Reasonable Expectations: Filip Chytil


Congrats to Filip Chytil, as for the second straight year, the 21st overall pick from 2017 has broken camp with the main roster. Chytil looks to be on a line with Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello, at least from the early line pairings, which immediately puts him in a top-six role. It’s a role in which he is more than skilled enough to succeed.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a potential elite talent from the first round make the club so quickly. As such, there’s a lot of optimism and hope around Chytil. But he’s also a rookie. He will be put in a position to succeed, but he will also make mistakes. Growth comes from making mistakes, after all.

Which brings us to what to expect from the young winger. Chytil has shown flashes of dominance, but has also shown he has room to grow. He’s not on the top line (yet), and likely won’t be on the top powerplay unit (yet). However he will see time in the top-six and with the man advantage.

In terms of ice time, I think it’s fair to expect Chytil to get somewhere in the 12-15 minute range at even strength, plus powerplay time. This will vary daily based on game flow, but that range is relatively expected. Tack on 2-3 minutes of powerplay time, and you have a kid playing a lot, but not necessarily becoming a work horse.

As for points, which is what we are all here for anyway, it’s tough to gauge. In prior posts like these, we had an idea of how the Rangers would look on the ice. This year we don’t have that. So I will have to guestimate based on last year’s NHL totals:

  • 3 players scored 100 points
  • 6 players scored 90 points
  • 12 players had 80 points
  • 13 players had 70 points
  • 39 players had 60 points
  • The 93rd highest scoring player had 55 points (Daniel Sedin)

That’s 73 players with 60+ points. There are about 5 defensemen in that list, so that’s 68 forwards with 60+ points last season. If you assume, by definition, that there must be 93 (31 teams, 3 top line forwards each) top line forwards, then mid-50s seems to be the cutoff for top line forward.

That’s not the perfect example –nothing is– because not every team has three top line forwards who hit 55+ points. But to balance that out, some teams have more than one (Penguins). It’s not perfect, but 55 points seems to be a good cutoff point. There is, after all, a difference between elite talent and top line talent.

Chytil is playing on the second line, though. And while 55 points would certainly be nice, it’s his rookie year. I think the kid should be aiming for second line numbers, preferably in the upper range (45-55 points). It’s a solid rookie year, not spectacular, but a good year of easing him into NHL duties.

For Chytil, it’s about sticking with the NHL club this year. The points will come. The growth will come through mistakes. It will be fun to watch him for a full season (hopefully).

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  • 50 points would be great. Might be a bit much to ask, but if he stays with Zucc all year (barring a trade of Zucc), he should get enough opportunity

    • 50 points is not happening or a realistic goal unless if he played wing next to Hayes and Zucc. He will be on the 3rd line in a sheltered role with tons of 200 ft growing pains to sort out. 40-45 points would be amazing within itself if he could touch that. I’m giving him north of 35-40 points at best if stayed as the 3c all year long.

      Brassard was a 45 point 3c in a sheltered role while he was apart of one of the better 3rd lines at the time. He was tag teaming with Zucc that whole season during the 5v5 and PP minutes. Chytil won’t have that but he could maybe touch 20 goals at best. That’s alot of hype I’m giving him but at the same time if he ended up touching 17-18 goals than I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • I am thinking that Chytil will be given some time on both the 2nd and 3rd lines. Guessing that Spooner and he will both swap spots until one cements himself into a line.

        Don’t discount chemistry with Hayes/Names too. Where will that chemistry come from? Not thinking Chytil is a mucker along the boards, and prefers floating in the slot area. This would mean that someone on his line has to do the dirty work. We shall see.

        • Would it matter that Chytil and Spooner flip positions every so often? Let me clear something up with you, I’m not going by Dave’s personal diagram. It’s not July anymore, with half witted narratives of Chytil defiantly being on the 2nd line anymore. Which was what confused me with your Spooner and Chytil flip flopping roles/positions.


          Vesey- Hayes-McLeod (Zucc maintenance )

          Spooner-Filip Chytil-Fast


          ^Those are the lines that have been posted up everywhere

          There’s no such thing as not doing the dirty work. Unless Chytil is a reincarnation of Gaborik, he will have to play along the boards. Crosby and Malkin do it, every top 6 center in this league does it. In order to be a NHL center, you have to support the puck. Little Giroux from Philly wouldn’t be a 65+ center if he didn’t handle his 200 ft business. Hayes might not throw thundering hits but he’s not a top 5v5 45 point shutdown 3c without winning his board battles. Patrick Kane and Johnny hockey have to win their board battles. If Chytil doesn’t like that than the soft Euro narrative will most likely follow him. Sorry but if Austin Matthews did the dirty work than Chytil better get his behind in those dirty area’s. Skill zone= punishment area so I’m not buying this talk of having servants “muck” it up for him.

          He would benefit being a winger because of the coverage of ice. 160 ft on the flank instead of 200 ft with more defense at center.

        • Sal, when you referred to ‘floating in the slot’ I immediately thought of one of the game’s ultimate floaters, Lucky Pierre LaRouche, who back in the day floated all game long. Eventually Pierre also became a proficient golfer. ?

          • I know someone who caddied for him and many other athletes at charity events. He says Pierre was not just an excellent golfer but THE nicest guy he met.

          • The guy had terrific hands and was a very smooth skater.

            Backcheck? What is this backcheck you speak of? 😀

            Happy-go-lucky and loved to play.

          • Met Pierre in the elevator at MSG so many years ago and decided to exercise my French a bit … we had a good laugh — he’s one of the great hockey personalities of that era and we could sure use a guy with his hands.

  • Skating along side of two play makers, Hayes, and Zucc, I can see this kid hit the 50+ mark. I can also see him being a high assist man as well!!!! The young man has a very bright future ahead of himself…………..

    • Skating alongside two playmaker, which one of the three of them will score goals?

      Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass

      Maybe it will be a big goal scoring year for Skjei 🙂

  • What are the line pairings now as the post the other day had Vesey with Hayes and Zucc and Chytil centering the 3rd line. Personally I prefer Chytil on the wing somewhere thus Letteri centering a line.

    • ^ Lol see Dave you’re making some fans confused

      Dude just go to any official NYR page like Twitter, MSG web etc and you’ll find out the truth within 6-8 seconds.

      I been begging for Lettieri to center a line since the summer months. We might get to see that fold out in a scenario with Howden doing a good job at C and Chytil needing to cover 160 ft of ice compare to 200 ft.

  • It seems to me that starting the young man out on the wing makes a lot of sense. At only 19 he is still filling out. As he gets stronger he might move to center, or he might move back and forth situationally. In any event, I look forward to watching him play.

  • ” at least from the early line pairings, which immediately puts him in a top-six role” Is someone going to inform Dave about the truth? Okay fine I guess I will lol

    Chytil is going to play on the 3rd line. I’d say just about every report had the line combos of him being no where close to Hayes and Zucc’ s line. The truth to this is that he’s on the 3rd line with Spooner and someone else. The NYR Twitter and SNY had the line combos ready for the public to see the minute the first practice happened. I can’t tell if it’s stubbornness or not but why would you think that Hayes and Zucc get 12-15 minutes a night? That’s 3rd line duties my boy, expect Chytil to see that and Hayes to see 17+ minutes a night along with Zucc.

  • I have to agree Dave, that its way too early to label Andersson a bust….but for the seventh overall pick I expected to see something ”’exciting”’….like great skating speed or ability, great shot, excellent passing ability etc etc…so far he looks like oscar lindberg without the hitting……….
    As far as Nemchinov for JT Miller trade which I absolutely hated…..this looks bad also…..Miller playing with stamkos on first line and nemchinov relegated to fourth line duties…….
    HOW can we trust Rangers management….Gorton etc?????????????????

    • I agree that trading JT Miller for the 54-year old Sergei Nemchinov was madness. Luckily it didn’t happen, JT Miller was traded for the 25-year old Vlad Namestnikov instead. Close one though!

    • I think he knew also, but even I thought his comment was very funny…….
      Another reason we should have kept Miller…..its easy to spell !!!!
      Bottom line is I am certainly not sold on Gortons GM ability yet………even passing on Oliver Walstrom may turn out to be a big mistake…….

  • Mint, I am starting to sense you would get double digit thumbs downs for posting GO RANGERS! (Over/Under for my thumbs down on this post is 8.)

  • My take on Chytil is a bigger faster zuc. I see him more as a player maker… puck possession darling. Stick handle around most defenders. Never seen an amazing shot off him whether wrist or slap. But most on here know way more then me. I see him at 40 to 45 point range also but leaning toward assists not goals. 10 to 15 goals and 30 to 35 assists. GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

    Now how I really see it…8 to 12 goals and maybe 20 assists. But that is asking alot and he has to be on the power play all the time. I don’t personally see him playing with linemates that are going to score that much and consistently. I see him with this coach in a more defensive mode. Learning how to play a 200 ft. game. His offensive talent is there and no one questions it. It seems to me he has to learn the defensive side of the game more.

    Seriously I just saw him play a couple times and what I saw of him was a good fast stick handler with the ability to pass the puck in tight spots. What is the scouting report on him?

  • Last week: Andersson sent down, bust!!

    Today: Andersson awarded best rookie in camp award. OOPS!! Maybe not.

    If you get it out of your head that this year is not about winning games, then I think that you’ll understand things a little more.

    • I think it’s important for Andersson to play minutes, but at the same time we have a log-jam at the center position…..we will probably see a flurry of trade activity from the Rangers come trading deadline……….I would not be surprised to see Hayes shipped off west and possibly Zucs traded as well. I am dead on sure that many of the current vet Rangers will not be resigned……As much as Zucs is coveted by teammates and fans……his clock ticking here…..

      • I think they’re totally turning the page Rock. I would not be surprised if the Rangers ask Henrik again abot being traded.

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