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Thoughts on the Slava Voynov noise from yesterday

Yesterday, a rumor floated that the Rangers were one of five teams that contacted Slava Voynov in regards to a potential return to the NHL. If you recall, Voynov was banned by the NHL for beating his wife near death a few years ago. As usual, I have some thoughts.

1. First things first, Larry Brooks shot this down almost immediately. Arthur Staple shot it down for the Isles after that. Let’s call this what it is: Not a rumor. Not real.

2. Now to the impact for the Rangers, let’s not mince words here. I want nothing to do with Voynov, much like as a Yankee fan I wanted nothing to do with Aroldis Chapman. Character matters, even if it doesn’t show up on the score sheet as much as people think it does. If the Blueshirts are serious about the character and makeup of the team, the way they said they were during their announcement, then they will avoid Voynov at all costs.

3. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Voynov the player. He’d help, he’s good. But I still want nothing to do with him on the Rangers.

4. If the Rangers do go this route, it would be a PR nightmare for this team. It is a very difficult sell to have someone who almost beat his wife to death on the team and sell the character and leadership abilities.

5. To those wondering: I would want nothing to do with Patrick Kane either. Scumbag.

6. I happen to think this is just a feeler to see if the NHL would reinstate Voynov. The NHL, being tone deaf, would have no problem doing it. The owners have no morals, as we’ve seen already.

7. Off my soap box now. In terms of actual impact to the Rangers, I am unsure if Voynov would even fit. The Rangers have a bunch of options on RD with Kevin Shattenkirk, Neal Pionk, Tony DeAngelo, and Brendan Smith. It’s crowded already, even with Smith’s unclear future.

8. Despite the lack of a fit, I can see why the Rangers might want to do it, even if it’s already been shot down. He was on a team with the soon-to-be-a-Ranger Ilya Kovalchuk, uber goalie prospect Igor Shestyorkin, and newly acquired Yegor Rykov. The Russian connection is real, much like the post-lockout Czech Rangers. If the club doesn’t see Smith in their future, then a spot opens up as well.

9. With points 7 and 8 said, **back on my soapbox** just say no to Voynov.

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  1. Well-said, Voynov is a pig and a criminal who beat the crap out of his own wife. He deserves to be put in the same hall of shame as Patrick Roy, Patrick Kane, Evander Kane, Nik Zherdev, Bobby Hull, and Denis Potvin. No kind of real man raises hands against women.

    1. I appreciate the point you’re making here and totally agree with you, but all the players you listed but one are generally revered by NHL fans.

      Pretty pathetic, huh?

    2. Hall of Shame – Hall of Fame???

      Patrick Roy, Patrick Kane – likley, Bobby Hull, and Denis Potvin.

      Just sayin….

  2. I believe that there is no worry about this animal being signed by this organization. Why do I say such things? JG said that he was looking for players who can skate, play hard, but most importantly have character, not be a character. Run like hell from this piece of dog crap!!!!!!!!

  3. the ranger rebuild is working why would you want a guy that beat his wife to death you don’t need that on your team

  4. I am not advocating his signing, but what happened to the notion that everyone deserves a second chance? Heck, our judicial system even paroles cop killers!

    1. Leave that forgiving women-beaters garbage for the NFL and Major League Baseball. Violence against women says a lot about a man’s lack of character and lack of self-control; when an athlete in prime physical condition beats his wife or partner it’s a sadistic mismatch of epic proportions. A guy like Voynov had his chance, and he blew it, because he decided to act like a dude from the 19th century.

      1. Also says a lot about rglv Pathetic, let him have a second chance? Second chance doesn’t mean making millions in the NHL’ .let him sweep streets in Moscow for his second chance, dude you are making me so angry. Don’t you have a mom, sister, daughter?….I’m talking to rglv

    2. Figures the biggest lunkhead around these parts would support a guy like Voynov—a guy who’s so manly that he kicked his own wife several times after punching her in the jaw outside a club. Not enough for Voynov to punch his wife, he had to repeatedly kick her as well. But go ahead, schmendrick—support this piece of garbage.

    3. Voynov got his second chance from the judicial system. He’s not behind bars, is he? Second chance from the judicial system and second chance from sports teams/their fans are in completely different realms. There isn’t an NHL team who owes Voynov anything. If the league doesn’t ban him, we will surely hear some glorious tale of reform and redemption from whatever team ends up signing him. Fingers crossed, that will not be our team.

  5. Boy, there’s a whole different picture of AV and the locker room coming out in these quotes lately. Seems there was a lot of BS going on. Somewhat surprising that they still seemed sad to break it all apart, when they also don’t seem to have liked the atmosphere here too much either.

    Interesting to see AV’s last speech to the press now looking back. It was statement for his next job interview as he must’ve known he was about to go. Also interesting was Dolan’s comment that McDonagh didn’t really adjust to being captain. I think a lot of us picked up on that in the playoffs last year. But still different to hear the owner say that.

    You pair their on-ice performance with this stuff that comes out now, and you really understand why JG blew the whole thing up. They’ve had a leadership problem since Marty and Brad Richard’s left, and all else seemed to stem from that.

  6. If the Rangers even hint at signing this piece of sh*t, one word, I’m done with hockey. I have a wife and nieces and friend’s daughters that I love. I would never want this sub par human on my team or in NHL. He should be in prison!

  7. By the way, all thoughts and prayers to the victims in Toronto and their families! What the hell is wrong with this world? Where did it go off the tracks?

  8. this is more of a macroscale comment and not a desire to bring in voynov per se, but as I have said before having the most talent possible isn’t necessarily an objective of this fanbase and possibly even front office. off the field issues, their likability (if that’s a thing) have more prominence than actual ability.

    When someone brings up nyr low individual point totals for the last 6 or 7 years….. it shows.

  9. I’m all for second chances. Everyone makes mistakes in life. I would still think long and hard before bringing him into the fold with the Rangers. If he can keep his head down, mouth shut, and help the Rangers win, then I would probably be in. Again, I give people second chances, always have (I don’t know if that’s a weakness or a strength though). Regardless, I am still unsure on this one.

  10. Well, I guess Voynov could replace Potvin in the Garden’s “beat your wife” chant?

    Seriously though, with some many good things liable to come the Rangers’ way, why would they settle for this guy? Just say no.

  11. Without having been at the incident and not knowing what happened I have no feeling over Vyonov. I won’t just accept an accusation. Even evidence can be faked such as pictures. He knows what happened and he’ll have to answer for it somewhere, in my world that would be God. As Joe said, what the heck is wrong with this world? I have my own theory and it stays with me….so yeah…hearts and minds, prayers to the city of Toronto and the victims.

    Vyonov deserves a 2nd chance, everyone does if they have right the ship, Since I live out west I got to see him play, he was talented and impactful but again now is not the time for the Rangers to go signing free agents.

    The media in every realm should be ashamed of themselves. Objective journalism is dead, now it’s about sensationalizing a story, real or not…propaganda….or benefit. Kovalchuk falls into all of these catagories, so there is a story here. Vyonov on the other hand should’ve remained silent for the time being. Rumor is not news worthy of air time….fact is.

    1. WTF is that, objective reality? If you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen? He was found guilty in a court of law and deported.

      “Last night at approximately 11:25 p.m., Redondo Beach police officers responded to a call of a possible family fight at a residence in the area of the 800 block of Avenue C, located in the city of Redondo Beach,” Hoffman said.

      “The call was received on a non-emergency business line, with the caller reporting that a female could be heard screaming for the past 20 minutes, and could now be heard crying,” Hoffman said.

      Officers went to the neighborhood and spoke with the person who had called police, and the investigation focused on a house as the probable origin of the woman’s screams, Hoffman said.

      “The officers were unable to contact the female or anyone else at the residence, and received information that the female may have left in a vehicle prior to the officers’ arriving,” Hoffman said.

      Then, about 1 a.m., police received a call from the Torrance Police Department “concerning an adult female being treated in the Little Company of Mary Hospital emergency room for injuries that were possibly received during a domestic violence incident that had occurred earlier in the city of Redondo Beach,” Hoffman said.

      “Redondo Beach police officers responded to the hospital and met with the victim, determining that a domestic violence incident did occur in Redondo Beach,” Hoffman said.

      Let him rot in Russia.

      1. I never said he was not guilty, what I say and said is it’s not for me to judge and my other point is that I don’t just jump on a bandwagon when matters are brought to light. There is always 2 sides to a story and the political climate not very trustworthy.
        We don’t know the circumstances, had she pulled a knife on him and if a woman pulls a knife on me, I’ll knock her out with no remorse. People lie….period. Now had he gotten drunk and drama caused him to hit her….then shame on him. What I do know is I was not there and do not know what happened.
        Another factor for me was this was in California. California’s news and views is insane to me. Very hard for me to give anything coming from any liberal state credence just on hear say.
        The other thing I said is everyone is deserving of a second chance.
        Lastly I stated not for this team, not a fit.

        Another thing women want to be Marine Infantrymen in a silly political climate, they want equality but do people realize this is selective equality? Join the Infantry they say but don’t shoot me, I am a woman. Toronto….White van…but no outcry for banning white vans or vans in general. This mentality needs to stop. Equality doesn’t work this way. This is very dangerous.

        1. Wondered how long it would take before you took another shot at women like you have in the past. Other than the fact that your original post implies that your modus operandi for domestic abuse is to disbelieve victims on the first pass (unless the reports come from Alabama or another equally red state, I guess), and then, apparently, after a legal conviction as well. Didn’t take long; you didn’t disappoint.

          Better think of a lot more names than just the original three stooges if that’s gonna be your retort to people not agreeing with your commentary on this one. That you got one thumb’s up (unless you did it yourself) is actually surprising to me.

          1. Ain’t no shot at women,,,,had you said feminism,,,I would say…ok you got a point.
            I USED to open doors for women outright when getting in my car….now those deserving get that treatment. Why did I change? Their views.
            I consider equality….equal…not selective

            Live your life as you please as long as your views don’t effect me, when your views effect me…we have a problem.

            My MO revolves on facts….not hear say….Domestic violence is not gender specific…it is gender neutral but interesting it is called Violence and not dispute….Poor defenseless woman…domestic violence as you put it is not just violent in physicality…it also has a mental version as well.

            There goes your theory Mr I ain’t Einstein

          2. If you made a coherent point about anything I said in there, it must be in that special invisible font.

        2. My friend I have 6 older sisters and one guy thought he could put his hands on her. Well I didn’t wait for no court of law, I beat his butt and then hung him out of a 3 story window in Brooklyn and told him if he ever put his hands on my sister I would drop him! I don’t care what happens no man puts his hands on a woman, if he does he’s a COWARD!

          1. I agree actually Johnny Red….anyone comes near my family….Man or woman I will protect as well.

            No man should put their hands on a woman…
            circumstance dictates that…woman pulls a knife on me…. I am knocking her out. If a woman yells at me, throws plates…items…I walk away until such time a discussion can be had.

            I was raised to protect my woman…give them a place of feeling safe and taken care of

            My statements were not designed to make this political since it turned that way so be it…but my views will not be destorted… like by Egeistein indicating woman as a whole. I never said that…but made to look like I did

            My whole post was…I don’t know what happened to Vyonov, people deserve a 2nd chance if they right the ship…and no…stay clear of him.

          2. Not sure that committing another crime before the criminal justice system has a shot to address the issue is the proper first response. I have no issue with running the individual through the system accompanied by some verbal threats of potential retaliation —- maybe even a little beating, but hanging someone out a 3 story window sounds not only criminal, but rather reckless as well. You got lucky.

        3. If a woman pulls a knife on me, I walk away, or run, but never, ever hit her. Says a lot about you leather!

        4. Leatherneck,
          You are 100% correct……NONE of us really knows what happened…..
          And California is insane..people are leaving in huge numbers…..
          And I can tell you from first hand experience you cant trust the court system [ private for profit corporation listed on Dunn and Bradstreet ] or the media [ultra-liberal and fascist] …to be accurate in its reporting… who knows……
          Now, that being said I doubt the Rangers are interested…….
          Brings up some interesting questions though,
          1. Doesn’t he have the right to work at his profession?
          2. Is it lawful/constitutional to ban him from working?
          3. If he were a carpenter, would he be banned from working?
          Studies show women physically abuse men more than men physically abuse women…..and that stat doesnt even take into consideration many men are too embarrassed to report it!!!

          1. 1: No, he doesn’t have the right to work in this country because…
            2: He was deported from the country and his visa was revoked.
            3: He has zero chance of getting a new US visa as he could’ve been sentenced up to 4 years of prison for the crime he pled no contest to.

          2. Then why are we even discussing whether or not the rangers should sign him if he cant be here?
            What if he plays for a canadian team, he can travel here and play for them, ?????
            Or is he not allowed in this country at all?
            I am ok with that if that is what our law says, BUT
            why can terrorists hell bent on killing all of us be allowed here ????

        5. Leather, if a member of The Fairer Sex pulls a knife on you it likely owes to your syntax.

          Your grasp of grammar, or exhibited sentience is comparable to your water-source, Lake Mead: in serious decline. All but desiccated.

          Given your reasoning, had Slava Voynov committed spousal battery in Alabama or Utah you would’ve bought in?

          Do us all a favor: stay in Nevada; more specifically, the trashcanistan that is your mind.

  12. Off Topic – Looks like some more coaches are coming and going, but we are slow and deliberate in our search. I am glad we are not just taking another teams’ fired coach. Looks like if we get a young coach, we will need strong locker room presence – read good character guy who is a veteran. Wonder if they try to pair a AHL or Juniors/college coach with a veteran guy behind the bench?

    Latest review of top 50 players available in the draft is out. Looks like a good draft, but top 6 outshine the next 30 by a significant margin. We may need to trade up if we get stuck at 8th.

    1. Yeah the coach is going to be a critical factor. They need to target him before the draft to draft the right fit and be a coach to fit the players and style we are going to develop

      1. Bill Peter left Carolina for a opportunity to return to Canada and coach the Flames. …Dirtbags like Voynov belong in the Gulag not in a Ranger uniform.

    2. The final rankings have also been released by central scouting. I find it interesting Tkachuk passed Zadina in the rankings. Also, there are 3 RHD that appear will go in the top 10 (Boqvist, Bouchard, and Dobson), so that should reduce the “desperation” to sign Voynov.

      “Looks like a good draft, but top 6 outshine the next 30 by a significant margin. We may need to trade up if we get stuck at 8th.”

      That is typical. When I ran an NHL draft site, my rules to live by was that there were 3 — 7 elite players in every draft. After that, you have 15-20 player tiers. The difference between a late 1st rounder and early 2nd rounder is insignificant. It is the application of that logic why I want Tampa to win the Cup this year rather than next year since they will pick no later than #26 this year. #31 + ~#22 next year is better than ~#27 + #31 next year.

      1. Zadina scares me. This whole draft scares me.

        @ U18s, a huge chunk of the best looking players are 2019-2020 eligible.

        I hate Zadina’s edgework(takes him forever to get to top gear) and D; I don’t really think much of the production in a weak Q. Great that he’s playing for the men’s team at WM, but they’re so down that’s not saying much. Reeks of Patrik Stefan.

        There’s Dahlin, Svechnikov, then a tier of Tkachuk, Wahlstrom Dobson & Hughes, then who the heck knows. A bunch of guys where you have to address 1 issue down to guys where you have to address multiple issues. I now see why people are high on Boqvist as his offense is miles better than Merkley & Ty Smith, but he can’t play a lick of D either. He’s just the 2nd tallest midget in the room after Hughes. Your developments side is going to have to be firing on all cylinders to coach these guys up.

  13. Totally agree about Voynov.

    However, I do not see anything resembling a glut on the right side of defense. DeAngelo was awful this year and it is hard to see him in the lineup going forward. And of course Smith, a natural lefty anyway, is a question mark. Hard to contain on Kampfer or Sproul, so that just leaves Pionk (whom I do believe in) and Shattenkirk.

    Addressing the right side is a key offseason issue, but Voynov is not the solution.

      1. The defense was not that abysmal. McDonagh was excellent of course. Pionk was good.

        All in all, the team was not that far from a playoff team and it is hard to argue the defense was worse than the forwards or goaltending.

        1. Blame the forwards to some degree for the defensive woes if you like. Obviously I am not a fan of AV’s system in his own end; I think only AV is, at this point. The young guys were on a learning curve at the end. Is the defense quite as bad as it seems based on the numbers? Maybe, maybe not. Lots of variables in play, exacerbated of course by trades and injuries.

          Regardless, however, of all of these aspects…good defenses don’t allow an average of 35 shots a game throughout the course of the regular season, period. The defense was bad no matter how you slice it; the only question/debate is just how bad they were, and exactly why. It is not, at all, hard to argue that it was the worst aspect of the three factors.

  14. Glad to see the outrage against the violence………way different from the NFL who would sign anybody……….
    Lets me see even more outrage against abortion!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Getting back to the CBA/ contract possibilities, here’s the final research. It’s a way to artificially up the AAV and get a one time slight cap credit in year 2 after buyout but long term dead space before and after..

    If you offered player X a 7 year deal with an AAV of $10.5 and went $15/9.5/8/8/8/9.5/15mm with the purposes of buying out in year 5. Your buyout cost is $4.079mm a year for 4 years. Your savings would be 5.42mm , AAV of $10.5, $5.42= $5.08 cap hit, for year 1. In year 2, the savings jumps up to $10.921mm, so you’d get a $421k cap credit. Not a whole lot of upside.
    But for the player, it’s the equivalent of getting an AAV on $12.9mm and still going to play for another check. Now if you went crazy and back loaded the final 2 seasons for $30mm, you’d have less than a$1mm dead cap space the 1st 2 seasons, then $4.995mm the next two.

    If you’re a death or glory GM, this is an interesting use of the cap space, because when you get fired it will have a relatively clean landscape for the next guy to do his rebuild.

  16. #5 – LMAO

    Every time I see Kane I can hear Mike Myers in “So I married an axe murderer” say”

    Ooh I hated the Colonel (KANE), with his wee beady eyes and that smug look on his face! Ohh you’re gonna buy my chicken! Ooh!

  17. The court of public opinion game is dangerous. The degree to which #MeToo became distorted and dragged some undeserving targets (IMO) through the mud should be a cautionary tale. Still, the Voynov story seems a bit more cut and dry. Given Gorton’s push for character though, can’t see how this is even a consideration.

    1. This wan’t a me too situation, this was neighbors hearing screaming and crying so loud they called the cops.

      This is medical personnel examining patients having an informed opinion, police arresting someone and getting a guilty plea.

      There are some real neanderthal antediluvian MFers in here and it’s embarrassing.

      1. I said with Voynov it was cut and dry. And i referenced #MeToo because of the public opinion game. The article references other athletes.

        This is also the same site – I’m including commenters – that joined in on the over-reaction about the Duguay women’s hockey comment, and TDA’s personal politics.

        It’s not to say I would defend all the actions of these guys, just that it’s a slippery slope when evaluating the actions of people whose lives most of us cannot relate to, and without insider information. And I think there’s an incredible lack of charity given to people in the public eye. Getting slightly off topic, but that’s where that was coming from.

  18. Patrick Kane “scumbag”? Um…wow, and with no evidence that that remark is true? It’s called slander, look it up…or don’t. Over and out, of here.

    1. You know he was arrested and pled guilty to beating up a taxi driver, right?

      Or are you going to suggest that’s something we’ve all done when we were younger?

    2. It’s pretty well known that Patty Kane isn’t always the friendliest chap. Like most athletes, yes, he does engage in charity efforts and all that, on the flip side. Perhaps “scumbag” could be considered a little strong if you’re a fan of his, but that is exactly his reputation in other circles, frankly.

    3. Public drunken idiot, 2-on-1 attacker of a cab driver allegedly over 20¢ in change while making $7 million a year, accused of sexual predation by 2 different women, and someone who yelled anti-Semitic slurs at people when he couldn’t get any action at a college keg party—yeah, I’d say there’s plenty of evidence to call Patrick Kane a scumbag. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and Kane’s been an entitled jerk his entire career.

  19. To the idiots (yes, idiots) saying “give him a second chance” and “I don’t know what happened” and “innocent until proven guilty”…


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