Cody McLeod out 4-6 weeks

A little late here, blame Thanksgiving, but Cody McLeod is expected to be out 4-6 weeks with a hand injury. McLeod suffered the injury in Wednesday’s demolition of the Islanders. At least he scored before getting hurt.

The Rangers haven’t called anyone up to replace him yet, and David Quinn has stated they won’t call up a “similar player” from Hartford. My guess is Mats Zuccarello will be back today, and if there’s another injury, it’ll be Vinni Lettieri that comes back.

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  • McLeod out of the lineup isn’t horrible, but I hate to see it due to injury. If Zucc can play, that makes us a better team. If Buch can come back 2 weeks before Cody, and play well, we may not see Cody again until the trade deadline.

    • “McLeod out of the lineup isn’t horrible, but I hate to see it due to injury.”

      We all think the same, trust me. But look at it this way, it’s his hand not his head. He’s a major injury waiting to happen IMO.

      • Tony, Cody had a busted hand going into the game, ref knew it and let him fight Johnson when the Ref should have held onto Johnson and gave him a instigating penalty. Telling ya, Cody is not Glass by means of what he brings to the locker room and protecting the kids…We have the Caps on Sunday, Tom Wilson back in the lineup as well..just saying Quinn has to keep Chtil with Kredier on every shift…Kredier wants that C he needs to drop the gloves if needed now.

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