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Three questions for the holiday mailbag. As always, use the widget on the right to submit questions for the mailbag.

Andy asks: Any update on the Adam Fox situation in Carolina? Heard a rumor that he wants to hold out and sign with the Rangers as a UFA.

Fox was Calgary’s third round pick in 2016 and was traded to Carolina in the Dougie Hamilton deal. The 20 year old Jericho native is a puck moving RD playing for Harvard with a line of 5-15-20 in just 11 games in his Junior year. There are tons of rumors he wants to play with the Rangers, but his direct quote is “there are a lot of rumors I want to play with the Rangers, but my goal is to play in the NHL as soon as possible.”

Fox won’t be a UFA until the end of his senior season, so there’s still another year and a half to go until Fox gets there, if he does. August 2020 is the date, and Carolina wouldn’t have wanted him in the deal if they didn’t think they could sign him.

This is something to keep in the back of your mind, but with over 18 months until he potentially gets to UFA, it’s not something that would be an immediate impact.

Taylor asks: How do you see the trade deadline playing out?

This is a loaded question. The Rangers are going to sell. We know this. Pending UFAs are always the guys you think will be traded, so with two big names in Mats Zuccarello and Kevin Hayes potentially on the block, the Rangers might get a pretty decent haul at this deadline as well. If just those two are traded, we are looking at another pair of first round picks and another two solid prospects, at a minimum.

Adam McQuaid may get something at the deadline too. Hopefully a couple of picks to make up for the 4th the Rangers gave away for him in that weird trade. Teams always overpay at the deadline.

Happy NYR Fan (these exist??) asks: When are the Rangers trading Chris Kreider?

I thought we were past the whole “Trade Kreider” thing, but I guess not. Unless the Rangers are blown away with an offer, I just don’t see them moving him. I honestly see him as the next captain, but that’s just my own opinion.

Kreider has another year after this one before he is up, and I am guessing they will re-sign him after. He’s been so good this year in his expanded role. Can’t have a team of just rookies.

Or, they could continue the tradition and name him captain, then trade him a few years later.


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