Rangers Draft Night Reaction

Note: Welcome Tyler to the BSB staff!

To start, Devils GM Ray Shero announces that the 1st overall pick is Jack Hughes. This results in a pop at the draft party that speaks to the excitement of the entire season. The tank paid off. The stage is set for what we all have been anticipating these last couple of months since the draft lottery. The crowd gathered in MSG then starts chanting over and over again two words: “Kaapo Kakko”.

When Jeff Gorton started making his way to the stage with other front office staff, you could sense a slight tension and doubt in the air at MSG. Would the front office “Ranger” this pick and go off the board? (despite all indication and reports that it would be one of Hughes or Kakko). These fears–now with the benefit of hindsight–would quickly fade. Jeff Gorton went to the microphone and said those two, beautiful words: Kaapo Kakko. Immediately following this at the party: Euphoria.

While at the draft party, the Rangers organization did a fantastic job in also introducing the next wave of Rangers. Prospects Yegor Rykov, Igor Shesterkin, Joey Keane, Morgan Barron, and Adam Fox were all in attendance. Shortly after the selection of Kakko, the 5 prospects made their way to the floor of MSG with the network’s John Giannone introducing them to us. This was set up on a stage in the middle of the Garden floor. While introducing the prospects, the crowd gave thunderous applause for prospect Igor Shesterkin with the much proven hype surrounding his signing, and the hope of his development to become the heir apparent to Henrik Lundqvist.

What’s better than a party? A “Drafter party”! Thanks to the VERSA rooftop bar for hosting us following MSG’s party.  It was the ideal place to really cap off the celebration before heading home. It is remarkable what the Rangers have accomplished in 18 months with this team.

While everything surrounding Kappo and the prospects was exciting, there was more to this event than what was on the surface. Personally, what made this event a must-go was the opportunity to meet the people of Rangers twitter.  A special shoutout to NYR Twitter legend Bryan Wojtanik, whose generosity made it possible for me to even attend the event. No better way to ring in a new era than among friends.

Next stop in Rangerstown, Artemi Panarin on July 1.

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  • Welcome Tyler and great first post!! Must have been exciting.

    Not for nothing, but the Rangers were in the most stress free position in the draft.

    The Hawks were the 2nd most stress free position in the draft and they blew it, lol.

  • Yep Gorton has built up a formidable collection of young talent. Personally I hope he stays clear of the free agent market and give last year’s and this year’s crop of young players an opportunity to show what they have on the big stage.

    • AMEN Bloomer, AMEN! A couple of years too early to be players on free agents demanding huge contracts in term and money.
      Let us evaluate the young assets we already have.

      • I’ve been thinking about Panarin and maybe we are better off calling someone Florida and seeing if they want to part with someone like Huberdeau and a bad asset to make room for Panarin? All the teams chasing Panarin will need to part with something good attached to a bad asset in order fit Panarin. Maybe we help ourselves more by helping them?

    • I keep saying this isn’t the year to make the big splash in free agency. I don’t want to compete 3 years in to Panarin’s contract. I want that free agent to be the one that puts us over the top! Staal, Shatty, Smith, Henrik come off the books in 2 years. Spend the $$ then!

      • Exactly Spozo. I wouldn’t want to see Gorton a few years from now in the same position as the Maplelaffs. Trying to unload aging vets on huge contracts and having to give away 1st round picks so teams take them.

        Staal, Skinny Smith and Shatt are a prime examples of poor contract management. Soon they will attrite out, as will the legacy of Glen Sather and the win while Lundqvist is still in his window fiasco.

      • I want Panarin because I think that turns the Rangers into contenders. Others can disagree.

        Last I heard, playing all draftees or under 25 year olds does not cure infectious diseases, lol.

        • I agree Tony. I soooo want this guy on this team. There are not many like him for sure.

          But at what point does the money get stupid and the cost outweighs the benefit due to the need to tweak (weaken) the roster to fit him in? I am seeing $12M now.

          if you look at Kane’s/Toews’ contract ($10.5M AAV) it is really just reaching market value now, which means they probably overpaid them for four years. So is $12M out line with that? Maybe a little. But mama always said “that stupid is as owners do…”

          Would I prefer to pay Zucc $6.5M to $7.25M for four years and then wait a year or two to see how things develop? Maybe.

          However, a quick look at the 2020 & 2021 UFA forward market looks pretty…meh, to be honest

          Decisions, decisions….I think that we are at least confident that there is a plan in place whereas with Sather, you just never knew.

          • It’s a tough pill to swallow, but look at the alternatives:

            You don’t sign him or get get someone like him, then you just play with the players that you have.

            Ok, chances are that they don’t totally tank and you’re picking middle of the first round. Chances are there are no “game changers” there AND you have to wait 2-3 years for them. At what point do you say that “we need to add” to get to the next step?

            AND, you assume that the top prospects work out like you think, which is far from a given. Then you are in the perpetual rebuild cycle. That really stinks, it’s like being a hamster in a wheel, spinning and spinning, expending a lot of energy and going no where.

            To me, Panarin is not a FA, he is THE FA. A very rare opportunity to get a player at his level for merely $$. The Rangers have a lot of contracts that can be shed, no matter how they do it, to fit Panarin, Trouba, and re-sign CK.

            It’s a risk, no question, but it’s a worthy risk, IMO. To me, he’s a “must get.” Imagine:




          • I dig it Pal…except Andersson hasn’t earned a spot on the 3rd line yet…and Georgie is our starter right now

          • Andersson will be fine playing with better players and Henrik is still the starter until further notice, like it or not.

          • I hope you are right on Lias because he hasnt shown a thing yet in 2 years. And he has been given top 6 time…not a lot but some. It shall be interesting in camp. Henrik was not the #1 to end the season and he can’t play forever

          • Ill be honest lol…he threw his medal away and I thought that was BS move…then he tells the media he belongs here….He needs some DQ love

          • It is only money – I hope he doesn’t use the NYR as leverage to get him a sweetheart deal in Sunrise though.
            We shall know soon enough.

          • That’s where you are absolutely and unequivocally wrong, Swarty. It’s not just money! Those days have been over for a long time. This will provide the very handcuffs the Rangers have been diligently trying to free from the team. Bad move, bad money, bad time! I hope he does use the Rangers as bait, then we will have another team quickly in deep do do in the East

          • I do not know anything about this, but the Isles can actually fit BOTH if they do not sign Lee and Lehner.

            Watch out for them as well.

          • No, it’s not a MUST GET — you have to draw a line somewhere. You know in 3 years Kakko will be getting $11m+ for 8 years, right? 😉

          • That’s one, hopefully, elite player. You need more than one.

            Plus, Hank, Staal, etc. all come off the books. It’s not a problem at all.

  • Tyler – Great article and welcome aboard, but it was not a tank job by the Rangers. They did everything properly and got rewarded for it. I agree with Spozo, don’t go too crazy over FA just yet

  • We just need to exchange a few of the current D, a d’ prospect or two and a goalie prospect for a few more forward prospects, otherwise I think we’re pretty much set — we have our picks for next season and hopefully Dallas ends up resigning Zucc (fingers still crossed), stay the course and keep adding to the prospect pool. There’s no such thing as too many good prospects. I still think the one big mistake we made was passing on Dorofeyev in the 3rd round, but maybe the scouts know something the “pundits” don’t.

  • Loaded camp tomorrow….Pretty much all of the last 2 drafts going to be there along with many others…..Its on Rangers twitter

    Lets be clear…..we are going for the playoffs next season. It may or may not be Panrin but it will be someone

  • In exactly TWO years, Gorton has transformed what was one of the very worst farm systems in the NHL, if not THE worst, to one of the very best farm systems in the NHL, if not THE best .

    This is simply an extraordinary achievement.

  • Getting Fox, Kappo and Trouba is a grand slam! I like the Robertson pick. But it’s only a “safe pick” if he actually makes the NHL. I hope he does and contributes to the Rangers.
    A reminder of how many players from round 2 down never make it or have a very short career so
    click the link:
    This link gives you the NHL stats of players drafted in 2014. You can see other years too by just changing the year on the link. What it tells you is that drafting 18 year olds is very difficult. It would be always best to trade up from lower rounds and always try to hold and acquire 1st round picks. Seems like a no brainer for best odds.

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