Filip Chytil and his odd start to the season

Filip Chytil is one of the most highly touted prospects to hit New York in a while. He has arguably had more hype than Pavel Buchnevich, and that is due to his first round pedigree. Chytil impressed last year out of camp, with a goal and two assists through nine games before being sent to Hartford. There, he put up 11-20-31 in 46 games on a bad team while showing he was dominating the game at that level.

Fast forward to this year, and Chytil has had a rough start to the season. Through 11 games, he hasn’t scored yet and has just a pair of assists. He is clearly snakebitten, and the frustration is starting to show on the ice. Through those 11 games, Chytil has just 17 shots on goal. For comparison’s sake, he had 21 SOG through 9 games last season. He’s shooting less while getting the same amount of ice time.

For Chytil, it’s more of a slump than it is poor play. Chytil is in the top-five (#4) in possession with a 49.82 CF%. He also sits #4 in SCF% (56.59%) and is tops on the team in HDCF% (62.26%). It is incredibly early, so a few good games can skew this mightily, but the club mostly has the puck in dangerous offensive situations when Chytil is on the ice.

Chytil sits right there in “fun” territory when he’s on the ice. Meaning he’s certainly generating a good amount of shot attempts while on the ice. He’s not exactly a defensive stalwart, so he’s giving up a good amount as well, but so is every Ranger at the moment. As long as Chytil and his linemates keep producing shot attempts while he’s on the ice, the goals will eventually come…in theory.

The x-axis isn’t labeled here, but that’s actual GF%, versus the y-axis of xGF%. Chytil, despite his scoreboard struggles, has still been in “good” territory here. What this means is that Chytil –while his numbers are not sexy at the moment– is still on the ice for more goals for than against, both in terms of expectations and actuals.

The problem lies in his on-ice SH%, meaning the team’s shooting percentage when he is on the ice. Right now it is at 4.23%, indicative of both bad shooting luck when he’s on the ice and time on the fourth line with players like Cody McLeod. Chytil is basically doing everything right except scoring. There’s only so much one can do when he’s on the fourth line with noted goal scorers like McLeod, though. But even with that situation, he’s still beating his expectations.

Chytil’s on-ice SH% won’t stay at 4% forever. In short, Chytil is just snakebitten at the moment. He’s experiencing a significant dry spell that will surely snap at some point. When it does, the flood gates should, again in theory, open.

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  • No one wants to hear it, but the kid took a couple of big hits and since then looks timid at times.

    I mean at some point the Rangers have to let these kids sink or swim. Buch needs to be on the top line and Chytil needs to be the 2nd C. THEY are the priority this year, not the vets who won’t be here a few months from now.

    • While I don’t disagree Zib-Zuc-Kreider looks like it’s working.

      I am high on Buchnevich overall, but he’s underwhelmed so far this season.

      • Whatever it is that Quinn wants Buch to do, Buch needs to do it, even if it changes his game slightly.

    • “Took a couple of big hits” You mean he played hockey like everyone else? Everyone takes big hits, go look at Petterson, that kid is still going to be flying around the ice and making other teams look silly. Since last June, I tried warning you about this outcome, Chytil won’t be given a spot just because he was a 1st rounder. He hasn’t earned it and other teams would fundamentally destroy him at 15-16 minutes of ice.

      Sorry bro but Hank and Quinn want to win. Chytil needs to see some AHL ice to tune up his game so he can stop being timid.

        • I think the definition is pretty simple. He doesn’t compete during all of his shifts. He’ll lose his man in the DZ or he’ll get rubbed out in the OZ by some 3rd pair name.

          I think right now, the teams could either make him look silly by matching their top 6 center’s vs him. Or they could welcome Quinn’s sheltered shifts for hin. Those player’s would continue to shut him down with ease. He would be a -9 by now if he saw top 6 minutes as a center.

    • I’ll defer to DQ on who to put with whom. But I love how obviously demanding he is on the players from game to game. DQ likely the best move the Rangers have pulled off in years. Last night he had ZBad with Zuke and Vlad. It looked good. I really liked the idea of Howden Vesey and Fast together – we will see. But after the disaster in LA – last night totally restored my enthusiasm and I attribute it all to the coach. But have it……..

  • Chytil is the least of concerns by my thinking. He has the skill set, but hasn’t had a steady line mate from the beginning of this season, so he’ll never develop any chemistry with anyone.

    As Tony stated above, the kid belongs on the 2nd line, not fourth, and we should be patient with him. We aren’t going to make a cup run this year, so what have we got to lose? Let him skate with a set line for at least five, or more games, where he develops a comfort level. Bottom line, the puck will find the net in due time, and he will live up to expectations!!!!!!!!!

    good win last night

    • agree…he belongs at 2C, but not right now…would rather see players in top line positions that might increase there trade value…Chytl will be here long after they are gone, for right now let him learn slowly, second half of the season move him up…maybe not ideal for him right now but in the long run I’d hope that patience will pay off

      • This — I really think this is the organizational philosophy right now (although I’m obviously guessing). It makes a ton of sense.

        I thought Chytil was noticeable and effective last night in both zones. He and Names (along with Vesey and Howden) are fun to watch right now. I don’t get the urgency to have him play top line minutes immediately. It seems contradictory to me, though I am hardly smart about this stuff, to argue that the rebuild is going to take time by trading our players for quality assets at the height of the market, whenever that is, while also demanding Chytil get 21 minutes a night 12 games into the season.

        He’ll get a feel for Quinn, the system, the demands, the failures, the opportunities and his teammates that will remain by staying here whether it’s 10 minutes or 16 minutes a night.

  • This may be an unpopular opinion, but I like Chytl with Letterri and McLeod right now. When Chytl is with more creative players, they all engage in fancy east-west hockey that doesn’t generate many shots.

    But both McLeod and Letterri know that they can’t really carry the puck over the blue line themselves, so they’ll move it to Chytl – who delightfully and competently plays Zone Entry Guy. Once the puck is carried in, McLeod will drive to the net – (I dislike McLeod, too, but he always drives the net.) – and Letterri will be available for volume shooting.

    Quinn doesn’t automatically bench his fourth line in the third period, so ice time will be available for Chytl unless both teams have seven power plays.

    • McLeod is the kid’s bodyguard. Unfortunately Mc is not a player that the kid can prosper with……Chytil just needs time in the humidor like a cigar….with time will age nicely..

      • I don’t view McLeod as Chytl’s bodyguard. I view him as a below average intelligence player who drives to the net very well and doesn’t try Kovalev-esque moves in the offensive zone. Playing Chytl with “simpler” players like McLeod and Letterri forces Chytl to simplify his game, which he needs right now.

        Last night’s box score indicates that Chytl got 8:53 of ice time, the lowest of any forward. This annoys me. But I don’t want to give Chytl second line minutes and second line wingers until his head is in a better place.

  • It would seem Chytil could benefit from some time running with the Pack in Hartford. Maybe even switch out he and Lias.

    But if you are going to go with the kids and tinker so much then you need to be accepting of the results.

    Either way they have now burnt a year of his deal.

  • Hayes = 1st RND 24th overall
    Chytl = 1st RND 21st overall

    hmmmmm, too soon to tell where the ceiling is for #72. But I am hopeful…
    Expectations on #72 = Inflated?!?!?! I think so….

    GREAT WIN! Let’s hope this sparks that youthful team energy and gets some things going…


  • While Chytil shows flashes of his immense talent I think it’s wishful thinking by the faithful to say he is just running into bad luck and/or his results are due to crappy line-mates. To me he seems to be struggling and a stay in Hartford to regain his scoring touch and confidence would probably be worthwhile. It would free up a center spot to showcase the vets we want to trade and Chytil can return when he regains his form.

  • Hayes was drafted 1Rnd/24th and Chytil 1Rnd/21st.

    The expectations and hype seem a lot higher on #72….

    I think he will reach Hayes ceiling and pass it, sooner then later too… but not with his line mates, not just yet…

    • The Chicago drafted Hayes during their golden era. Their scouts are better than the Rangers lol, Hayes could have played with Kane, Toews, Panarin etc.

      Zib was drafted at #6 or #7. Rackell was a late 1st round pick and he already had a superior game to Zib’s. I wouldn’t look to hard at where people were drafted. There’s better scoring forwards who were drafted after Kreider. What’s up with that?

      • Huh. Whose choice was it to not play with Toews, Kane, Panarin?

        Who was it that refused to sign with them?

  • Like I keep saying either play the kid with our best players and leave him there or send him down to Hartford for a couple of weeks. He is not going to develop on the 4th line. Send him down bring up Getty for a few games.

    It is wasting time playing him on the 4th line he is not that type of player.

  • I’m leaning towards chytil being sent down. DQ is coaching more like AV than not so he simply needs to be more ready to have a bigger role with the club. (Howden is older for instance and went back to juniors for two years). They can recall him after the fire sale

    This isn’t all on chytil. This is partially the clogged drain created by Gorton. Its his mess to unplug.

  • Hey, how about Chris Kreider with 2 goals last night? And the fact that he’s on pace for a career high in goals and points? Any detractors have anything to say?

    • When he first came up I loved that kid, but he does not use his size enough and his hands are below average yes he has been scoring some goals but he is not a goal scorer. Maybe we should sell high on him. Since he ran over the Goaliee in the playoffs a few years ago he has lost his edge. Maybe you can blame AV but I don’t see him getting any better and would be shocked if he scores 30 goals. I would love to be wrong though on this.

      • Can you really blame AV? Torts was a gritz king and had a system in place for Kreider’s kind of body build. He was certainly not a fan of Mr. Kreider’s. I don’t think anyone in this league would ever pencil him in for a 30 goal season. It’s a shame that he can’t play like Filip Forseberg ( sad face )

        At least in AV’ s system Kreider broke out……. To be a 46-52 point player LOL.

        • Kreider has more goals and points in a season than your boy Hayes. He’s currently vastly outplaying your boy Hayes and every other forward on the team not named Zucc or Zib.

          At your boy Hayes’ current pace he might score 30 goals if the season was 162 games long. Maybe if Hayes isn’t traded by next week, he can pick up more points by virtue of playing on a line with Kreider. Otherwise things look bleak for the $6 Million Dollar Bong in NY.

  • I like Chytil’s skills a lot. I think perhaps a stint in Hartford where he gets to net a few goals and get some ego boost would likely not be a bad thing. Playing on the top Wolfpack line for a few weeks might be what he needs. I have no doubt that he will be back. If he stays it won’t be bad either, but he is not going to get a lot of minutes per game unless Quinn changes things.

  • Jeff Gorton “In the position the Rangers are in, they don’t want to tie up too many spots but Hayes is someone that they want to keep around.

    ^ I’m going to assume that guy that JG was talking about up there?

    Go be a Chicago fan if you’re still mad about that? I know JG and Sather aren’t mad about that.

    • Without a doubt, you are the one individual who believes the Used Car Salesman as they blow smoke up your butt.

      You: Kevin Hayes, he of never producing >50pts, is worth north of $6 million!!
      Also You: Chris Kreider, he of outscoring Kevin Hayes every year but a year he was hurt in, and Derek Stepan, he of >50pts every year like clockwork, are either a bust or not worth $6 million!!

      As usual, I’ll save myself the time.
      * <– Represents the point
      0 <– Represents your head.

      Note, that the point is over your head.

      • Dude you’re all over the place. I don’t understand where your anger is coming from?

        I was making a simple comparison about how draft order doesn’t tell the full tale of a player. Than I added in my take about how Hayes was a Black Hawks 1st rd pick during their golden age where they planned to play him next to elites like Kane and Toews. Chytil being a NYR top round pick doesn’t add up to the hype like when Hayes was drafted. Than from there I’m not quite sure what made you so butt hurt or how Stepan got in this but dam# happy Halloween to you too.

  • Jeff Gorton ” In the position the Rangers are in, they don’t want to tie up too many spots but Hayes is someone that they want to keep around. ”

    ^ I’m going to assume the guy that JG was talking about up there?

    Go be a Chicago fan if you’re still mad about that? I know JG and Sather aren’t mad about that decision lol.

  • Interesting Tony D leads the team in +/-, Pionk is last. May not mean much but at the very least it would be nice for Quinn to let him play when the injured guys come back.

  • My whole argument is why did chytil make the team and lias got sent down? Some here feel lias needed to play in more situations and get more playing time etc. So in that regard what does that say about Chytil? He is basically getting 10min a game up here with no talent around him, couldn’t he also use more time in the minors to better hone his skills with the previous reasons lias got? Why is 1 player any different from the other? I personally do not see it. So if you do feel free to chime in.

    I mean you can watch Howden and Pionk and see these are definitely nhl grade players. Maybe not allstars but they each show flashes of brilliance. Were as with Chytil I just haven’t seen it. He never jumps out at me. Whether any of this his timing or knowledge of the game or physical ability or what have you. He just doesn’t impress ever.

    I guess my overall point is I don’t understand why is it ok for chytil to be up here getting 8 mins. vs. Lias. I personally think the Rangers would have a better team with him up here getting the 8mins. vs. Chytil who is said to be a more skilled player.

    • “My whole argument is why did chytil make the team and lias got sent down? Some here feel lias needed to play in more situations and get more playing time etc.”

      Yeah I’m your man if you want to start understanding what happened. There’s been a dozen quotes from JG and Quinn on how not to expect all three rookies to make the team. Quinn was very vocal that you’re going to need to earn your keep and that draft pedigree meant nothing to him.

      Unfortunately I think you fell for the hype that the fan base created. If we’re going to be fair, Chytil had more than enough opportunity to either maintain 12-13 minutes or gain more ice time and bigger roles. You said it yourself, he hasn’t jumped out like Howden.

      They knew the fans would eat up the talk of how Lias shouldn’t see 8-9 minutes a night. There were only two options last September.
      1) All three center’s outlay Hayes/Zib forcing a early trade or a move to wing (never was going to happen) but fans ate it up like it was a actual possibility.
      2) At least one rookie was not going to earn his keep and would have to play in the AHL. The other two would battle it out for 3c duties. That’s what we’re seeing, no?

      You think the management cared that Chytil might have to see 8-9 minutes? Sucker’s are that line up like hungry hungry Hippos. Their franchise goalie would have trashed them if they sent oyt player’s who don’t warrant those big roles.

      • Yeah I guess you are right. Just infuriates me that we got nothing for Stepan. But I guess the silver lining is we got Howden for Mac. I mean I know I rant enough about it but that trade still irks me everyday.

        As far as trading a center/trading HAyes….it is never going to happen. Hayes needs talent around him for them to open up the ice. No one on this team can do that. This 1year deal was a lost cause. He is going to fail this season as I said over the summer. It is a no brainer the FO then resigns him for a much lower cost in a multi year deal when he is presented with nothing from the open market. I believe it was a good move by the front office. It is going to show him his true value and they hopefully wont over pay for him next summer.

        And that just leaves Zib. Hopefully he gets enough PP time to knock 35 goals and say 30 to 40 assists before the deadline and we get a huge steal like we did Nash. This is all dependent on him not getting hurt again for 10 games. Which is a big if.

        Any who read this ….I know this will never happen …I am not delusional. I just have hopes like all of you that one day I won’t be a fan of a team who consistently can never get it done. I know the truth is we are going to keep both Zib and Hayes and overpay for both of them til the FO is forced to buy them out. And give Zib a NMC in his contract so he and STaal can dog it every night together.

  • The Rangers just beat a very good Shark team for the second time this year. Their younger players will get better, but some like Chytil isn’t ready yet for primetime. The NHL is a graveyard of young promising hockey players that were rushed to soon. Let him play big minutes on the farm and hone his game.

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