Ranger announce David Oliver and Greg Brown as assistant coaches

greg brown david oliver

The search for the remaining assistant coaches appears to be complete. David Oliver and Greg Brown have been named as assistant coaches, joining Benoit Allaire and presumably Lindy Ruff. Oliver was a Ranger for a hot second (14 games) in 96-97, and has spent the last 11 years with the Avs organization.

Brown was rumored to be coming to the Rangers last week, and this makes it official. Chris Peters, one of the best prospect writers on social media, noted that Brown is one of the best tacticians in college hockey. In addition to his role at BC, Brown was on the staff for three US Junior teams, one of which won gold (2017).

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  • Time will tell, but these seem to be very good choices. I hope they are all stressing…FINISH THEIR DAMN CHECKS AND PLAY HARD AND PHYSIVCAL. This long time Ranger fan is tired of their girly brand of hockey..

  • I don’t care what you label their style, but you should know that “girly” is a weird term to use. And it does not say much for your hockey background, whatever it may be.

    I will be satisfied with a team that competes at all times, and has a system in place that fits the players on the roster, not trying t pigeon-hole a specific style on whatever is out there.

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