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Return of the Blue Seat Blogs Cast!

Welcome back! The gang’s all here for the relaunch of the Blue Seat Blogs Cast, where we talk trade hypotheticals, midseason awards around the league, and more! We actually recorded this on Thursday, but due to the hiatus had to wait a few days to get this uploaded.

You can listen below on SoundCloud, although it’s unclear if the iTunes uploading system is still working after such a gap – in any event let us know what you’d like to hear from us in terms of format or content and we’ll keep working to make this second iteration even better than the first!

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  • Spend some money on audio gear. Or use a recording studio. It’s painful to listen to that. Each voice is at a different volume. The room acoustics are creating an annoying reverb of sorts. Everything is tinny, no spectral balance. Get with someone that knows how to record voices. It makes a big difference when it sounds professional. I couldn’t get past it and gave up.

    • If you’re willing to pay for us to sit in a studio, we’d love to take advantage of it. However we are all young professionals with bills to pay, and the podcast is a hobby.

      We do have headsets though, so we will check the settings on them and ensure the volume is all the same. Thank you for the feedback.

  • I really tried to listen. Honestly. really did. But the room your recording in is either too small or your mics need windscreens (something). Isolate each mic to each person, that’ll be a good place to start. I think your using Omi’s and not cardoids.
    The second voice coming in is even worse. Your over-modulating digital audio. Which is not a base line of 0 like analog, but at -12. We should never be able to hear your hands moving papers or typing. Which means your mics are really cheap (which is understandable, theyre expensive as hell) or your just way too hot. Or, your recording him by phone… not good. that’s about as impossible as it gets.
    All those little bums and chirps – got to fix it. Some of them hurt my ears.
    and stop talking over each other. everyone is so worried about having what they say heard. Perhaps with time the three of you will find that happy middle ground.

    I like the content. I like the ideas. I even like the personalities. Good luck.

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