Mailbag: Adam Fox, trade deadline, Chris Kreider

Three questions for the holiday mailbag. As always, use the widget on the right to submit questions for the mailbag.

Andy asks: Any update on the Adam Fox situation in Carolina? Heard a rumor that he wants to hold out and sign with the Rangers as a UFA.

Fox was Calgary’s third round pick in 2016 and was traded to Carolina in the Dougie Hamilton deal. The 20 year old Jericho native is a puck moving RD playing for Harvard with a line of 5-15-20 in just 11 games in his Junior year. There are tons of rumors he wants to play with the Rangers, but his direct quote is “there are a lot of rumors I want to play with the Rangers, but my goal is to play in the NHL as soon as possible.”

Fox won’t be a UFA until the end of his senior season, so there’s still another year and a half to go until Fox gets there, if he does. August 2020 is the date, and Carolina wouldn’t have wanted him in the deal if they didn’t think they could sign him.

This is something to keep in the back of your mind, but with over 18 months until he potentially gets to UFA, it’s not something that would be an immediate impact.

Taylor asks: How do you see the trade deadline playing out?

This is a loaded question. The Rangers are going to sell. We know this. Pending UFAs are always the guys you think will be traded, so with two big names in Mats Zuccarello and Kevin Hayes potentially on the block, the Rangers might get a pretty decent haul at this deadline as well. If just those two are traded, we are looking at another pair of first round picks and another two solid prospects, at a minimum.

Adam McQuaid may get something at the deadline too. Hopefully a couple of picks to make up for the 4th the Rangers gave away for him in that weird trade. Teams always overpay at the deadline.

Happy NYR Fan (these exist??) asks: When are the Rangers trading Chris Kreider?

I thought we were past the whole “Trade Kreider” thing, but I guess not. Unless the Rangers are blown away with an offer, I just don’t see them moving him. I honestly see him as the next captain, but that’s just my own opinion.

Kreider has another year after this one before he is up, and I am guessing they will re-sign him after. He’s been so good this year in his expanded role. Can’t have a team of just rookies.

Or, they could continue the tradition and name him captain, then trade him a few years later.

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  1. 1. im not sure based on what that i see people are saying that zucc is netting a first round pick, not based on 3-9-12 points. unless you meant hayes getting 2 firsts … which maybe right now if they can orchestrate a sign n’ trade.

    2. Just my opinion – players like kreider are a lot harder to find then hayes. the only real natural shooter from the wing right now. kravtsov (at least according to statboy steven), chytil , buch … all playmakers in terms of playing style… someone needs to be a finisher, ya know and then the speed/size factor. so imo hayes is more dispensable than kreider. another wrinkle here, is that VK may end up a center – which leads right to your answer to question 2. sign a wing this offseason – and at least the offense is on its way.

    1. IMO, teams are going to view the Zuc situation as a lame duck type of thing. He has years of evidence that he’s very good and a contending team will by into that and the fact that he’s very skilled.

      The idea that he wears his heart on his sleeve is good and bad, depending on the situation.

  2. Zucc won’t get us too much return, but Hayes would. Not sure if Hayes is part of the rebuild or not, but he is doing quite well. Even if we gather another couple of high draft picks, we are still going to be a bad team. I am hoping that some UFA’s bring some quality players into the fold so that our kids can flourish with less pressure on them.

    I am just not sold on the moving of Hayes if we want to contend in 2 years. I fear that moving Hayes for picks means that we are 3 seasons away from the playoffs. Ouch.

  3. We need 3 elite players and we have none. Maybe we can sign a UFA or maybe one can be had with a top 5 pick in the next draft. Either way, we need to make moves in order to acquire new elite talent. Move out some good players with the hope that we can either turn their salary or returns (high draft picks) into something better in a few years. We need top 3 talent – enough middle 6 talent to fill 2 teams.

  4. I have been saying it for a minute now that Kreider will most likely be trade bait. Most fans are just catching onto that idea. I always had a feeling that if the Boston boys club were going to get rid of their own, than it would be Kreider than Vesey. I see Hayes as a main stay while rocking a letter by next season. They might hold onto Kreider until next deadline though.

    Questions going into the 2019 off season with Hayes resign and has a clause attach to it. Where does that leave Kreider long term? Does Zib make it past July the 1st? How does Andersson fit into this team’s plans?

    I think the thing is to trade for top 6 or sign top 6 talent right now to make for a faster rebuild. You don’t get rid of your two 60 pt centers, you give them better linemates, stack up the PP, get better on the 5v5 and watch guy’s like Hayes become a 70 pt center. That’s much more valuable than resigning Kreider for 6.7 mill when we all know he won’t cross 55 points.

    1. I guess adding very talented wingers makes sense, but that won’t happen for us through a trade. I would compile picks and use those picks for teams who cannot afford all of their top talent.

      1. Sounds semi creative except for the part of stockpiling picks. Rangers won’t get enough 1st rounders to pull off a big trade in time for a quality top 6 player. I wouldn’t deduct Hayes/Zib because that’s who you put next to the elite wingers.

        I’m in the camp of trading Kreider, picks and Andersson right now for Tarasenko. If they can work around that package and not laugh over it than JG should do that. Hopefully that would help bring in Panarin by next summer to Broadway. You take advantage of team’s who are in a mess like St Louis. Other team’s are going to want NHL ready player’s, sorry but I don’t see JG limiting his trade options for cap strap team’s. I hope he realizes that this team isn’t any better when Skjei plays. He should trade some assets soon.

    2. Your plan is to build around 2 second line centers? Ur just gonna rinse repeat the last 6-8 years.

      1. Um in the last two years we haven’t had two top 6 center’s on pace for 65+ points. Who can put up 20+ goals. Get them elite wingers and I bet they can get the job done.

        You’re just setting yourself up for failure if you think JG is going to tear down everything.

  5. Unless the Rangers are tearing things down more, I see nothing compelling about trading either Krieder or Hayes.

    The Rangers need wingers and an elite or nearly elite defenseman. Unless Kreider fetches them a defenseman I can’t see them trading him because of their lack of wingers.

    Regarding Hayes, trading him means slotting a kid in his spot and losing their best two way center. If the Rangers are offered elite talent in the wing or defense, or Hayes demands a ridiculous contract, they very well might make a deal. But I think the most likely scenario is that they resign him and lock him up for 5 years.

    Zuccarello might not garner a first rounder, but I don’t pretend to know what the market will bear. However, he just does not look like the player he once was these days.

  6. I’m fine with the current core of this team. I see no reason to get rid of Kreider, Hayes, Mika or Buch. Move Zucc — and yes, he can net a 1st rounder despite his current numbers. A trade to a competing team will re-invigorate him for a while, even if it’s just for a couple of months. Every contending team in the league knows just how valuable he is, even if some Ranger fans don’t/have soured on him. Put him with a Crosby or a Malkin, put him with a Tavares or a Matthews or send him off to Winnipeg to play with a Wheeler, etc. You get the point, he will elevate his play, there’s too much pride there — especially if he’s on a true contender. He’s an upgrade for a lot of 2nd lines out there.

    Back to the core, add VK next year (he’ll be ready) and sign a Panarin or Stone, your Top 6 just got a whole lot more interesting. To those who think Panarin wouldn’t sign here, think again. The best teams would have a hard time fitting a Panarin or Stone into their salary cap structure, he’ll be looking for a team with promise — and we do have some promise and a cap structure that could accommodate him.

    We also may need to trade one of Fast, Vesey or Namestnikov — all 3 appear to be very good bottom 6 players that can slot into the Top 6 for short periods of time. Who gets traded, if any of the 3 get traded, should be dependent on the best return.

    Re: the defense, a lot depends on the development of Miller and Hajek (along with Pionk and ADA) — if the FO decides both will be ready next season then our flexibility skyrockets. Smith and McQuaid should be goners to start with, but if Hajek and Miller both look ready then we can clearly get rid of Staal or Skjei — if any team would take on Staal and if Skjei can return at least a 1st or be the major component for a trade bringing back a top prospect or a younger player, like Trouba. If you can get a Trouba, Shattenkirk becomes completely expendable.

    There are just so many moving parts, sometimes as fans we forget just how complicated it is to build a TEAM — this is why so many teams despite years of drafting high never seem to put together a competent group that can win on a steady basis. Elite players are all fine and good, but without competent support they’re ineffectual from the standpoint of true team success.

    1. On most team’s and especially on contenders, Zucc wouldn’t slot in as a top line player. I don’t think he would crack LVGK or the Sharks top 6. He’s not pushing anyone down on the Jets team unless he can play center and move Little to the 3c. I can’t see Pittsburgh trading for him or at least meeting JG demands for his service. Brassard is more on his way off that team so it’s not like he can vouch for Zucc. He would need to turn into a goal scorer, his passing ability isn’t anything more than what Crosby, Malkin and Kessel could provide. That’s like putting Zucc next to Johnny Hockey, if he’s not cashing in than he kind becomes useless.

    2. I’d like to trade Zucc to Pittsburgh for a first plus and have Pittsburgh miss the play offs. As much as I’d hate to see Zucc in Penns colors I’d love to take their first…and have them miss the play offs too..

  7. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Rangers need to improve the talent at the top of the line up. If they don’t then we will have mediocrity for years.

    I can’t see both Hayes and Kreider here. One will be traded IMO. I thought it would be Hayes, but now I would not bet on that. Extension in January? Maybe.

      1. Yes they were, but they have a HOF goalie that made them better than they actually were.

        1. Nonsense … they were a good team with superior goaltending, but a damn good team nonetheless.

          1. I’ve been a Ranger fan for over 50 years. I try to avoid making hyperbolic statements.

      2. I wold say that if the Rangers get Panarin to play wing with Hayes and that makes Hayes an 80 pt player, then the contract will be justified.

  8. If Tatar gets you a 1st a 2nd and a 3rd,,,eh….Zucc should get you a 1st and some….lol

    1. This is the best argument for a lot of wishful thinking! Goes to show that you just never know

    2. Part of Tatar’s “perceived” value was that he’s a youngish player, but I agree with you that Zucc is worth at least a late 1st rounder.

  9. Through 2 periods of the game versus Slovakia I can say, Miller doesn’t look too good at all … seems like he’s skating in a slurry of cement.

  10. Could Krieder and Hayes get Makar and both 1st round picks for 2018 from Colorado? Would either team want that?

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