the way includes the last 3 years, as well as getting players like DeAngelo, Howden, Hajek and Rykov as well). Let he who has never misjudged a player’s development from 18 years old onward cast the first stone — it’s an ART … and a career has to be based on the breath of a person’s work.

          • Lol 2003 had a HOF 1st round and we drowned badly ….I hear ya but Gordies problem is he has missed badly on the premium picks. That list you have up there is not a resume I want to bring to an interview….very mediocre

          • For where they were picking it’s an OK resume … I’m calling BS on all you haters. πŸ˜‰

          • It’s not hate, no management or coach should have a job for 20 years, unless they are winning championships regularly.

            New perspectives are needed. People hang on for way too long sometimes.

            I’m a big Eli fan but if he really cares about the franchise like he says he does, then he should retire. He’s no Tom Brady.

    • Downvotes reflect on YOU and not on my statement — my statement is backed by the overwhelming general consensus of the hockey world. If you disagree it is based on old grudges and biases.

    • I could have bet my life that you would be the first comment my friend, lol.

      Tome to retire, GO OUT ON TOP!! πŸ™‚

  • Amazing what can happen when you actually keep your own and accumulate draft picks instead of trading them away for over-the-hill vets.
    This team will not only be fun to watch, but after the 2019/2020 season, contend for years.

    • It’s one thing to have the picks, it’s another to do something productive with them.

      Like Jerry Seinfeld says: “You can take the car reservation, but you cannot keep the car reservation.”

      • And there is ZERO chance of doing anything productive with picks you do not have.
        So I for one am VERY happy with where we are at, and with the management that put us in this position.
        I concede the picks must pan out. That’s true with just about every pick, there are some obvious exceptions (McDavid, Matthews and alike). I have nothing but praise for this management group.
        Before the re-build started our prospect ranking (depending on which authority you listen to) was last, second to last or a generous third from the bottom. Now the consensus is is we’re first, number one.
        Granted we haven’t won anything with these high end prospects, and believe it will take some time for most to acclimate to the pro NHL game. However, the asinine path we were on before didn’t even give us a realistic chance.
        I will be very patient this season, and not at all upset if we miss the playoffs. Remember most of our competitors improved as well. And some of the ones that didn’t outwardly improve have seasoned, proven NHL head coaching.
        As I said in my previous post, 2020-2021 we not only make the playoffs but we will be a legitimate threat to the favorites.
        This year we’ll be fun to watch regardless of where we finish.

  • My…how far we have come and so quickly. Credit to the front office and as importantly…..the owner’s lack of interest in hockey. Thank heaven for that and the avoidance of the 7th Ring of Dante’s that is the Knicks.

    • Is it “lack of interest” or did he just hire a couple of people who had some idea of what they were doing and he then let them do what they needed to (hands off)?

  • They lack a true future number one center. Don’t think they have one. Maybe Chytil will surprise me. If they manage to address that at the 2020 draft–lights out.

  • They lack a true future number one center. Don’t think they have one. Maybe Chytil will surprise me. If the manage to address that at the 2020 draft–lights out.

  • It’s amazing the upbeat attitude of the people on this page, especially when discussing the youth we have going forward. For years I wanted a youth movement, but we were given a stale old diet of retreads. Now we have a terrific number of kids who will give us excitement, hope, and thrills that the old farts could never do. I for one am so pumped for the upcoming season, and for the near future, to be able to watch kids play with their emotions on their collective sleeves, rather than the same old, same old!!!!!!!!!! LGR…

    • There’s enough negativity to go with the upbeat Walt — I mean every time I suggest Clark has done an excellent job over the last 3 years all I get are thumbs down. Sorry, but people can’t say we have a great future with the youth garnered over the last 2-3 years and then sh!t all over Clark. You can like Clark or not, you can hold him accountable for some past errors or not, but you can’t say he’s done a bad job over the last couple of years.

      • Clark could only do what he can given the tools he had to work with. I fault Sather more than anyone for the run of years where we had zero picks, and nothing but garbage wearing our jersey!!!!!!!!

        • 2005/6 to 2016/17: 12 seasons. Made the playoffs 11 out of 12, lost in first round 4 times, lost in second round 4 times, lost in conference finals twice, lost in Stanley Cup Final once. Not bad at all with “nothing but garbage wearing our jersey”. Maybe the “garbage” is actually those who are too interested in posting to look at the facts.

          • The only reason we had any success was a fellow in goal who stood on his head. The draft picks were pathetic. Are you a member of the Sather fan club, who thinks he was wonderful? Just asking………We’ll let you slide on the insult this time Joe……..

  • I wonder if Kreider to Buffalo for Rasmus Ristolainen? There would need to be other pieces and Buffalo would probably have to take one of Names, Strome or Smith.

    Not sure if it is a match but wonder if it could happen. Sounds like Ristolainen really wants out before camp starts.

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