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Blue Seat Blogs-cast – Buyouts, Re-Signing Kreider, and Sneaking into the Playoffs

On this week’s podcast, we’ve got Pat, Becky, and Rob discussing the possible buyout scenarios the Rangers might opt for, the possibility of re-signing Chris Kreider, and what that might me for the Rangers’s ability to eke out a postseason spot next season. Catch us, as always, right here, on SoundCloud, and on iTunes.

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  • We need to find about $7M of Cap space. Many ways to get there, all have some sort of immediate and downstream impact. Expect the NYR to try every way to move players before possibly buying out Shatty on Wednesday.

  • Devils acquire Gusev from Golden Knights, ink him to two-year deal – should be some interesting hockey this winter

  • Been out of the loop a bit at the gym and at the Hockey ring, but the one tidbit I got last week from a one of my buddies is that the Rangers are looking to get the 4th line in order after the smokes clear. Reaves has been a name I have heard on more than one-occasion

    • So they go with 22, eliminate Shatty, McKegg and Belesky, then sign DeAngelo and Lemieux … problem solved for this year. Smith stays on and swings from d to f and from f to d as needed — ld to rd, vice versa.

      The issue is the following year although guys like Namestnikov, Belesky and $2.5m of Girardi come off the book. Re: Kreider, unknown.

      • Actually, I do not believe that Shatty will be bought out. It is one of the least desirable options. That 2nd year is a $6M cap hit of dead space. No thanks.

        Shatty sticks, plays better, and gets traded. His actual salary to be paid is very low as most of it has been paid due to a front loaded contract. So Shatty will have trade value as time moves on.

        My prediction for CK is a 6 year deal.

        • I didn’t say he would be bought out, just suggested it’s all we need to do to get under the cap — and in the following year we free up about $3.5M just from Belesky and Girardi.

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