Rangers ink prospect Tarmo Reunanen to entry level deal

The Rangers keep signing their better prospects, this time signing Tarmo Reunanen, their 4th round pick in 2016, to an entry level deal. The 21 year old Finnish defenseman had a breakout year this season in the Finnish league, with a line of 6-19-25 in 58 games.

This adds to the logjam in Hartford at the position, but Reunanen is a solid add and should be a player to keep your eyes on in the future.

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    • Valter Valter Valter, you’re wrong on this one. We don’t need depth in Hartford back on d’, we’re overloaded as is. This kid is legit, just because he doesn’t come with all the hype of a 1st rounder doesn’t mean he isn’t a quality prospect.

      • I could be wrong, and it wouldn’t be the first time, but check with me some 3-4 years down the road when we’ll say WHO????????????/

          • Of course he is, doesn’t mean he isn’t a worthwhile prospect. Geez, try a little patience Mickey.

          • No room at the inn Tanto….4th round pick playing in a questionable league…I stopped believing the hype a long time ago lol ….patience is not in a Ranger fans vocabulary …it’s a great song tho

          • You mean the same League that just produced Miro Heiskanen, Esa Lindell, and Sami Niku?

        • We might, but again why dismiss him before he’s even had a chance to prove himself. Again, it’s not like he’s some schmuck they signed out of nowhere.

          • Because I’m sick of people pumping the tires on guys who will be lucky to get a cup of coffee in the NHL, let alone a regular shift.

            Day is written off(same age as Reunanen, better scoring rate in a better league) is written off while this a guy to keep and eye on because he’s the shiny new toy.

            There was a link to old articles about our picks from the Virta/Lakatos draft where the author was suggesting they should’ve drafted player X instead of Crawley.

            Meanwhile, Crawley the defender outscored player X(a forward) in the same league last year(and Crawley wasn’t good last year.)

            Plenty of love for Virta when it was obvious to me when he was just a guy.

            I get the biases involved, but it’s more important to get past those biases and look at the player with a critical(if not jaundiced) eye.

          • I went over there once, never again.

            The handful of decent comments there are drowned out by an avalanche of stupidity.

            The writers ain’t half bad, though.

          • This is the same crowd that penciled in Pionk as the second coming of Brian Leetch. Let’s see what the young Finnish dman can do before we banish him to the Iron League.

    • Just type in his name and 2018-19 Highlights and watch him on youtube … he’s pretty impressive. Nice shot with a quick release … loves to one time the puck with authority … slick passer … he’s mobile, not afraid to join the rush … high H IQ. In the defensive zone he’s poised and competent. Only reason he dropped into the 4th round was because he missed more than half the season of his draft year due to injury (as I recall).

      • He’s not impressive.

        He “put it together” this season, but his P60 (1.21) is less than Ville Heinola(1.30) who is 3 years younger than him.

        He got the tough minutes, but he was a mediocre player on a mediocre team in a mediocre league.

        I joked earlier that he’s our next Gilmour/Bodie, but I doubt he hits those heights when guys like Day & Lindgren are gonna be ahead of him in camp(even though I know Rangers staff are still super down on Day.)

        • Um, they played on the same team and like you said, he got the TOUGH minutes … and just because Heinola is the better prospect (at age 18) than TR doesn’t mean TR is a crap prospect … but there’s also some perspective needed here, his spinal injury set him way way back development-wise … and then there’s this: “He led all Liiga defensemen under 21-years old in goals and points and ranked second in assists. He is among just four Liiga defensemen at this age level who have registered 30 combined points of regular season and playoffs. The others being Miro Heiskanen, Esa Lindell, and Sami Niku, all of whom are currently playing in the NHL.” Again, no guarantees … but he isn’t some schlock signing.

          I respect your opinion, but why not wait for the eye test before burying him.

        • I’ll disagree with you here. My hunch is that he is the top defensive prospect in the system. P60 is a garbage stat for defensemen. It rewards players for low TOI — and I suspect TOI is the best positive indicator of ability.

          • Heinola averaged just shy of 19 minutes a night, so your theory is a bit damp.

          • If you’re trying to tease out skill level for D, P60 is as good as it gets given the limitations of stats available.

  • Just more evidence that the Rangers shouldn’t be adding d’men in free agency … and if they are involved in some misguided trade for a d’man, they’ll just have to shed even more d’men than we all currently postulate they will. As it stands in order to create room for all these new additions some must be subtracted from the big club. Add to all this the fact that next year we may very well be signing Miller, Lundkvist and Gross … the picture seems clear, to me at least.

    Stick with the addition of some prospects to the big club and let the chips fall where they may, next year is about growth more than anything.

    • They have Crawley(who hasn’t really progressed since that 1st year) and Raddysh coming off the books next year, Lundkvist won’t get offered(like Reunanen until year 3.)

      Bigras *might* get qualified as a depth D, but that’s it.

      The Rangers are managing their contracts just fine.

  • Good point Tanto. There is definitely some offensive skill there but the Hockey IQ jumps out at you.

    • I agree — although what excites me most is seeing a d’man who is ready, willing and able to let loose (quickly) one timers. When was the last time we had one of those? lol

  • The left side right now…big party going on

    Then last years draft

    Tarmo somewhere in there

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