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Rangers recall Tim Gettinger

Following this afternoon’s debacle, the Rangers have recalled forward Tim Gettinger from the Hartford Wolf Pack. It was expected that the Blueshirts would make a roster move with the Cody McLeod injury, but calling up Gettinger was a bit of a surprise. Gettinger is a first year pro and former 5th round pick.

The BIG (6’6″, 220 lb) winger has been having a pretty good start to the season. In 20 games with the Pack, Gettinger has a line of 7-4-11. His skating and lateral movement is something that will be brought up a lot, but let’s remember that as a big kid, he’s going to look a little awkward. Think Zdeno Chara. He looks awkward too.

This is why I love a rebuild. If the Rangers weren’t going through this exercise, Gettinger would not have been the call up.

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      • His bio, his scoring history, you name it has me thinking a better skating Mike Rupp with a little more offensive upside.

        A character guy, will drop the gloves. Not a good skater for his size but a good skater period.

  • Glad to see him called. It will be nice to see what he can do. And he’s played well in Hartford…so he’s earned a look

    • I wouldn’t go this far; these moves are complicated. Obviously Gropp is not even on the depth chart any more, but Nieves may still be above Gettinger. Because of waivers and salary, Gettinger is the better choice for a short term call up. And Quinn may like to give him a game or two to see where he stands.

      This may have been a very simple move. It would have been crazy to assume Zuccarello was going to be able to play today (not saying he won’t, but who knows how he will feel) and the Rangers needed a 13th forward today. Gettinger may head back down in short order and, unlike Nieves, he is not subject to waivers.

      Mind you, Nieves seems to have topped out at fifth line forward and Gettinger may become a real player. However, Gettinger is not a lock to ever be as good as Boo is now.

      • Why is Nieves above Gettinger? I see zero in Boo’s game that says he’s an NHL player, even for the 4th line.

        Gettinger may at least have some offensive skill. We’ll see.

        • Sometimes you’re just way too hard on a player. lol

          Boo is just fine as a 4th liner in the NHL. He’s defensively responsible, skates well and can move the puck around (no, he’s not a goal scorer). What he hasn’t been able to do while he was up with the Rangers is prove that he’s an indispensable 4th line player — and in part I think injuries have made that impossible up to this point. That and the fact the Rangers haven’t put together a 3 player capable 4th line, it’s usually 2 guys that are decent and 1 cement head/hands. My personal opinion is that he will end up retiring in a couple of years due to the accumulation of injuries, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play. He’s a known quantity.

          Gettinger on the other hand is unknown. Offensively he’s potentially a steady bottom 6 guy, the 10+ goal a year type player that kills penalties, is defensively sound and has a good hockey IQ … if, as Mint suggests he turns out to be a poor man’s Brian Boyle we should all be pretty happy if he ends up as a 4th line regular. Boyle has done pretty well for himself, mostly in a 3rd line role.

          In any event these type of players are important, in my mind it’s the quality of your 3rd and 4th lines that win Championships — or at a minimum distinguishes true contenders from pretenders.

          • I don’t think I’m too hard on a player, just saying what I think. 🙂

            This isn’t charity, you play the best players that you have in your org. The rangers are like the Dukes in “Trading Places” when they buy up all the frozen orange juice: The Rangers have more 4th line players in their org. than allowable to play, by league rules. If the Rangers could play 10 guys on the 4th line then we will be all set.

            2 Cups in almost 80 years and I’m still paying for tix every game, how hard on the team could I be? lol.

        • You misunderstand me maybe. Gettinger is a prospect; Nieves is a finished player who is just not very good. Nieves is the kind of guy who gets used when there are injuries, but if he is a regular fourth line guy on your team, it is a sign of weakness — and he is not likely to improve much. Still, he may be better than McLeod and is certainly well above Lettieri. OTOH, Gettinger is a first year pro who may be going somewhere. However, he has almost no track record and it is not at all clear that he has yet reached the level of McLeod, Nieves, Holland, Beleskey. And, as things happen, there are no guarantees that he will ever get to that level.

          But to be clear, if I had to give up a player in trade and it was either Nieves or Gettinger, I would not hesitate to deal Boo.

      • Nieves played well the one game with Meskanen, but that ‘s been it. A AAAA guy who could stick as a replacement level player, but he’s gotten his bell rung too many times to tell him to rent an apartment, let alone buy a house.

        Until Gropp starts going to the dirty parts of the ice, he’ll never be anything but an injury call up if he even gets his ELC extended.

  • Embrace the rebuild. Wins and losses mean nothing to me at this point. I like seeing sustained improvement and opportunities being offered.

  • Right from the beginning I stated that this was going to be a long season, with plenty of ups, and downs, and so it is. Yesterday’s game was a stinker, looked like an AV coached team that was going thru the motions, which was a bit disappointing to me. They are kids, they will have more down game to be played, but in the process they will get a lesson on what it means to play at this level, and that you can’t play part time and expect to win!

    As for “Rangers recall Tim Gettinger”, well I say good for him. He is a big kid, maybe he can play at this level, and or not embarrass himself . I suspect that one reason he was recalled by the team is to replace Cody, and be a physical presence. The odds are Tim will play on the 4th line, so how much damage can he do there?

    All I’m looking for today is a bounce back game, with some piss and vinegar displayed by the entire team!!!!!!!! Let’s also clear the slot for Hank, the Flyers posted themselves there yesterday, and Hank was ready to start charging them rent………..

    • Matinees are rough, I’d imagine that right after a turkey dinner doubly so. Probably took the train down that morning, game routines all messed up.

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