Rangers will not qualify Fredrik Claesson

Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers will not extend a qualifying offer to defenseman Fredrik Claesson. This is not a surprise, as there just wasn’t enough roster space for Claesson as the Rangers continue to add younger defensemen to the roster.

Claesson, 26, was solid as the Rangers 7D last year, and outperformed most of the other defensemen on the roster, not just on the left side. He skated in 37 games and finished with a 2-4-6 line. He was the top LD in terms of xGF% (47.88%), focusing more on defensive impact. He also had a solid first pass, something the Rangers sorely needed.

It’s likely Claesson will get another opportunity somewhere, but with the ever expanding blue line bodies and inability to dump bad contracts, he was the clear choice to cut.

Update: Defenseman Chris Bigras and goalie Brandon Halverson will also not be qualified.

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    • Yeah. I felt he was a solid D-man. Did his role. But I guess we have too many D prospects for him. Maybe he’ll go to DET or something.

    • No room for Classie Freddie…….I predict two of these three will not be in the Ranger roster at the start of the season: Smith..Shattenkirk…Staal…My bet is Staal will stay

    • LOL, but the real issue is that Claesson is much the superior D man than Staal is, at almost $5M per less. But yet Staal will get less than 20 minutes per night and Claesson will not even be on the team.

      That’s the point.

      • Yeah the move to make would of been to qualified Freddy and to buy out old Redbeard. Time to put the old war horse Staal out to pasture.

  • Good! No sense in wasting any cap space if you plan to make a run at Panarin. Especially now that the cap may come in at 81.5 mill instead of 83. Play the kids. Keane and Lindgren.

  • Too bad we didn’t because he was worth a draft pick at least in return!!!!!!!! Good luck Freddy..

    • I concur. BUT —– This is actually a funny situation. Not qualifying him is actually the classier move as it gives Claesson a better chance to showcase his talents and chose his own destiny. Teams may earn good will by not qualifying players just to swap them for draft choices. Is it worth it? I wouldn’t have thought so.

      Then again, Ranger management may either know something we don’t, or not be as smart as us, or just be too lazy to work for a fifth rounder.

  • ” but with the ever expanding blue line bodies and inability to dump bad contracts, he was the clear choice to cut.”

    Last year the Rangers began with 16 defensemen on the 50 man roster, and that is not unusual. Sixteen (the current number with Claesson) is simply not too many. In fact, if they deal Shattenkirk, they will end up being light now. Granted, Claesson is subject to waivers, but duh, to give up somebody for nothing because you are afraid of losing him for nothing is bizarre.

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