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Rangers finally get some goals, dominate Panthers

Full disclosure on this one: I didn’t get to watch the game at all. So I’m going to do what I can with the replays of the goals. Some positives from what I’ve read:

  • Mats Zuccarello was shooting, and he scored as a result. Novel concept. But in all seriousness, Zucc isn’t really a shooter. It’s not part of his game. But when he shoots, he scores. So….shoot.
  • Alex Georgiev was solid in net.
  • Neal Pionk looked pretty solid, from what I’ve read. Pionk is becoming one of those stats vs. eyes kind of cases. Most of Pionk’s games have been with Marc Staal, so there needs to be time to properly evaluate him.
  • Mika Zibanejad with the four point night is always a good thing.

On to the goals, again doing the best I can with what I got.

Panthers 1, Rangers 0

I, for the life of me, can’t find a highlight of this one. It’s funny, because my last resort was going to, and the site didn’t load for me. Typical.

Rangers 1, Panthers 1

This appeared to start off a standard breakout, and Florida didn’t really do anything wrong. They kept Zibanejad to the outside and behind the net. Hutchinson just over committed and couldn’t get back in time.

Rangers 2, Panthers 1

This is what happens when you shoot. You get bounces. From Florida’s perspective, allowing Zuccarello to get a step by the circles and cut in wasn’t ideal, but that’s some bad luck.

Rangers 3, Panthers 1

Most of the credit here will go to Zibanejad for a great snipe. This play begins, though, with Neal Pionk shaking Alex Barkov at the point to create the room and the lane. Also note Chris Kreider in front for the screen.

Rangers 4, Panthers 1

Another example of Zuccarello shooting the puck. Great shot off the faceoff.

Rangers 4, Panthers 2

Not quite sure how Mike Hoffman snuck this one in here, but the give and go was the breakdown here. That pass through Pionk (I think) shouldn’t have happened.

Rangers 5, Panthers 2

Kevin Hayes empty netter.

It was only a matter of time before the Rangers got their scoring touch back. They are too skilled up front to be that delinquent in scoring. I’m expecting the goals to come in bunches. But then again, it was Florida.

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  • I was distracted by pain meds and pain due to dental work…..but did get to see a bit of the game….Pionk seems to be improving as he plays…..Looks like a keeper….Nice to see the flying Z’s score some goals……

  • Overall another solid performance by the team. They didnt look great for stretches but a lot of that can be attributed to the style of D FL was playing…a team playing well below expectations looking not to lose and clogging up defensively.

    Our Forecheck continued to be strong, our puck movement and possession gave us PP opportunities, and our defensive structure seemed solid when there was not alot of movement by FL.

    On the Pionk goal it is tough to say who “lost their man” because Pionk would not have followed Hoffman around the net and it was Staal’s responsibility to protect his side if Hoffman came around (one of at least 3 missed assignments by staal similar this season). If you watch the Fowards moving into the zone they both come down low and cover the space in front of Georgie and right circle edge. This tells me Staal should have been in position to stop Hoffman as he came around the net. Instead Staal tried to “help” Pionk by doing one of his stick swipes on the left but does not have the speed to get back and cover his area.

  • It’s laughable that Pionk is being blamed for Staal’s ineptitude on that FL goal. Just listen to what the coach said about his game last in his post game press conference.

  • The coach finally moved Fasth away from the first line! Look what happened. I feel sorry for Hays and Chitil because they have a anchor on the line. How long did it take for the coach to move Fasth from the first line? What, is he afraid to put someone else on that line or did he just believe all the hype that Fasth is the greatest utility player and should be a first line player?

    • I can never understand how Fast is considered a top quality 3rd line player (33) points. He’s a amazing 4th liner who sees top 9 minutes but I wouldn’t say that he was the problem last night. It’s Chytil who plays lackadaisical hockey in two of the three zones. His stick position is rarely ever in the right place to break up a play and he still struggles in the DZ to cover his quadrant. Questionable effort around the boards, it’s a shame if his two way game is going to shake out like Kreids.

  • Awesome text for not seeing the game, thanks Dave.

    What you would have seen had you watch the broadcast… Coach Quinn going off on B.Smith. Giving him a long yabadabadoo that included a 5 seconds long “screw face” stare too. I also think there was another if not 2 penalties for too many men… DUMB moves…

    Not on any spreadsheet is Chytil, this kid isn’t going to be able to legally buy a beer for 2 more years but man he controls the puck when he touches it, chases it down whenever and wherever it is when he doesn’t have it, and skates all over the right places… tell me im’ wrong… the “Chytil Glide” is happening more each game… he just moves into places seamlessly…

    Jarg – esq? big body that glides…

    like a… like a… PELICAN


  • I liked the comparison last night of Pionk to Brian Rafalski. Of course Pionk has a long way to go if he wants to reach that height, but I can see the similarities in their style of play. Should be noted though that Rafalski didn’t even make it to the NHL until the age of 26, so Pionk has quite the jump on him age-wise and should get better as his body matures.

    Staal must SIT … I’m getting tired of saying that and hope I don’t fall into the trap of constantly ragging on Staal in every post (like some people seem to with other players), but his play is really getting on my nerves.

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