Rangers sign undrafted free agent Ville Meskanen

ville meskanen

Another undrafted free agent forward for the Rangers from Europe. This time it’s Ville Meskanen from Finland. The 22 year old put up 24-20-44 in 48 games in Liiga this year, doubling his point totals from last year.

Meskanen is another skilled forward who can skate, much like Michael Lindqvist. It’s clear the Rangers have a direction for their forwards. They want skilled guys who can skate. Grabbing Finns and Swedes is always a good idea, since they usually have both skills.

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  • This signing is better than the other because this kid is 6’1″, and 195 lbs, so he has some mass on his frame!!! Let’s see how many more of these kids the team signs….There is no cost to us for these type of signings, and we keep our resources to work with down the road!!!!!!!!!!

    • Contrary to the opinion of some here, you can never have too much depth. Come playoff time it’s often times the contributions made by the 3rd and 4th line that wins games. Of course you never really know if one of these signings might turn out to be more — we’ve seen it happen throughout the League.

      Re: the “mass”, that’s all fine and good, but what interests me more is the strength and fight of the player.

      • Tanto

        That’s a given, and that’s what I mean when I say the mass is there. If the guys is too skinny, he usually isn’t as strong, due to the lack of muscle mass………………

        • Lindquist is about 5’11”, 180 or so … that isn’t skinny, it’s more likely lean. For all we know, totally guessing here, the kid might be one of those 4-5% body fat guys … in which case that weight is fine. Besides, this is why we pay the strength and conditioning coaches the big bucks (kidding).

          I guess I’m just saying never let the height and weight of a kid be a guide to strength. I’ve seen plenty of circa 180# guys out perform 200#+ guys, both on and off the ice.

          Kreider is an interesting example, the loss of 15# during his treatment didn’t lead to a loss of strength — at least according to him.

          • There’s an optimal power weight/ratio. Kreider was playing at 240 before he cut weight, so he was 191cm/108kg. A number of 83 compared to a league average of 90.

            Now he’s at 220lbs/100kg, so his number would be 91, so much closer to average and probably an optimum number(or close to.)

            Meskanen is 185cm/88.5kg
            Linqvist is 180/80

            Adam Tambellini, who is a similar age, was over a point a game in junior and is a coin flip on whether he gets a 2nd contract, is 188/88.

            Tim Gettinger is 197/98. he probably needs to get to 197/103 to have a chance to be effective, but when you start with that height the correlation starts to lessen. At the other extreme, shorter guys need to be stockier.

          • Patrick Kane-180/80
            Sidney Crosby-180/91

            Look who aging curves are working for each guy. It ain’t pretty for Kane, who’s a year younger.

    • Actually these signings do come with a cost. You can only put 50 players on the 50 man roster and once signed, you have these guys for two-three years. There is simply a limit on the number of prospects you can have. Now the old Rangers had lots of room since they weren’t cluttering up their prospect ranks with draft choices and kids from other organizations. The Rangers already have 34 players signed for next year. Signing RFAs will push them into the low 40s. Throw in a few high draft choices to be signed and a few free agents and they are close to full. Then if you think about trading Zuccarello for three young players, well, you can’t.

      I am not being critical of this signing, just pointing out that you can’t sign everybody.

      • They’re not even close to the 50 man limit and won’t be unless they do crazy wheeling dealing. Qualifying the NHL RFAs and half the Hartford ones gets you to 40 when you include the most recent signings. The UFAs will walk, the upcoming draftees signed don’t count if returned to junior. The only way they get to 50 is if they drafted all euros next month and signed them all to play in Hartford.

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