Rangers assign Alex Georgiev to Hartford

The Rangers have assigned goalie Alex Georgiev to Hartford. This is not an unexpected move, as the Pack have games Friday and Saturday night, both of which Georgiev will play. The Rangers are off until Sunday.

This is a move for Georgiev to get playing time. The Rangers have had a lot of gaps in the schedule, meaning there is no cause for concern regarding Henrik Lundqvist’s fatigue level, even in back-to-backs. Georgiev will be back for Sunday’s game against Calgary, one we expect Hank to start.

Marek Mazanec has been recalled to fill the goalie gap in the interim.

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  1. Not a bad thing…Manzenac got lit up last night….At least Crawley got back into the lineup! 2 pim and a -1 I hope he has a good season

  2. Zero reason for Hank to be at 6/7 games so far. I don’t care how spread out the games are. The whole off-season was geared about using him properly. Vally made that point repeatedly, etc. That the Quinn regime is riding him so hard is ludicrous.

    1. While something tells me Hank is angling himself to play as much as he has knowing his competitive nature, and it probably didn’t help matters that Georgiev got shelled in his start, I fully concur with you. This pace is far too many games for any goalie at that age. Hank has been stellar so far…but at this rate of starts, have to wonder how the cumulative effect is going to stack up.

  3. Georgsieve needs some work is an understatement. Hopefully he can get his groove back down on the farm.

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