Rangers sign Kaapo Kakko to entry level deal

The waiting is over. Kaapo Kakko has signed an entry level deal with the Rangers. The deal is obviously a three year ELC, and it’s a safe assumption that it’s at the max $925k base salary with max bonuses. The bonuses could get pricey next season if they hit.

Of course we all knew this was going to happen, it was just a matter of when.

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  • Good news for us today. How many others wouldn’t sign with the teams that drafted them, so this is a very good event.

    Like Sal stated, Trouba, Krider, and Buch in the order have to be signed next. LGR!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Add Brandon and DeAngelo, Not too sure what is going to happen with Kredier. Someone is going to have to be traded due to Trouba’s contact to be announced soon and the signing of the bread man….stay tuned…

      • Adios Name, it’s been fun!!!!!!!!

        That’s who I think will go first, then maybe one of he 3 S’s………..

        • Kreider will be traded. They’ve already tried moving him at the draft. It’s only a matter of time.

      • Looking like a Shatty buyout PLUS player movement. Will it be CK, Names or Strome? I guess it depends on the return.

          • Andy

            Like you I hate buy outs, dead cap space. The part that hurts most is why did they sign Shittypants in the first place? The guy never played a lick of defense, and paid out such an amount of cash for that garbage, sorry story!!!!!!!

      • Besides Kreider, who do the rangers have and be willing to trade that would free up cap space and be more desirable to trading partners than the UFAs out there that a team could sign for cash alone rather than sending back picks or prospects to NY? Even with salary retained it’s a pretty weak list that would make a dent.

        Buyouts are coming.

      • Well AZgene as mentioned to you earlier…we wanted Trouba…we got em…..we wanted Panarin…we got em…now difficult decisions regarding certain players will be made….the cap is now an expected issue that will be resolved and some painful exits could occur…

  • Kakko! Great.

    Now ink Trouba, lock that fella up. Ditto DeAngelo, at least a bridge. Lemieux seems like a good kid in your bottom six, bridge him too. Then sign Kreider. They will have to dump salaries somewhere, but I believe Kreider is a must sign.

  • Ah yes, the pinnacle of anticlimactic news.

    Come on JG, let’s get to the good stuff and show me the magic!

  • I find it so ironic that we can’t get rid of Shatty at half retained salary, yet we were fed bull crap that he gave us a hometown discount to play here. Now that’s funny enough to make me sick to the stomach!!!!!!!

    Where are all his suitors, why aren’t they knocking our doors down to get to the guy????????

    • the home town discount was supposedly the term of the contract, not the annual paycheck. the shorter term is looking like a FANTASTIC discount now that the rangers will have to either buyout, trade/retain salary, or rehabilitating him somehow.

    • Do you ever get tired of posting the same thing over and over again? We get it. You don’t like Shattenkirk.

      • We all know that the contract didn’t work out as we would have liked. The contract was signed under a team with a different goal then the now rebuilding team. Until he hurt his knee he was producing at a pretty good level and started to play better last season towards the end of the year.

        Factors that no one expected or could have predicted also played a role in how Shattenkirks contract will be looked at

        • Yet you never addressed the main point, being that he could never play a lick of defense if his life depended on it. Again, where are all the suitor who were gung ho on signing the fool, I don’t hear them singing his praises!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s all she wrote…………

      • Come on James, he stinks to high heaven, and yet people defend him as if he were a god. We are in deep doo doo because of his bull crap contract, and may have to rid ourselves of quality kids because no one will take that shit off our hands. If this offends you, so be it, the truth hurts. May I ask, are you one of his loyalist fans who thinks he walks on water???????????

        Oh, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not a fan of the guy!!!

        • Also for the record, St Louis couldn’t wait to get rid of him. He gets traded to the Caps, play 3rd pair, and their coach Trotz stated himself that he was basically useless, and couldn’t play a lick of defense. So where am I wrong with my criticism?????? I’m not, so be it, point made………

          • Be careful, James will scold you for bad mouthing 22! LOL, now that’s funny having to defend 22 isn’t it…………….

          • No you guys live in some alternate reality. St. Louis got rid of him because they knew he was leaving and they had younger defenseman in the system. Everyone knew he wanted to be a Ranger. Also before his injury he was producing at a good level. Before his injury Shattenkirk was one of the premier ofensive defenseman in the league. That’s a fact.

            Everyone holds Barry Trotz up like he’s some coaching god. He’s only gotten to one conference finals and one Stanley Cup in 20 plus years as a coach.

          • James

            The facts are he sucks donkey pecker, but defend him all you want. He can’t defend, never could. As for Trotz, he at least won a cup, unlike your boy AV!!!

    • Actually they say DeAngelo was the best defenseman, but don’t let facts get in the way. You have a strange obsession with that other blog.

  • Potential bonuses:

    A Bonuses: $825k max
    Top 6 ice time($212k max) (probable)
    20g (expected)
    35a (expected)
    60p (possible)
    .73ppg (probable)
    Top 3 +\-(unknown)
    All rookie team(likely)
    ASG team(maybe)
    ASG MVP(highly unlikely)

    Now if he doesn’t get top 6 minutes, there’s zero chance he makes any of those bonuses.

    B Bonuses: Max $2mm

    Top 5 for Hart, Selke, Richard(unknown)
    Top 3 for Byng, Calder(possible)
    End of season All Star team(unlikely)
    Conn Smythe winner(doubtful)
    Top 10 in G, A, PPG or points(unknown)

    Just has to hit the one, but again; if he doesn’t get top 6 minutes, he’s not hitting these either.

    So in theory he can earn up to $3.5mm(?), but with the cap considerations and trying to extend Kreider, Kakko may get stuck with 3rd line minutes just to prevent some salary tagging.

    What happens between now and those days in post arbitration buyout window have a lot more import.

    To be honest, I’m surprised they didn’t hold off on this until August.

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