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Rangers recall Georgiev, return Mazanec to Hartford

The Rangers have recalled goalie Alex Georgiev after his brief stint in the AHL, returning Marek Mazanec to the Pack as well. Georgiev was sent to Hartford over the weekend to get some playing time, as the schedule hasn’t been kind to the backup netminder. With large gaps between gaps, there was no need to rest Henrik Lundqvist.

It’s expected that with four games in eight days coming up –I know, it seems like a lot but it really isn’t– that Georgiev will get a game in. The schedule condenses a lot in November as well.

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  • Top 6: Zucc moved up to play with Zib and Kreids. Fast will play on
    the 2nd line with Hayes and Chytil which I can dig because Zucc has been awful near the boards and NZ.

    Bottom 6: Lettieri is out and Spooner is set to replace him on the 4th line. 3rd line remains the same from last night with Howden in the middle of Vesey and Buch.

    Bad news: For Georgiev. He gets to not play as much while Mazanec gets a lot of ice in all situations. ( Sarcasm )

    • “Zucc has been awful near the boards…”

      Zucc—8 games played, 6 points
      Hayes—8 games played, 2 points

      Gotta be Zucc’s fault though, right Mint? Anybody but Six Million Dollar Bong’s fault, right? One tenth of the season is done and Hayes is on pace for 20 points. That’s BIG TIME HOCKEY.

      • Like I said in August, only bad things will happen by not trading Hayes this past offseason, lowering his trade value.

        Should have moved him out after the arbitration hearing that never happened.

        • So far Hayes hasn’t proved he has what it takes to earn the big bucks. I actually hope he can get his groove back, but as each game passes by it looks less likely.

  • Georgsieve back from his stint down on the farm. Hopefully he will get a chance to play before the cobwebs set in again.

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