Mailbag: Nylander, DeAngelo, Andersson

Three questions for the mailbag this week. There was a fourth regarding Filip Chytil, but I answered it in my Chytil post last week. As always, use the widget on the right to send us questions for the mailbag.

Ben asks: What is the deadline for William Nylander to sign? If the Rangers trade for his rights after the deadline, can they sign him and have him play this season? How would that impact his trade value?

The deadline for Nylander to sign anywhere this season is December 1. After that, Nylander cannot play at all this season, anywhere. Even if the Rangers were to acquire him, they would not be able to have him play.

As for his trade value, I’m not sure it would impact it too much. I believe teams would be creative though. For example, if I’m the Rangers, trading for Nylander after 12/1, I would most certainly not include 2019’s first round pick. Whereas acquiring him beforehand might require that pick.

Jake From Statefarm asks: Has Tony DeAngelo done enough to stay in the lineup when the Rangers are healthy?

First things first, A+ name.

DeAngelo has done enough, at least in my mind, to stay in the lineup over Adam McQuaid. McQuaid offers little other than a veteran presence and potential deadline fodder. DeAngelo was a key piece the Rangers got in the Derek Stepan trade, is still young, is talented, and still has enough skill to hopefully put it all together and be a useful piece for the future. DeAngelo may not be more than a decent third pairing guy who specializes on the powerplay, but without playing him, the team will never know. He may not pan out either, that’s a real possibility. But he’s earned his time to prove himself.

Dave asks: How long is Lias Andersson going to be with the club?

Short answer: As long as there is a spot open and he is playing well.

Long answer: Brett Howden’s injury forced the Andersson call up. In theory, when he’s better, Andersson comes out of the lineup. However Andersson had a strong game the other night. If he continues to play well, the club likely won’t just send him down because Howden is ready. Because what? Cody McLeod is needed? To keep Ryan Spooner around?

Ideally, the Rangers have all three of Chytil, Howden, and Andersson playing significant time with the club by the end of the season. That will be the sign of a truly successful season in the first year of a rebuild.

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  • At what point will Nylander be unrestricted? I do not want to give up possibly lottery picks for him being that we are in a rebuild.

    • Regarding Nylander, the idea/problem is to lock him up longterm, rather than bridging him until he hits UFA status. He supposedly doesn’t want a bridge deal. And at the $$$ he’d likely get in arbitration it also makes sense for the club that employs Nylander to buy a couple of his UFA-eligible years in a longterm contract.

    • I don’t suspect that the team would bend over backwards to trade for him. It’ll be due to the Rangers not having the pieces that Toronto would like in return for him. I wouldn’t care about NYR losing their picks for a young up and coming star. Rangers draft team is pretty weak.

      He would be a stepping stone for the next generation, it’s not like Chytil or Lias are looking like Pettersson anytime soon. I think his elusive speed, wrist shot, hands and vision would make him 2× better than Buch. He’s just really soft and I don’t think Quinn would advocate to trade for him.

      • Nylander is a scoring threat unlike any the NYR team currently has. I would suspect his willingness to sit out means he is looking for a overly large payday. If you can acquire him on the cheap (not happening) then you do it, otherwise he will not be here. I do think the days between Thanksgiving and Dec.1st will show that someone (either Toronto or Nylander) blinks and a deal is cut.

  • If we are unlikely to have a Top 3 pick in 2019 draft, then I am all for us fast tracking 2019 #1 pick’s development of 3-4 years into now (ie into Nylander). I would then go after Panarin in the off season. Any disposable parts from this year’s team based on Nylander’s addition and a high quality FA acquisition in the off season, we trade at the deadline for draft picks and/or prospects.

    Nylander-Zib-Free Agent (ie Panarin)
    Spooner(?)- Anderson/Letteri-Fast

    Kreider, Zuch, and Hayes would bring back a hall! McQuaid gets us some cases of quality Canadian Lagers.

  • I think you are missing a key point when discussing McQuaid vs. DeAngelo. Claesson is expected to return before McQuaid does. I agree (and I hope as you do that management agrees as well) that a healthy McQuaid belongs in the press box or in Hartford. However, one of the remaining seven guys must also sit (and since Smith looked decent on the right side, it doesn’t have to be a LH defenseman). This looks like a hard choice for Quinn as I don’t want to sit anyone (and, while sitting Staal is an easy choice for you, Quinn likely does not agree).

    I hope he has a revolving lineup, I also currently hope ADA is not the odd man out, but it could still happen. The organization has a lot of money in Staal, Shattenkirk, Skjei, and Smith. Meanwhile, Claesson might actually be the Rangers’ best D – and suddenly benching one of the kids becomes tempting – and that won’t be Pionk.

    JFTR, I actually agree that Staal has been the weak link so far. Possibly by design, he is giving a lot of support to Pionk and insufficient attention to his own side. The results on the PK have been disastrous to date.

    • Hey Perm, a healthy Mcquaid belongs in the press box???, the only D man on this super soft roster that has a set of steel b***s and you want him in Hartford or the Press Box??. The guy’s reputation alone keeps the opposition honest. Mcquaid needs to be the 5th or 6th D man on this team and play every night when he gets healthy. Your comment ( while I do respect your opinion) sound like AV.

  • I like Nylander a lot, coveting him ever since he hit the league. But I hesitate wanting a deal for him now because of his acquisition cost, and because he obviously must be seeking a lot of money or Toronto would have signed the talented kid by now. Wiser heads than me might disagree, but I think I’d stay the course and try to develop kids they already have in the pipeline and try to acquire more youngsters or picks.

    Regarding Tony DeAngelo, I think that his string of games since McQuaid’s injuries have proven that he should be playing. It is a make or break year for the young man and if he is playing well enough to deserve to be in the lineup then he should not be sitting out. They have a problem however because both McQuaid and Claesson (who has played well before he was hurt) basically compete for the same spot as DeAngelo. I think Tony’s potential wins that argument. It is time to see if he can fulfill his promise or not.

    Andersson is another youngster who should stick if he plays well enough to deserve ice time. However, if he is not going to get significant minutes with the big club then I don’t have a problem with sending him back to Hartford until a trade is made that opens a spot. He clearly works his tail off and will only improve with more playing time.

    • The issue with Nylander and money has less to do with his abilities and more to do with the BIG money they’ll have to give out next year to Matthews and Marner. TO wants to do a bridge deal, Nylander wants the long-term 7-8 year deal. Offering Nylander 6.5m per for 8 years is a bargain, even at $7m it’s a good deal for a club that can afford him — and we can.

      • $6.5 a year for Nylander is definitely a bargain Tanto. However, I think I read (not sure where) that he was seeking more like $8 mil per annum? If that is in fact true, that is serious money. But yeah I like him a lot, and he is only 22.

        • True, I may be underestimating his “ask”, but the major sticking point as far as TO is concerned is the long term commitment of $7-8m+ when they’ll have to pay Matthews $11m per and Marner $8m plus … add that to Tavares’ $11m and you have 3 forwards making $30m per. TO knows they can’t afford a 4th forward making that type of money, that would mean 4 forwards eating up almost 50% of the cap.

  • This draft is particularly good, I would be loath to trade our 1st pick away unless we have a legitimate shot at the playoffs and a 2nd half of the 1st round pick (which you probably wouldn’t know until much later) … That said I’m still not convinced that’s what Toronto will want/need. Clearly they’re going for a Cup NOW. They’re deep at center and a little thin on the wings. I wonder if a rental like Zucc plus a cost controlled young player like Buchnevich and a 2nd rounder nets us Nylander. Or perhaps they’re interested in a D’man, because they’re a little thin there as well — like a Claesson or McQuaid. Zucc alone is worth a 1st rounder and a prospect for a team making a run at the Cup and Buch is a Nylander light they can plug in at a much lower cost, so I would start the conversation there or see if Namestnikov interests them at all (I would have added Spooner, but I think Babock would hate him).

    Re: Tony D’, he’s already “a decent third pairing guy who specializes on the powerplay” and that’s just fine, we need that — especially since he’s a RIGHTY — but he can be more.

  • As I was telling before, ADA has great skills set and you can teach to defend up to enough extend monkey, is it going to take year or two doesn’t matter and put aside political bull related to him

    Nulander will require either our 1st or player like Skjei, doesn’t matter before or after deadline, he is so young and he is so restricted free agent for another 4_5 years, Toronto earlier or later will prevail

    Agree on Andersson

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