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After last night’s game, MSG aired a fun segment where the Rangers discuss pregame rituals, among other topics. MSG PR sent this over to me, so if you missed it, here are some of the quotes and a link to a teaser.

On competing against each other in practice

Zucc: It really helped me, practicing against you all those years. I mean you’re a competitive goalie, you’ve been the best goalie in the league since I got here and for me to come in every day and make you mad, it gives me a lot of pleasure. And practice during the season can be, I mean, I’m not going to say boring, but like, you just have to be there because you’re focusing on the game. So it’s always nice to come in and have some fun. And while you have fun, it becomes a competition and makes you try a little bit harder.

Hank: Yeah, I mean, that’s why I love this game. To compete in games, to compete in practice, and you got to find different things that makes you keep going. That you know, helps you work even harder every day, and part of that is to go up against certain guys at practice or in games. But it’s fun, I like that there’s always a couple guys every year that have that extra skill when you go one-on-one, and it definitely helps you stay sharp too.

On mutual admiration for each other

Zucc: I just admire how every day is a competition for him, or for you. His mindset is what I admire the most. Everything’s about winning. And I think that’s kind of grew on me a little bit too. Seeing you, how you compete every day, one win doesn’t matter if you sacrifice everything to win it. I think that’s the right mindset. I remember being a young guy, and you were here, how you learned, you taught me how this is all about winning, and I think that’s admiring to see every day. A lot of the young guys should look at you, this is what it takes to win.

Hank: I think for years, it was so important for players to be big and have the size, and now I think you and a couple other guys show that you can play this game with a lot of will and a lot of speed and skill. So I think your determination is something that I admire. Determination and you want to win. Whatever you do, if you always want to get better and win, that’s something that I admire, so I like to see you come into the rink and be ready and pay the price and win. That gets me going. I get excited to play with guys who have that, and you have it.

You can click here for the teaser.


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