Rangers re-sign Boo Nieves to one year extension

The Rangers have tied up a loose end, re-signing Boo Nieves to a one-year, $700k deal. This keeps Nieves away from UFA status, and is a very cheap cost for their 4C, so this is a good deal for the team. For Nieves, he’s earned his role as the 4C after a few years of uncertainty.

The Rangers’ 2nd rounder in the 2012 draft, Nieves has a line of 4-13-17 in 58 total NHL games. This year, he’s put up 3-5-8 in 29 games.

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  • I take it by the way you wrote it that this is a one way deal. I would have been fine if they had done a 2 year deal for anything under $900k-1m per. He’s an NHLer although I suspect he’ll get pushed out in a year or so.

  • Rather glad for Boo, he earned his contract. Also glad to see the dogging Hayes gone, with Mint to follow him along……………………………

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