Rangers return Vinni Lettieri to Hartford

Just one week after the Rangers recalled Vinni Lettieri, he has been sent back to Hartford. He played in two games of a possible four in that stretch, and is still scoreless for the season.

Coach David Quinn opted for a lineup of 11 forwards and 7 defensemen in the last two games, which meant Lettieri was in the pressbox. Whenever a coach opts for an 11F/7D roster over a healthy young forward, it isn’t a good thing.

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  1. After the trade deadline Ranger roster spots will likely open for the Vinnie’s of the world.

  2. His first game as a Ranger is still the best game he has played. He obviously has skill – hope he figures it out.

    1. His biggest assets are that he checks and he shoots the puck, and that … mmmm … he checks and he shoots the puck

  3. Always been just a guy. They’ll probably qualify him just because they need bodies in Hartford next year, but after Hayes/Zucc get dealt, he’ll have a chance to show he can play in a top 6 role.

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