Rangers announce prospect development camp roster

A little late here, but the Rangers have announced their annual prospect development camp roster:

The list is a Who’s Who of the Rangers’ prospect system, which has quickly become one of the best in the league. There are a bunch of undrafted free agents here, most notably Ty Amonte, Tony’s son.

The camp is a week long, and usually comes and goes without any fanfare. However this year seems different, doesn’t it?

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  1. Let’s see if this gets by the big bad censor:


    1. Only noticed one omission — Calle Sjalin. The roster literally consists of 18 guys from the Ranger reserve list (out of 22), all nine players who were signed to their first NHL contract 2019-2020, and 10 free agents. The turnout from the reserve list is excellent. Of course, the two European players over 25 that the Rangers maintain the rights to are not here -and Tyler Nanne is finally missing, but the only interesting omission is Sjalin. Is there a problem with him or have the Rangers given up on him?

      Perhaps what interested you was the absence of any second year players. However, the most appropriate choices are guys like Ronning and Day and they have been in a number of these camps.

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