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Rangers acquire Adam Fox for pair of draft picks

The Rangers have begun that rebuild acceleration process we heard so much about. Knowing that defense prospect Adam Fox would not sign with them, the Hurricanes have sent him to the Rangers for the Blueshirts’ own 2nd rounder this year and a conditional 3rd rounder next year. That conditional 3rd becomes a 2nd if Fox plays 30 games with the Rangers next season. This is a strong possibility.

Fox, Calgary’s 3rd round pick in 2016, put up a line of 9-39-48 in 33 games with Harvard this season. The 21 year old from Jericho is now expected to go pro this year following the trade. The Rangers would not have sent a high 2nd rounder this year for him if that was not the case.

With this trade, the Rangers have sent a pair of picks to ensure Fox signs with them and that he comes in this year. Considering the number of picks they’ve made the past two years and will make this year, plus the quality – 5 1st rounders so far, plus the #2 overall, Winnipeg’s pick, and possibly Dallas’s pick this year – they have the ability to make deals like this.

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  • I like Adam Fox, but I think we overpaid for a player who was going to be a free agent in the near future.

  • 2nd rounder is a bit much in my opinion. Rangers must be planning on moving someone like Pionk. Fox, Tony D and Pionk all same type of d-men?

  • a little over pay, but in 2 years it won’t matter. Best thing to happen to the D in years…he won’t fix all our D problems. but he sure will help move us in the right direction…now let’s see who we move out…

  • Would have given them 2 3rd rounders (the 2nd one being conditional) or just the 2nd rounder which is in the mid-30’s. This is a slight over payment but in the scheme of things I’m fine with it. I think the rebuild after this year’s draft is virtually over, we now have quite a stable of young d’men and the forward group is just about to get a whole lot better. That said we surely will be able to add one more good draft year in 2020 — especially if Zucc resigns with Dallas and we move one or more of Vesey, Namestnikov and Strome during the course of the next year … and maybe Shattenkirk instead of Pionk.

    • Certainty and haste are both very important. If he is the player many believe he is, this deal is a steal. If he is not ever going to be more than a third pair guy, then this is likely an overpay.

      • His offensive IQ is through the roof and his defensive play is adequate, that doesn’t scream 3rd pairing … his size isn’t ideal, but there are so many ways to make up for that defensively (intelligence, positioning, anticipation, having a great stick, etc.). I’m not worried — and of course we’re talking 2 2nd rounders at the most, law of averages tells us that maybe one out of two second rounders turns into a good (not great) player. Here we get a kid that is already pretty developed and a sure fire NHLer. Odds are probably 80-90% that he’s either a 2nd or 1st pairing kid, RD with a righty shot — those aren’t easy to come by … and yes, those are the odds that I’m giving, but it seems reasonable when you consider what all the pundits are saying.

  • I am thinking we move Vesey, Namestnikov and Strome at the draft, acquiring additional top 50 picks as well as future picks. I do think we need to move a defenseman or two to alleviate the logjam on the blueline.

    I too think we overpaid a bit for Fox because the Hurricanes did not have many options. We should start next year with 3 new defensemen that were not on the opening night roster this past year. That alone will probably be cause for improvement.

    Pionk and Smith need to go. Stall and Shatty can be the 3rd pair.

    • Why are you in a hurry to move Vesey, Namestnikov, Strome? The Rangers have no forward depth and little in the way of prospects. Things were so bad this year that we saw Smith, Brickley, Andersson, Lettieri , McLeod playing forward. Kakko and Kravtsov merely replace Hayes and Zuc. The players you mention won’t net the Rangers a first, maybe not even a second rounder and they are competent NHLers. Unless the Rangers sign a number of free agents, their replacements would be pitiful players — and playing pitiful players is not good for the development of the young players who actually have real talent.

      • Ray, If Kratsov, Kakko, and say Panarin are added to the roster then at least 2 out of the 3 (Vesey, Namestnikov, and Strome) need to go. 4th line would be something like Fast, Boo/Anderson, and whichever one you don’t trade. And that’s assuming Howden can handle 3rd line Center duties. Anderson/Boo, Smith, and Letteri would be in the press box.

        • Like I wrote yesterday; even without Panarin, the forward core is more than deep enough.

          Moving 2 of the 3 spare parts is actually a necessity just to avoid losing them via waivers unless you send more than a few waiver exempt players down to Hartford, which apparently gonna happen.

        • If you actually want to build a good team, you do not assume two out of three of Howden, Boo, Andersson play. Yes, maybe it happens, but one of the big reasons the 2017-2018 Rangers fell off a cliff was that there was no forward depth. Nieves is a good 15th forward. Likely, there will be injuries and he will play some. But he is not a compelling player who needs to be in the lineup. Andersson may be a pleasant surprise, but one should not construct a team assuming he can play even a fourth line role. And Howden may be a stretch as a third liner. Lettieri is an 18th forward and Smith is not really a forward at all.

          Trading one of the trio may be the right thing to do, but I would not trade two. And waivers are not such a big deal. If Namestnikov cannot earn a spot, no one is going to grab his $4M salary in the waiver process.

          One should not approach a season without a backup plan if all of your dreams don’t come true. Fall back positions are more valuable than third round draft choices. Frankly, we don’t even know if Kravtsov is NHL-ready. Do we really want to have to play him if he isn’t? Do we want to be Edmonton?

          Oh, and the proposed trades occur before the hypothetical Panarin signing.

          • Ray, maybe just maybe Kravtsov and/or Kakko aren’t quite ready, but give them 20 some odd games in the AHL and I doubt you’ll be able to hold them down on the farm any longer. These are stud forwards and sure, there will be some growing pains … but they’ll learn more in the NHL.

            Thing is, why worry about DEPTH if 2-3 guys get injured, etc. We’re not contending for the SC and it would take some incredible play by a number of players to even sniff at the playoffs next year. Clearly there’s something of a changing of the guard in the East. Carolina, Columbus, Toronto and the Islanders … added to perennial favorites like Tampa Bay, Boston, Washington and Pittsburgh. Philly will improve under AV, at least short term … Florida has some young studs coming over as well as Quennville behind the bench (and maybe he brings along Panarin). Maybe the Devils bounce back with a healthy year from Taylor Hall and the addition of Jack Hughes. It’s going to be a dog fight in the East — so I’m not worried about keeping an extra couple of “ok” players. Hey, something has got to give.

            Oh and about Edmonton, their issue is that they haven’t had any effective veteran players, their d’ is even worse than ours, and they never had the goaltending to compensate for it … we on the other hand do, so we’ll never quite be “Edmonton”.

  • I’m mildly shocked that Gorton caved and paid that price. The 37th pick is nothing to sneeze at… is he the 37th best prospect if he were in this draft? I’m not so sure, and we’re not done paying… Pionk is probably gone.

    • “Fox was ranked No. 12 on TSN Director of Scouting Craig Button’s annual list of the Top 50 NHL-affiliated prospects in January.”

      So to answer your question I would say “pretty easily” … that Top 50 list (Kravtsov is #1) includes all prospects already drafted and not “established” in the NHL.

        • Just search Buttons tsn top 50 prospects …. the link I provided is awaiting moderation. That now gives 3 of the top 12 prospects and 4 of the top 28 prospects according to TSN.

    • The #37 pick in the year Fox was drafted (2016) was Rangers’ prospect Libor Hajek. Because Hajek will likely make the team next year, it is a good indication how far away that selection is from the NHL.

  • Too bad they couldn’t have given the 2nd rounder plus Pionk. Addition by subtraction.

    Fox, right now, is a much better D prospect than available in the 2nd round. At this point he is probably a low first round talent.

    The future is bright! In 3 years we might be the best young team in the league and all the bad (current) contracts will have expired.

  • 2 2nds for Fox, who is going to be a FA next year and NYR is the only team he wants to play for, the price is not cheap. I do hope he is a stud as advertised. This might be the prelude for Shattenkirk trade in the making.

    • We better get another 2nd rounder back! We already have 5 young defensemen in the system. What does this tell you about who we already have? We will have a minor league full of young defensemen.

      We need some lethal shooting wingers. Anyone have one to spare?

    • I remember you called it months ago, I didn’t know too much about him and I proceeded to do a little research. Seems it all finally came together, hopefully the hype is real and he is too!

    • Tony, you did my friend. hearing Gorton been active, more trades to happen by June. Trouba still on the top list

      • AZg… in your opinion (insight) is Gorton as high on Pionk as Quinn seems to be? I’m guessing that either Shattenkirk on salary retention trade or Pionk trade is also on Gorton’s list.

        • Heard Tony D is a lock for next season on the blueline, Gorton and Quinn excited to see Hajek in camp and feel he can take a spot, Pionk- have not heard much. My Opinion, Pionk and Shattenkirk might be on their way out, Gorton will be dealing and already active from the Fox deal and at least one more before/ during or After the Draft.

  • I am opposed to this move only because they could have gotten Fox free as a UFA.

    Now that the deal was made, we just got younger on defense, and we will lose one of, if not two of last seasons d-men. That in and of itself is a vast improvement to me, so if we paid a bit over his worth, so be it, we got our kid. Now JG has the ability of making additional moves that he may not have been in a position to make if we didn’t trade for Fox. Welcome to the Ranger family Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • At a minimum this speeds up the rebuild. Fox was going to learn nothing with another year at Harvard, NOTHING. He’s thoroughly dominated the college ranks for 3 years now so whether he plays a half+ year at Hartford or a whole year here in NY next season he’s going to learn a ton.

    • They have the picks so the Rangers paid to get him now. Totally worth it.

      He averaged almost 1.5 pts per game in college last year. He’s a stud.

      And even though there was no market for trade, other than the Rangers, stockpiling picks was the plan for exactly situations like this, to use to get a major NHL asset. The Rangers won’t even feel it from the loss of picks standpoint.

      The guy will be in the lineup this season, while a 2nd round pick may never see the NHL. If you look at 2nd round picks for the Rangers in the last 10 years or so, only Stepan made the NHL. It’s not a big deal Walt.

    • Fox has said that his first priority is getting to the NHL as soon as possible. That tells me he was going to the first team that made the deal with Carolina. We had the picks, and one of the reasons for stockpiling them was clearly to be able to make deals like this. The kid is, at the least, very close to being NHL ready, and 2nd round picks have less than a 50% chance of making it, so, at worst, we came out even in the deal.

  • Too bad it’s not Tampa Bay’s second rounder. That plus a non-conditional 3rd feels right.

    Clearly a great prospect though, and I understand the team wanting to get him him the door a year earlier than they (potentially) would have.

  • According to an ESPN ranking from last month, the Rangers now have 4 top-50 prospects in the NHL:
    No. 11 Vitali Kravtsov
    No. 30 Adam Fox
    No. 33 Igor Shestyorkin
    No. 37 K’Andre Miller

    And a 5th is coming soon!

    • Orland said it best:

      According to an ESPN ranking from last month, the Rangers now have 4 top-50 prospects in the NHL:
      No. 11 Vitali Kravtsov
      No. 30 Adam Fox
      No. 33 Igor Shestyorkin
      No. 37 K’Andre Miller

      And a 5th is coming soon!

      I don’t ever recall the excitement on this site, or any other site about the future of this franchise. It took these many years to finally go make a youth movement like this, and it’s not over yet. I’m elated at what JG has done, and will continue to do in the very near future. Hockey in New York will be the envy of the entire NHL within the next 2, maybe 3 years. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • We are 3% of the league and will have 10% of the best prospects in the league.

        The future is ours!

  • Rangers traded a #2 to move up and used a #1 to get K’Andre Miller. And Fox is just as good a prospect, although very different!

      • They might pair very nicely together. Hopefully ADA & Skjei also. That would be a top 4 who all can move the puck well.

      • I am excited to see if Fox can live up to his billing. This has the potential to be a very good trade. I just hope Fox doesn’t become the new Pionk or a past Matt Gilroy.

  • How can anyone criticize this trade?! We just received a Calgary Flames draft choice that is #30 in Top 50 prospects for what would have been a Jeff Gorton 2nd round draft pick. Who in god’s name on this site has confidence that Jeff Gorton would draft anything of value in the spot? Sure he can’t screw up the #2 pick but the rest of his picks are a crap shoot. That is what’s called putting things into perspective.

    • The entire draft is a crapshoot, look at the hitrate for picks across the league. Gorton took a horrible system and now has it ranked among the best in the league with 4 of the Top 50 prospects and that doesn’t include Chytil either.

  • I also think he will have a 3 year ELC instead of a 2 year deal since he is still 21…so that’s a bit of gravy…

  • Gorton is no Gettlemen. 2 years ago the Rangers had one of the worst farm systems in the NHL. Last August Pronman rated their farm system # 11 in the league. After the Fox move and the presumptive Kaapo pick I think we will be at least top 5 this August, perhaps top 3. Of course some of top prospects will be playing in the Show but that will only advance the rebuild as we have one more tough year, another good draft and then the rise to the top begins.

    The future is bright!

  • If anyone is interested, on the official Rangers web site, they have a video of Adam Fox, and some of his scoring plays. The kid seems to be a good skater, a right handed shot, and has a quick release. Check it out, you’ll enjoy it!!!!!!!!

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