2018 NHL Draft Day 2 Open Thread


The second day of the 2018 NHL Draft is upon us, and if you’re like me, you’re sleepy and trying to stay awake. Barring any trades, the Rangers have the following picks:

  • 2nd round (8th pick) – 39th overall
  • 3rd round (8th pick) – 70th overall
  • 3rd round (26th pick) – 88th overall
  • 4th round (8th pick) – 101st overall
  • 5th round (8th pick) – 132nd overall
  • 6th round (8th pick) – 163rd overall

We will be updating this regularly, so stay tuned.

  • Illya Kovalchuk is going to the LA Kings, three year contract.
  • Rangers take Olaf Lindbom with their 2nd round pick. He’s a big goalie, Swedish. 
  • Initial reaction of Lindbom: I hate goalie selections that high, and especially with some of the other skaters on the board. We also have a bad track record with high pick goalies (Halverson, Montoya). I preferred a skater, and pick the goalies in the later rounds.
  • Rangers take Jacob Ragnarsson with their 3rd round pick (70th). He’s a Swedish defenseman. Hooray Swedes!
  • Initial reation of Ragnarsson: Seems to be a good defensive mind, nothing fancy but overall solid. Will take time to develop, but I like the pick.
  • Rangers take Joey Keane with their second 3rd rounder (88th). American defenseman in the OHL, put up 12-32-44 with Barrie last season. He’s a righty.
  • Initial reaction: I think there were better forwards available, but it’s clear the Rangers have a strategy. Keane is an overager (will be 19 next week), so his numbers are a little misleading. He’s a bit of a reach.
  • Gut thought: The front office isn’t overly thrilled about the current crop of non-deadline acquisitions on the blue line. They are specifically passing on higher ceiling forwards to grab defensemen.
  • Rangers take Nico Gross, another defenseman with their 4th round pick. 6’1, 185 lb LHD from Oshawa in the OHL. He’s Swiss, excellent skater, good with the puck, good defensively. 
  • Initial reaction: Another defenseman, so there’s clearly a strategy here. I like this pick. Always pick good skaters, and he’s good with the puck too. Seems to be good in his own end, good passer.
  • Rangers take Lauri Pajuniemi, from Finland, with their 5th round pick. He’s a speedy RW with a good shot. Played in Liiga as an 18 year old.
  • Initial reaction: Good pick, good upside.
  • Doesn’t look like the Rangers are going to make any trades this weekend. I’d expect them to make some deals in the week leading up to free agency.
  • Big trade: Noah Hanifin and Elias Lindholm are headed to Calgary for Dougie Hamilton, Michael Ferland, and Adam Fox. That’s huge.
  • Rangers take Simon Kjellberg with their 6th round pick. US born Swedish defenseman. Gimme the Swedes!
  • Initial reaction: Can’t go wrong with a Swede. He’s a project though. Interesting pick.
  • Rangers acquire the 30th pick in the 7th round (216 overall) and take Riley Hughes. Corey Pronman listed thw USHL winger, headed to Northeastern, as one of his favorite sleepers. That’s good enough for me.
  • Looks like it was Boston’s 7th rounder next year that went to Carolina for the 7th this year for Hughes.

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    • Well – I hope he enjoys LA. He is five hours or so closer to home than he would have been in NY when he decides to flee the NHL.

      I would’ve liked to see him sniping with the Blueshirts – but not for three years and not a $6M although that is not out of line with the “rumor mill”

      In one sense it is good to see that we are not chasing these types and staying the course of a prudent youth approach.

      • Rangers were never interested in Kovelchuk…guys over the hill or at least most of the way down it… $6.5 mil??? I would rather then go get Ryan O’Riely… What I think JG is going to do is bring in a few lower priced FA’s to fill some gaps and offer the kids stability…Spooner or Nomesti are both examples. We are not looking at a Cup this coming year. We are looking at development of the young kids. I like what they are doing of late….they have begun to fill the cub board in a big way. We still need more assets but great job so far by JG and company. Go Rangers!!

    • THANK GOD!!!!! You don’t start a rebuild by bringing in a slow, aging, former star(?), who is ALL about the money. Lets go out and get the NEXT Kovy, not some recycled version of the last one!

    • This was why I never the side talk of him wanting to mentor guys like Buch, I knew he didn’t give F’s about that. He could have looked real good over here. I guess Zib and Kreider were competing with Kopitar and Carter to see who’se better to play with along with the NYR term.

    • This was why I never the side talk of him wanting to mentor guys like Buch, I knew he didn’t give F’s about that. He could have looked real good over here. I guess Zib and Kreider were competing with Kopitar and Carter to see who’se better to play with. I feel like reports will show later on that the Rangers tried to offer that to him.

  • Lindbom in the 2nd. Here’s where dealing #48 hurts. They have to reach for the goalie that they probably could take later.

  • I have NO idea whether any of these guys will turn out to be anything; but Clark and Co. better hope they do. They left some supposed high end talent on the board when they picked—-that was scooped up by Lou and the Isles. To think that any of those guys they passed over will be haunting us for years on the Island just reeks of the Trottier-Bossy years. I know I sound like a broken record—but, IMO, we are entering a very dark era for Rangers hockey. Who knows who will be left standing when this all shakes out.

  • This pick sucks. Rangers have wasted a great opportunity with all these high picks. I was looking forward to the grand rebuild starting instead get a bunch of reaches so Gorton, Sather, and Clark can show how “smart” they are and why the Rangers have won so much under their leadership. Makes me sick.

  • It is obvious where they are going. No half measures, doing it the right way. The unsaid thing here is that Hank is going to be passed by, by father time. They are putting this team together in order to contend early in the Shestyorkin era.

    Rangers are not screwing around with Kovalchuk here, Nash there or even Tavares over there. By the time this big D they drafted is ready to be lesser Brent Burns or a better Dustin Buffugilen (man, the spelling is killing me here), Kravtsov will be established, as will Chytl and Andersson.

    I think that Hank may change his mind about staying and/or Zucc is yet to be traded, as are Spooner and Nemestnikov. Hayes stays, along with Kreider and Zabinijad as the transitional core leaders.

    Apologies for any misspellings. This was a tough one.

    • Yeah it feels like they have in those 3 forwards to help not waste Hanks final years to win it all. It looks like with all the calls on Hayes that JG still made the bid really high that he prises him off the market. That should have been known since reports shows that they weren’t going to use him to trade up.

      • Yep Hayes is staying, everyone should go check out his recent tweet that he put out. He obviously knew that teams were calling in on him but that didn’t t mean that JG was going to ever trade him. Quinn telling him that it was destined to coach him should have been the clue that he’s not going anywhere.

        I’m starting to think that they team up Vladdy and Hayes to play 2nd line, PP2 and PK1 duties.

  • In talking about Emberson NHL draft coverage commented on the Badgers’ ability to develop Dmen. Good news in terms of Miller.

  • Ragnarsson’s dad played for the Sharks, was also his coach.

    The kid played ahead of Boqvist at Almtuna. Another kid they could’ve grabbed later.

  • I love our team but I cannot justify a goalie in the 2nd round at all, I don’t care how good he is.

    Thomas for God’s sakes, even Wilde. Geez.

  • The right way????/…..would have been to —

    1. Hire Lamoriello…..dump gorton, sather and clark

    2. Draft the best players available…..Walstrom, dobsen…..etc

    You know Walstrom was the best pick, because Lamoriello grabbed him quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To all the ”Fans” who think this management team is knowledgeable and can turn things around just think how many cups we have won this century!!!!!!!!

    • No one likes this statement but is so true. It is against the echo chamber and god forbid you do that.

      • Well Odielicious, besides you and I there are at least 4 other knowledgeable hockey fans out there…..
        How anyone can think the rangers are better off with gorton and sather than Lou Lamoriello is mind boggling.

    • Maybe you know what the right way is, but maybe you don’t. Your comment is little more than an emotional diatribe. Gorton is something the Rangers have not had in maybe forever. A tough hockey man making tough decisions with vision out ahead. IMO.

    • Rich S, you get the big picture. Watch how quickly the Islanders become a power house. Lamoriello knows how to build a winner. He hired a great coach in Trotz, then hit a home run with picks 9 and 10. He will sign Taveras to a long term contract next. I have come to the conclusion that Ranger management define the phrase the blind leading the blind. I do like the Miller pick.

  • We will not know the outcome of this draft until a few years to come….some fans are pissed because our picks went against the established mock draft of expert’s picks. Remember this draft is deep, and even players (veleno) who were expected top 15 went late….others who were projected real late showed up in the first and second rounds. Remember also that all analysts have given the NYR kudos for our selections. Plus, it’s not over, the NYR are gonna be busy in a week. There will be surprises, too – I think Tavares may no longer be an Islander….

  • where did all you pro clark fans go? We selected a goalie with our only 2nd round pick! Georgiev Sherskin and all the countless others we have lined up we needed another goalie? LOL here is too a really long season. This franchise is run by buffoons with buffoons for a fan base and since attendance will never really drop to a level that will make dolan question the front office just like the knicks…we are stuck with another 10 years of this garbage. I get that most of you think you are right in selecting the highest talent available at a given slot. I can clearly see the logic. Everyone is hoping for the next Ovi. But what happened to Gaborik and Nash when they came to the Rangers? Why do you think they became former shells of themselves? Why was Nash in his time here always shifting between Brass and Stepan? All that aside…here are clarks last 5 drafts.

    2012 : SKjei, Nieves, Andersson, Spelling
    2013 : Tambellini, Buch,Duclair, Graves,Skapski
    2014 : Halverson, Iverson, Mantha, Shesterkin, Nejezchleb, Nanne
    2015 : Gropp, Kovacs, Zboroskiy, Saarela, Morrison, Bernhardt, Huska
    2016 : Day, Reunanen, Gettinger, Fontaine, Wall, Ronning
    2017 : Andersson, Chytil, Crawley, Sjalin, Lakatos, Barron, Virta

    Every single one of these were all reaches at the time of their selection. They were seen as the highest talent at that exact moment of the draft. Technically that is 3 for 29 as far as players that actually made the NHL. That is a 10.34 success percentage. That is pretty got damn horrible. The peguins who have had almost as many runs and almost traded away as many picks as us in those 5 years have 30% success rate for selecting nhl players with their draft picks. But facts my friends are not what echo chamber wants to hear.

    • 2012 :
      Skjei in NHL
      Nieves: fringe NHL player
      Andersson: 1 yr in Hartford
      Spelling: never offered

      2013 :
      Tambellini, not qualified 0 NHL games
      Buchnevich: NHL player
      Duclair: dealt: bottom 6 NHL player
      Graves: 0 NHL games
      Skapski cup of coffee in NHL, out of hockey

      Halverson: barring a miracle, will not be qualified after next season
      Iverson: never offered, signed elsewhere depth AHLer
      Mantha: never offered, signed elsewhere depth AHLer
      Shesterkin: likely next Rangers #1 G
      Nejezchleb: fringe AHLer
      Nanne: injury case

      2015 :
      Gropp: AHLer going into big season
      Kovacs: bought out after 1 year, fringe AHLer, produced in Sweden thi year.
      Zboroskiy: bought out after 1 year, fringe AHLer
      Saarela: dealt, fringe NHLer
      Morrison: Not offered, signed elsewhere
      Bernhardt: fringe Allsvenskan
      Huska: still in NCAA, regressed off freshman year.

      2016 :
      Day: headed to AHL, solid junior career
      Reunanen: fringe Liiga player
      Gettinger: headed to AHLer, okay junior career
      Fontaine: depth AHRer
      Wall: still in NCAA, regressed
      Ronning: headed to AHL, okay junior career

      2017 :
      Andersson: NHLer
      Chytil: NHLer
      Crawley: solid AHLer
      Sjalin: Solid Allsvenskan
      Lakatos: solid extraliga
      Barron: solid NCAA
      Virta: 2nd liner in Liiga, projects as fringe AHLer

      The best things that can be said is they cut bait on their mistakes quickly.

      • FYI I didn’t count last years draft in the numbers cause no one from that draft made an impact in the nhl except 3 players.

      • Nice analysis – brutal as it is.

        As I said earlier, due to the circumstances this draft will be a topic of conversation, good or bad, in Rangerland for a long time beginning yesterday.

        It is tough as a fanbase to understand bypassing the strong can’t-miss obvious guys and going for the risk/reward shot right out of the gate.

        None of us are in the room so we really do not know what’s going on in there. And none of us are fortune tellers so “a draft is just a draft” until they hit the ice and you see the results.

        I am optimistic and bullish on both Kravtsov and Miller. Those are the choices we made so it’s time to do the reality check on each of their skillsets and potential. They both look impressive to me and either one, or both, of these guys could turn out to be a stud.

        With the jury still out on Huska, Wall, and Day, you can make a case that each year there is a prospect in Reen’s list above that has either already contributed or is being counted on as a contributor at the NHL level.

        Is that good enough? I don’t think so, but right now we need to keep the big picture in mind. Let us not forget that the draft is just one piece of the overall puzzle and Gorts has a bunch of assets and cap space at his disposal as July 1 approaches.

        More is definitely coming….

        • still think they should have kept #9 but bought up to #10 with picks and grabbed Bouchard or Dobson. So obvious.

          • My opinion, but Oilers probably did not want to trade the pick seeing who was still on the board (Bouchard and Dobson, as they were assured of getting one of those) and to get the 10th pick, it probably would have cost too much to acquire.

            So in effect, no chance for the Rangers here without surrendering the 9th pick.

    • Odielicious……Spot on analysis of our last few drafts picked by our ”’crack management team of sather, gorton and clark”’……WOW, what an embarrassment!!!!!!
      With all the pre draft analysis done by dozens of scouts which even we fans have access to makes me wonder how these ”buffoons [is accurate]”’ can be dead wrong so much of the time…………
      All they have to do is read the reports and go by the consensus opinion….stop trying to reinvent the wheel……stop reaching……they are not going to find a crosby or ovie or mcdavid after the first few picks……just pick the best players available when they pick….like Walstrom etc etc
      Question for all the trolls here…..what was written here is 100 % accurate, what doesnt make sense to you that you give a thumbs down to?

      • The people that are giving you thumbs downs ARE NOT trolls.

        They are astute – intelligent Ranger Fans who realize that calling for managements head for comparing the Rangers to the Knicks is absurd.

        Say what you wanna say but there isn’t one team in the league (Stanley Cup Winners Included) up until last year that have had won more Playoff Series then the Rangers..

        Knowing this, the ‘trolls’ as you say, probably realize that, with such a good record for better part of the last decade, that this team would have bad picks for a while.

        • Alright astute intelligent ranger fan………I am all ears. Enlighten me on this process of drafting? I have obviously given you my troll version. Sincerely. I know debates are tough but humor me with your superior intelligence.

          I will give your point on that one team over the last decade of winning series point. But the part after is where I doubt anyone on here will admit to. It wasn’t just hank that got us there and won us those series. And just like the management you the fans seem to think stepan was trash, boyle was trash, brassard was unloaded trash, dominic moore was a heart feel, duby was overrated, Richards was past his prime, but you know what I see right there? Every single one of those guys made the playoffs for their respective teams. I wonder why that is. And I know stepan didn’t make the playoffs but I count them in next year.

    • Rangers would eff up the first pick in the draft, too. Their track record is garbage. Pavel Brendl, anyone?

    • You will come to find out that our first round was exceptional.

      The 2nd round was dumb, regardless of how good the goalie is (could have had him past the 3rd round, probably).

      Why so many D men?

      They “shot for the moon” with that last pick that they traded for.

  • Tavares meeting with 5 teams – Rangers not one of them – wonder if that is Tavares’ decision or the NYR’s???

    Not sure why Tavares would leave the Isles at this point – a BUNCH of upside on the Island and they are going to be awfully good in a very short period of time….

    • It’s the usual dog and pony show, that players have to “shop themselves.” The Players Assoc wants it.

      Remember Brad Richards? Worst kept secret that he was coming to the Rangers, yet sat with team after team to “talk.” Ended up taking less to sign with the Rangers.

  • Skjei, Nieves, Anderson, Chytil, Duclair, Buch – hmm, I count double that number – plus give it a year or two as expected, and add Day, Shester, Ronning (Sarelaa with CAR) plus some more and that turns into 20 % right?

    • I am all for optimistic view points but no matter how you spin it ….it doesn’t look very promising though. As long as these retards are in charge we are going to suck. It is just a long proven track history of stupid trades, horrible signings of excessively long contracts, and huge leaps of faith on draft picks that never pan out for whatever associated reason. Oh and don’t forget the huge name splashing free agent signings.

      Hockey in today’s game is really not that complicated. Build strong depth down the middle and I mean down the middle. All solid centers and a great goaltender and you can compete year in and year out. But this strategy eludes 90% of you out there. I have said it before ….if a problem arises that you have too much depth at center well guess what…you can move that player to the wing. It takes more talent to play center then it does to play wing. You have to have a 200 foot game to play center in this league. And everyone in the league wants centers. It is why the position on average has the highest salary cap associated with it.

      It is the hype and name grabbing that always gets Sather and associates. That is why I was really hoping for Taveras as far stretched as that was. He gives elite depth at center and can show the newbies how dedicated he is at being the best player he can be. Seriously look at the last cup winners for the last decade…they might not have had the greatest d or wingers but they all had really strong depth down the middle.

      But no we are drafting wingers and d and goalies….it is just comical. All positions that we have a relative strength in. Yeah makes sense. Swing for the fences everytime and yes you might get a hank aaron but you know what comes with him? He is the home run champ in the history of mlb but he is also the strike out champ to boot. Hence our 10 percent success rate at these drafts. Instead of staying on board with the plan with always swing for the fence.

  • Apparently, the posters are so upset with these picks, they have forgotten how to spell and how to write in complete sentences. Calm down everybody, proper English is your friend! (;

  • If Gross doesn’t pan out, he’ll go back to Switzerland and Rangers retain his rights until his game comes together?

          • Actually the implication is that he is not a team player, a lone wolf type.

            Let’s put it this way, Calgary traded a top 15 D man, on a reasonable salary for a top pair guy, AND added Fox to the deal for Carolina to take him.

            Read into that what you will.

  • We got a new coach because the old one never learned and adjusted, right? But here’s the same draft we have year after year, taking guys too high, goalies in round 2, on and on. Why? Has Clarke learned his lessons, or is he just another guy entrenched in his position who needs to be shown the door?

  • I hope everybody realizes that 80% of the players being selected won’t play a full season in the NHL … and that half of those won’t have much of an impact on their team. I see so many getting bent out of shape over players we’re passing on as if they’re all future NHL stars. lol

    I’m happy with our 1st round … and I’m happy/intrigued with a couple of our picks after that. Can’t ask for more at this point, let’s see how the next couple of years play out.

  • I don’t want to sound like Pollyanna, but didn’t many on this site say on more than one occasion that if a team gets two players out of a draft that plays for them, then that team had a successful draft?????? Just asking???

    Our first two #1’s are quality players who appear to be headed in the direction of being players for this team, so I’ll wait for the jury verdict before I get upset!!!!!!!

    • Hey Walt, without a doubt, except for guys like Connor McDavid and Dahlin, draft day is an educated guess. I like the physical characteristics of the top two picks. They are everything the Rangers have needed in size and speed. Only time will tell whether they pan out, but I am hopeful.

    • Yep, I have said that, for sure.

      Kovy not signing I think has put the Ranger offseason plans into a tizzy.

      Sounds like the total rebuild may be on for sure. If it is then trade all the vets or they should have been traded to get more picks.

      I have to admit, I am really confused as to what the plan is and what they are doing. It seems like they don’t know either. Sadly.

      • They probably knew over a week ago — hell, I’m not even convinced Kovy was ever counted on by management. JG has been saying lately that they are not drafting for next season. I think all along their plan was/is for 2 to 3 years from now. There’s still a lot of movement left over the course of next year …

        • Nah, Kovy and the Rangers were very involved in negotiations. Kovy kept coming back to the Rangers to see if they would match, but 3 years was never an option for the Rangers.

          Kovy got Marleau’s deal.

          The Rangers will make moves, but the overall market has to loosen up a bit. I suspect maybe next week.

      • Tony

        From where I sit, it appears that they are trying to live up to their promise, we will be a harder team to play against!

        They are loading up with defense, hey you can’t ever have enough of them, and size will come into play for us. Say what you may, but the Caps, along with the other three semi finalists are big, strong, fast, and hard to play against. Wasn’t JG the man who put the Cup winning team together up in Boston?

        I have to question some of the moves made, and some of the players selected, (goalie?), but we aren’t paid to head an organization like they are, so go with the flow!!!!

        • Walt, no question that they want a tougher team to play against.

          And if this is a total rebuild then the Rangers should have traded Zuc, Spooner, and Namer for high picks in this deep draft. So I am not totally convinced that the “total rebuild” is in the works. If that’s the plan, then they missed out on the draft that would have given them more value with those additional picks.

          My 2 criticisms of this draft are picking the goalie in the 2nd round and why pick all these D men when we have zero offensive skill in the org?

          But I think that we will find that our first round will prove to be exceptional, so we can be happy about that.

          Moves (trades) are coming (I think), maybe starting next week now that the draft is over.

          • Tony

            Maybe they are saving some of these guys to get us thru the season, and trade them at the deadline????

            They already are saying that next year will also be another banner year for the draft!!!!!!!

          • Walt, from what I am hearing, I think they will use these players for trade that will help the team for next year.

            But here is the caveat, they will make trades on their terms. So if they end up doing “nothing” then assuming the total rebuild is on is wrong. They want to make the playoffs next year but they also will not “overpay” for players.

            As a result, the trade market will determine their direction for next year. Lots of pokers in the fire, let’s see if it produces results.

            Again, I think Kovy rejecting them and going for the full $$ threw the Rangers off. As a matter of fact, I believe that the Rangers offered 2 years at $6M per and the Kings NEEDED to offer the 3rd year to persuade Kovy to sign with them.

          • I understand your point about not trading Zucc, Spooner, Nemestnikov for picks in this year’s draft. But is there something to be said for staggering your prospect pipeline? We have the prospects we got in the deadline trades that were 2016 & 2017 picks. And we’ll have the class of ‘18. Rather than another handful of top ‘18 picks creating a “bubble” of prospects at the same age, is it not better perhaps to use those assets at the ‘19 deadline to create another class of top ‘19 prospects one year behind our new group?

          • I guess the answer to your question will be answered by August to see who is here and who is not.

            I hear there are deals on the table, and I believe that they are for players to play now. Otherwise, might as well just sign these guys and trade them at the trade deadline for picks for next year.

            The next few weeks will tell the tale.

      • Tony, I know you have been hoping for them to compete at a high level next season. Who knows, maybe they will. But, I think it might be a total rebuild, or close to it.

        • Hi Peter, my confusion is that if this is a total rebuild, then why not trade Zuc, Spooner, and Namer for picks in this draft? A draft that was very deep?

          Because, IMO, I’m not buying the total rebuild. I think the players I just mentioned will be used to get players that will help for this coming year.

          Ticket sales are down. MSG has been pushing very hard to sell season tickets, and are now pushing half season plans, something that they have never had to do in the past.

          The Rangers sent out that letter that said “reshape” not “rebuild.” Then Dolan opened his mouth by saying that they would “add a star or two” to the inflow of younger players. I bet my life they thought Kovy was one of those “stars” from what I have heard the past 3 months. Kovy signing elsewhere was probably unexpected and put a fly in their plan, big time. Now they have to shift gears.

          I still think they will make moves for this coming year, but will do it prudently. If not, and they are going the total rebuild route, then they would have wasted a huge opportunity to sell older assets for high picks that they could have used in this very deep draft.

          We have not seen the full “plan” yet, that’s the problem in why we cannot properly assess where their heads are at relating to this coming year. Trouba is on their radar, big time, but that is a move for now and the future, based on his age.

    • Walt,

      Thank you for being so cool and chilled out about this draft buddy.

      I swear, during the draft I was thinking, Walt is gonna be so irate over this draft that it’s gonna get me riled up about it too lol.

      Seeing you take the optimistic approach to this has also calmed me down and I thank you for it 🙂

        • Ahh man you’re the best Nick thank you bro!

          Would you believe that I tried to reply to two of your posts today and both times several paragraphs got lost into oblivion? The system lagged out and I got some “Aw Snap” google message and almost threw my phone out the window.

          Also, for some reason all of your messages from last night happened to appear today for me Nick… Strange.

          Well, I’m going to make sure to Copy this post before I send it 🙂

        • Nicky

          Have you had a few adult beverages today, nice of you to say what you did!

          Hope all is well with you, and the family. As for E3, I fear that something bad is going on with the man, hope I’m wrong though. He hasn’t been seen, or heard from since before the sell off, and he does have a history of heart surgery????????

          • No tippling yet today, Godfather. Been out all day, watering, spreading mulch.

            Bought three Aldarica Pine trees, a couple Palo Verde, plus a Mesquite. Had a Western Diamondback rear up on me in my shed: beautiful desert camo, but thoroughly riled up.

            I let him be. Neighbor shotgunned a six-foot rattlesnake a few days ago.

            One hundred nine here in the High Desert yesterday, Walt. Ergo, punishing heat, no ozone, plus severe anxiety around our draft picks led to many a Mexican beer.

            Let’s hope Eddie’s in a good place.

            To you and Original Rob, I’ll be tipping a Tecate/mescal back after a good burly hike.


          • Nicky

            My wife and I lived in El Paso for three years, my first territory with my old company, and loved that dry heat. When we came back north, the thing I had the hardest time readjusting to was the damn humidity. Enjoy the week-end, stay well, and keep hydrated!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I hear ya Walt! I am a Long Island guy who has been in Savannah for a little over a dozen years. It’s 96 with humidity to match today and the air conditioning is crying “mercy, dear Lord have mercy!”

            Going to see the local minor league baseball team, The Savannah Bananas, play tonight with my wife and daughter. It will be a fun time.

          • Peter

            At least Savannah is a nice town. We were down there for a week three years ago, then stopped off at Charleston, right up the road from you. Two really nice towns, but hot as it gets!!!!!!

          • Walt, Fotiu, Rich S, and all other’s in the Ranger Brotherhood, I too miss E3, BIG TIME! I hope and pray he is OK?, His knowledge of Ranger history as well as his passion for blogging has no equal. E3 ,if you are out there, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

        • “Two of the classiest gents here, Rob and Big Walt.”

          I 2nd that my friend.

          I asked about E3 in a post 2 weeks ago, no response. 🙁

          • Tony

            Your on that list my man!!!!!!!!

            Let’s also never forget the 3 stooges, and their daily support, LOL!!!!!!!!!

            Have yourself a great day Tony……………..Thanks

      • Rob,

        Thanks for the kind words, not deserving, but thanks just the same. My bride would have to argue with you on this one though. When we passed over Wally, I lost my cool, and Maria had to settle me down with a scolding if you may, LOL.

        I read about the picks, looked at video, and came to the conclusion that maybe it’s a better choice for many reasons. Bottom line, time will tell if the choice was great, or a clunker!!!!!!!

      • Well that’s a change!!!!! LOL……..The truth be known, Wally had some baggage after all, and he also skated with top end guys, so his numbers could be inflated. Like I said above, time will tell if we did the right thing, or struck out again????

  • I have lost confidence in Gorton as a GM with that stretch of a pick in the 2nd round. We could have waited on a goalie till the 4th or 5th. We should have drafted Wilde, McCloud or Drury. Unbelievable!

    • When I saw that pick it literally was a gut punch… I no longer can give this management the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    • Um, the kid was lights f__king out at the WJC … and I’ll say it again, NONE of you know what the team lists look like — I guarantee each team’s list is significantly different after the first few picks. Picking a kid “early” might just be a way of saying “I don’t think he’ll be there in the next round”.

      Hey, if this kid can challenge and move Shesterkin to play better, that already makes it a good pick. If he ends up outplaying Shesterkin and becomes King Olof you’ll all be claiming that Clarke & Co. got lucky, or that you told us so or that you’re sure we could have waited another round to get him.

      • Don’t let the naysayers get you down, tanto. Reasoned thinking does not exist on draft day among the commentariat experts. I mean, if some guy from the jersey shore didn’t “notice” a prospect while watching Finnish hockey on TV a few times, the GM and Rangers scouts must be idiots.

      • U18, not WJC, either one of which is a small sample size. In another small sample tourney that was Ivan Hlinka, was sub .900

        In a slightly larger sample of his warmup games for Sweden, was a pedestrian.910. In a larger sample of J20 games, was a sub .900 goalie

        In the J20 playoffs, was a sub .900 goalie.

        If you have that wide a variance in performance, why the hell are you taking him that high?

        When Grubauer gets dealt along with Orpik for a 2nd round pick, even if you nail the pick, how are you generating value?

        • Right, I got ahead of myself … he “will” be lights out in the WJC next year. lol

          Re: variance … you don’t know the circumstances. Perhaps you’re reading too much into it …

          JG said this:

          “We’re trying to take the best players on our list, and when we had a goalie first overall of all the goalies in the draft — by a long shot — we thought, with our history of goalies, and who we have in our organization that’s able to develop goalies, that would be a good pick,’’ Gorton said. “And we’ll see. Obviously, you only have one goalie that plays for you at a time, and we’ll see how it works out.

          “We like the player a lot, and we just felt like it was an opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up at this time.’

          Tell me how you, who hasn’t seen the kid play a lot, say he was taken too high? You can’t just accept CSBs rankings as gospel.

  • I am glad they passed on Kovy. Hey, maybe the big Russian winger Kravtsov they drafted ends up being better than Kovy, playing on an ELC and 15 years younger. Only time will tell, but I prefer that approach.

    I wasn’t that high on Walstrom . Lou Lamarillo picked him however, and Lou knows talent, so I can’t argue with that. Still, Kratsov looks intriguing to me. Maybe Lou would have selected him. Who knows.

  • I have to agree with those who are saying this draft shows the Rangers brass being way too cute, and way too in love with their own scouting process. The trick is to get the player you want at the right number, not at any number. And it has been like this for years. If I was a medical man I would say the patient has a chronic case of premature evaluation.

  • I think it’s rather funny that so many expect every player to turn in to a full time Ranger or this draft is a bust. News flash, they aren’t drafting players. They are drafting assets. They develop those assets then decide if that asset is best served being on the Rangers, let go, or traded for another asset. Who cares if they draft a goalie because we all think Shestorkin is a sure thing in couple years. Would it be the worst thing to develop the newly acquired asset them trade him for a different asset that can benefit this team? What if Shestorkin doesn’t want to leave Russia? It’s happened before with Russian players. What if Shestorkin gets injured like Dan Blackburn and his career is over?

    My god people get their panties in a bunch over a couple 18 year old they never heard of before today. All because of whatever article they read about the kid that a writer constructed based on someone else’s scouting report.

    Nothing ever changes. People gonna whine! If you guys want a good laugh I would say save this page and then come back to it in a couple years and see all the useless BS people are complaining about today!

    • Like I wrote above, when a goalie like Grubauer gets dealt with a boat anchor of a contract for a 2nd round pick, how are you creating value, from going to 39 to 32 3-5 years from now?

      It’s called picking nickels up in front of a steamroller.

      • Mind you I like Grubauer, but what exactly has he done in the League besides having had one pretty good season with more than 25 games played and one short playoff where he shite the bed?

        If they REALLY think this kid can compete down the line as a #1, the pick is definitely worth making — besides I have a hard time believing Benny wasn’t consulted before the draft on the goalies scouted (if I’m wrong about that I’m concerned).

    • KHL payroll will be something like $10mm by 2019, even on his ELC he’d be better paid than anybody else on SKA.

      If the point of taking the assets awarded to them is to increase their value, the Rangers have not done a good job of it. The two players traded were for assets they misused and gave away. The players not offered and bought out generated negative value in opportunity costs.

      The only things the Rangers have done right lately is let go of one destroyer of value and hopefully brought in a guy who can create value; along with not stranding assets via bloated long term contracts for the over the hill hang.

    • Goalies are not trade assets. I would conjecture that if Lundqvist had agreed to be dealt and the Rangers thought Georgiev coulldn’t make it and they really needed a goalie for next year, they would not have dealt their #9 pick for their choice of any goalie in the league.

      • And ifs and buts were candy & nuts it’d be Xmas every day.

        Might as well write, “if Hank was assassinated on Olaf Palme day and so was every other GK in the system, what’s the cost to get a top 10 starter?”

  • pronman is pretty high on the kravtzov pick. pretty much the only reason he gave us a B.

    however, wahlstrom is the prototypical sniper we needed.

    I said before the draft a turnoff to some teams with him is a commitment to college. (BC) also corey pronman keeps writing that he plays “slow”. not sure what that means.

    The rest of the draft is a crap shoot imo. leafs had a killer draft when they took marner. how many of the guys have played a game in the nhl?

    • Marner & Dermott, another 5 have played for the Marlies which is a better batting average than our crop of 2015 prospects.

    • Pronman is usually pretty tough on the Rangers, so this is encouraging.

      My grades:

      1st round: A
      2nd round: D (not because of the player but taking a goalie in the 2nd)
      After 2nd round: C (why so many D men? and that last pick that they traded for was a home run try)
      Overall grade: I think “B” is correct, based on the first round being way more heavily weighted than the rest of the draft.

      As for the Wahlstrom “pass” I was a big fan for his selection by the Rangers, and I was thrilled when he was there at 9, and then stunned when not picked by us.

      But here’s the thing, there are 2 types of snipers, and Zadina and Wahlstrom are perfect examples of them: Guys that create their own shots and guys that need to be set up. Zadina is the former (which makes him a lot more valuable than Wahlstrom) and Wahlstrom is the latter.

      Upon further review, watch Krav, and you will see that HE is the one that creates plays. That’s huge and ultimately will (hopefully) make him the better player over Wahlstrom.

      Wahlstrom may play with Barzal and go nuts, but Krav may be the better player overall, making his linemates better for it. We’ll see.

      • agreed. re watched a bunch of OW highlights. seems like much of his goals come in close. so not exactly Ovechkin or zadina even. probably more of a power forward then say marian gaborik.

        or maybe this is all me wishful thinking.

        (ill feel better about it if (kratsov) plays in NA this year bc quite frankly I don’t have 2-3 years to wait to see whalstrom do his college thing. )

        • I’m telling you, and I may be deluding myself, but some of wally’s production is based on Hughes and Farabee, his linemates.

          Years ago MDZ was drafted after putting up gawdy offensive #s as a D man. Well, his partner was John Carlson and Stamkos and one other high level NHL player (I forget who it was) were on that junior team. MDZ was offensive all right, in the offensive zone and especially in the defensive zone.

          It’s not all about stats. Circumstances matter. Like Gropp playing with Barzal.

        • Fair, but I just feel that 2nd round selection is a big “no no” in drafting strategy and they should know better.

          I would have taken Akil Thomas with that pick.

          • Shouldn’t that depend on the kid’s ceiling, Benny’s take on the kid and whether there was another team or two that might have drafted him in the 2nd round? I think a blanket rule that you shouldn’t draft a goalie in the early rounds is kind of silly, in fact I think any rule when it comes to the “art” of drafting is limiting.

            Going into this draft I was of the mindset we should be drafting as many high end forwards and right shot d’men as possible … but even I know that can warp judgment and it’s best to keep an open mind about these things.

            If they really believe this kid is a potential #1 goalie, isn’t that better than grabbing a potential Top 4 d’man when it seems we have plenty now in the pipeline? Or grabbing another tweener forward that might not be quite good enough for the Top 6? These are tough calls.

          • Yeah, we really don’t know what goes on behind the scenes at the draft. Maybe another team was in on the kid. Very possible.

  • Even Belicheck would not draft a QB in 2nd round with a current 40 yr old starter. We blew our 2 second round picks entirely especially on a goalie. Gorton – wake up!!

  • The only way I can justify the 2nd round goalie pick, and I don’t think he is a bad player, is the Rangers are not confident that Shesty will play in NA when his KHLcontract expires.

    • … and what if Shesty doesn’t quite pan out as a lights out true #1? Goalies are odd and if you talk to enough scouts they will tell you flat out that Goalies are the position they are least confident about in their evaluations.

      The word is Benny loves this kid … and none of us know if there were other teams on him as well. 2nd round seems high but what you look for in the system is a steady stream of high ceiling goalie prospects that can guarantee you always have at least ONE elite goalie on your team.

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