When the idiotic force meets the immoveable idiot.

The annual tradition of NHL GMs convening in Florida is underway, and the GMs will once again review potential rule changes to better the game for all those involved. Here’s a list of the 5 items (so far) being discussed (sub req’d). Naturally, some of these are good, and some are downright silly.

The Good

1. Changing the ROW tiebreaker to RW. This is a great idea, since OT wins at 3-on-3 are silly. It’s a step in the right direction of eliminating the loser point and/or three-point regulation wins. Baby steps.

2. Changing penalties in OT. This is good too! A 4-on-3 powerplay is incredibly dangerous, and in a five minute period, the impact is compounded. Making penalties one minute would be interesting, plus gives us more opportunity for jack-in-the-box plays. What I don’t like is nitpicking which penalties are one minute and which are two minutes. All or nothing.

The Bad

1. Clocks in the corner boards. I feel like there are more important things to talk about.

The Meh

1. Seattle expansion. Updates are nice, but this is another two years away. Teams will begin prepping, for sure. It would be cool to see some confirmation about how the expansion draft will work so we can begin our mocks and our predictions.

2. KHL updates. Something about when you can sign KHL players. There won’t be any major updates here. The current agreement seems to work.

The Ugly

1. Not a peep about the broken point system. This is self explanatory.

2. Not a peep about concussions and head injuries. Clocks in the boards! Head injuries though? Nah, not worth discussing.

3. There is no public shaming of Eugene Melnyk. The GMs should be ashamed of what Melnyk is doing.

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