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Jim Schoenfeld steps down as Assistant General Manager

A bit of a surprise here, as Jim Schoenfeld has stepped down as Assistant General Manager of the New York Rangers. Schoenfeld has been with the Rangers for 17 years (2002-2019), and has risen from Assistant Coach to Assistant GM of the Rangers and GM of the Hartford Wolf Pack.

The Rangers will now be searching for a new President and Assistant GM.

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  • Seems kind of random. People will speculate about conflict in the front office, but he is 66 years old. Maybe he just wants to retire and not deal with the stress of a rebuild.

    • I wonder if someone internal will take that post like Chris Drury. The Rangers seem to like him.

  • He was around to play 2nd banana to Slats to keep him happy.

    He didn’t even go to Traverse City last year, spent most of the time golfing in AZ.

    They will not be replacing his position unless JD needs a poker/golfing pal.

  • Perhaps Schoenfeld is looking at another job (something in Buffalo under Kreuger perhaps?) and the Rangers just let him resign to pursue it?

  • Jim is a good hockey man. I hope whatever he decides to do will be a happy time.

    When I think of him I (unfortunately) cannot get the “Go eat another donut Koharski” incident out of my mind, I was watching that game and it is emblazoned in my memory.

  • Schoney calling it a day means nothing to me. He is a good man, but how much input did he, or anyone else really have under Slats, and or today’s front office?

    JD is coming back, he should bring his own men, or team that he will work with along with himself, and not have to deal with baggage. He is a smart hockey man, knows his stuff, and should be given free reign to do so. Bottom line, Jim saw the handwriting on the wall, and walked out on his terms. The best of luck to you Shoney. A big PS, find a good donut shop, and invite Koharski for a cup of coffee!!!!!!!! Thanks for reminding me of that story Peter, LOL……….

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