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Thanks for ten years, here’s to ten more

On December 3, 2008, I dove head first into this blogging thing. Becky and I were chatting about how there were no good reads out there aside from Sam Weinman’s Rangers Report. My Rangers readings were limited and either depressing or infrequent. So I did the requisite research. I bought a domain name. I bought hosting space. And Blue Seat Blogs was born.

Now ten years later, this blog is the longest running Rangers blog that still exists today (Banter came after me, don’t even start, Joe!). At first it was just me, writing on a whim with no schedule. Posts were daily, but they didn’t get much traffic.

Mike Axisa of River Ave Blues really gave me my first jolt of publicity, posting a link to the blog from RAB on more than a few occasions. He also penned a few posts here as the blog was growing. I will never forget that first link he posted, and traffic surged to over 500 views that day, and most of them stuck around. I almost fell out of my chair. So, thank you Mike for everything.

That initial surge of views led to steady growth. About a year into blogging, I needed some help. That’s when we grew to three full time writers – myself, Jeremy, and Chris. Jeremy was here for a year or two, but Chris has been with me for almost eight of those years. Chris has since “retired” from blogging. Thank you to both of you for helping us get to that next level.

Somewhere along the way, The Suit reached out and wanted to join as well. Justin not long thereafter. Right around then, the blog completely blew up. We were all of a sudden one of the most visited blogs. We were pumping out 2-3 unique posts per day, in addition to all the game threads, news, and goal breakdowns. Suit is going to take credit for that, because that’s what non-sentient pieces of clothing do. But it was a testament to the hard work of everyone here, and to all of you for the support given us through the years.

Both Suit and Justin have also retired. Again, thank you both for everything.

Since then, we’ve been chugging along. Becky came on board to write. Along came Rob and Pat as well. Kevin Baumer came on board when NYRBlog shut down the first time. Josh and Rob Luker followed. A few other folks came and went, but their posts were great content. We’ve been blessed with great writers who love this little hobby of ours.

Despite where work and real life has taken us, this blog has been a constant, and that is not because of the writers, it is because of all of you. All the discussion here and on social media shows how invested we all are in the Rangers, and how this space has provided a forum for great discussions. That’s the beauty of the internet and spaces like this. People from all over can converge in one central location and just talk hockey. We’ve formed a great community here.

It’s been ten amazing years, and it seems fitting that the Rangers are going through a complete rebuild as we enter the next ten years. This blog isn’t going anywhere. Thank you all for the support. Without you, this space doesn’t exist.

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  • Thank you Dave for all your time and effort. I’m sure there are days when you wonder why you are doing this, but I for one enjoy your posts.

  • Congrats on the banner benchmark. My posting has become more infrequent lately, but I am still a daily reader. And I can assure you, Dave- Swayze isn’t going anywhere either.


  • I started reading Blueseatblogs my freshmen year of college (2008) when I was surrounded by Boston sports fans in New Hampshire. I haven’t stopped since. (Thanks for reminding me I started college 10 years ago) but seriously you guys are awesome, I’ve seen blogs come and go but you guys keep killin it. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and continue to contribute. Cheers to 10 and 10 more.

  • Dave

    “The Suit reached out and wanted to join as well. Justin not long thereafter. Right around then, the blog completely blew up”. It was the Suit’s silk ties that did the trick man………

    I visit this site everyday that I can. Great articles, very smart, and well informed posters, best in the city for sure. Most of them are like an extended family, why wouldn’t they be, they are Ranger fans after all. Thank you, and your entire staff, for a wonderful job well done, daily!!!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations, Dave! and of course all who contribute. It is quite a milestone. The one place I go for all my Rangers info and conversation! Hopefully the next 10 years we will see a couple of CUPS to discuss and enjoy!

  • Dave,

    Many thanks for all the time and effort you put into this. Your blog is not only informative, it;s intelligent and well presented.
    Thanks again.

  • Here’s to another 10 years of the best NY Ranger talk around!!!

    Thank you and Congratulations Dave!

  • Dave & Team,

    Thanks for all you do on this Blog. As a long time reader, it provided my father and I years of great conversations and discussions. Though he just recently passed, I continue coming back for a constant stream of good Ranger content and memories of the discussions we had from this site.

    Thanks again

  • Congratulations Dave and the gang! I’ve only been a follower for about 3-4 years but it is indeed daily reading for me. Really appreciate all that you do for these crazy Rangers fans!

  • Dave it is truly a pleasure reading the work you and your friends do every day. I visit the blog almost daily and always enjoy it. Thank you for your efforts and congratulations on a successful endeavor. Well done!

    • Ditto, Thank you for your perseverance and the service you provide. Excellent! I don’t get all the thumbs down

  • Thank you David and to all the writers that give of their time and efforts to allow us to talk Ranger hockey.

    Congrats on a great achievement.

  • Thank you guys for all the kind words. We wouldn’t be here without any of you, so thank you for sticking with us for so long.

  • Ray

    Go read Brooks today, and see this quote in his article:

    “The guy that’s been talked about has been Hajek. He’s not in the league right now, but he is going to be in the league,” Cooper said. “I’m really happy for Brett. He was another tough one to give up just in the sense that we know he was going to have a spot on this team, if not this year then next year.”

    Seems that the Tampa coach thinks the same as I do about the kid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Newbie here, but like what I see here…A very small, but savvy and intelligent fan base here except for Richter1994…

  • Thanks for putting in the effort everyday and multiples times most days. You bring up great thoughts and ideas and help keep us engaged. I am most thankful for your summer coverage. That can get pretty tough, but you help make summer less painful in that regard.

  • Thanks for all you do with reporting Rangers news. It has been an amazing ride. Looking forward to many more years of the same.

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