First thoughts of the off-season

Well, the off-season is officially upon us.  For the first time in years, we can watch playoff hockey stress free.  Kinda stinks.  There has been quite a bit of noise so far in Rangerland, between coaching rumors, exit interviews and an uncharacteristically vocal James Dolan.  As you can imagine, I have some thoughts…

1. First, I want to talk out the coaching rumors.  Dolan has seemingly cast a wide net of potential candidates, ranging from NCAA to NHL experience.  He has indicated they are keeping an open mind with regard to experience, prioritizing a certain skill set over a set resume.  This is a good thing.  If there is a clear direction within the organization about what type of mindset they are looking for behind the bench, the more likely they actually get it as they move through the interview process.  I know I felt a little baited and switched with AV.  I understand the hire based on where the team was at the time, but he was advertised as progressive coach who was going to use data to try and gain a competitive edge.  We all now know he turned out to be just another hockey man.  Hopefully, with a clear mandate, we actually get what the team is telling us they want.

2. As far as evaluating or handicapping individual candidates; it’s a crapshoot.  Assuming they go with a guy who has less than NHL head coaching experience, we cannot possibly know how he would approach an NHL job.  The Show is a very different animal than the NCAA, and even the AHL.  The difference in available information and resources is massive, and also the stature of your bosses telling you how and when to use it.  All we can look for is a basic philosophy in the announcement from the organization and read between the lines (to the extent possible in hockey) when the newly hired coach talks about his philosophy.  The problem is that philosophy can and will change as he spends time around the team and begins to evaluate the talent at hand.

3. Just put us all out of our misery and fire Lindy Ruff already.  Because if he remains on the staff with the new coach, so help me. What is the point of bringing in a new voice if you are going to leave an old caretaker of the outdated message behind to muck things up?

4. You can tell from some of the exit interviews, especially guys who left at the deadline, that there was some serious problems with the coach/player dynamic at the end of AV’s tenure. I think his colossal arrogance at his final press conference was a testament to that.  However, listening to guys like Chris Kreider and even more so, JT Miller informs a lot.  I know that there is this “code” of respect and all that, that you don’t be disrespectful about teammates and coaches (read: don’t show any personality), but you could tell Miller was frustrated.  The bottom line for him, he basically had a middle manager whose shortsightedness jeopardized Miller’s career development in a meaningful way.  I’d be pissed on the way out the door, too.

5. I keep going back and forth on my feelings of a classic New York-style reload.  I could certainly see the organization go hard after John Tavares and grab a few pricy wingers and BOOM, back in contention.  I guess it depends on how the Draft goes.  The undeniable truth is that the Rangers need to acquire elite talent.  This comes at a cost; whether it’s money, prospects, time needed to put the pieces in place, there is no free lunch.  If they are unable to acquire that elite talent through the Draft or trades, can we really blame them for looking to free agency?

6. That said, I’d be pretty confident in a re-vamped forward group, especially in a more possession-based system.  The defense would still be pretty suspect.  Absent winning the lottery and drafting Rasmus Dahlin, you would have Brady Skjei as your number one defenseman.  Skjei, Shattenkirk, Pionk, DeAngelo, Gilmour, Staal and Smith is not the defensive corps of a contending team.  I’m sure these guys would have better results in a system they could, you know, understand, but I would hope the front office wouldn’t break the bank on forward and fail to address this train wreck of a blue line (again).

7. At what point has the MSM lost their minds about this team to the point that Larry Brooks is now the thinking fan’s voice of reason?  I mean, AV must have been some kind of sorcerer the way these guys willingly engaged in humiliating levels of mental gymnastics to rationalize his decisions and continued presence.  His faults were apparent, his hubris did him no favors in the face of poor results. Maybe it was coming out alive in his (incredibly entertaining) feud with Torts that made him more objective, but quite frankly, the rest of the beat should be embarrassed.

8. Interesting tidbit on the front office telling Hank they would find a good spot for him if he didn’t want to see out a rebuild.  First, it was a classy move by the organization to try to do right by one of its all-time greats.  Second, Hank’s decision to decline shows the type of loyalty to the team and the city that the WFAN mouth breathers always claim they expect their athletes to have. Of course there are those out there seething that he should have taken the out and ridden the organization of his contract and the team’s desire to get him a Cup.

So, let’s talk this out.  Let’s say he agrees to go, Ray Bourque-style.  Off to greener pastures to allow the Rangers to be free of the shackles of his cap hit and unencumbered to re-build the “right way”. What does that look like?  Ok, we can start with a mediocre FA signing as either a platoon partner for Georgiev, who has looked good, but played a grand total of ten NHL games.  Not only does this FA class lack anything resembling a starting goalie at this point, you couldn’t even go down that road anyway, since you don’t want to block Igor Shestyorkin. So, who?  Carter Hutton? Jaro Halak? Michael Hutchinson? Jonathan Bernier? Not exactly an inspring list of names.

Sure, if you are in the full-tank mode looking for several years of futility to go the Penguins/Blackhawks route, this might look attractive.  For me, I think what is currently in place is a really nice succession plan.  Georgiev or some FA backup supports Hank this coming year, while he still clearly has something left in the tank.  The following year, Shestyorkin comes over and gets an apprenticeship with the league’s best goalie coach and a first ballot Hall of Famer before taking the lion’s share of the work in Hank’s final contract year.  Nice soft landing for a kid who will need to adjust to the North American game and a new culture, organization, teammates, etc.

9. Now, the quality of individual playoff games has not been at all bad this season, but can we at least get a competitive series or two? It has become a time-honored ritual for me to intend to watch west coast games and end up passing out in the second period. Now? Two sweeps and I’m watching soccer when the lights go out.

Alright, gang.  That’s it for me.  I hope you are all enjoying the playoffs so far and it would be just super if the Bruins, Devils and Penguins (I’m assuming the Flyers are already DOA) could all lose sometime soon.  That’d be great.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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  • 1) This is not a rebuild of 20 year old players. The infamous letter says “reshape.” So the Rangers are looking to be contenders. Names like Karlsson, Tavares, Doughty, Trouba, Kane (Blackhawks), Kovy, Hamilton, Carlson, etc., all on the Rangers’ radar for acquisition. Getting a top pair D man is a priority. Rangers will be all in on Tavares if he doesn’t sign with the Isles.

    2) The young guys will be mixed in for sure. Andersson and Chytil are in to start the season. So is Pionk. Gilmour is probably out and D’Angelo depends on who the Rangers get during the offseason.

    3) Hank is going no where. The Rangers offered multiple times to give him an out and he said “no” every time. Time to move on from this.

    4) I see Ruff as a possible “consultant” in management and not behind the bench with the new coach.

    5) Front and center for coach possibilities: Jim Montgomery, Sheldon Keefe, Tony Granato, and Quinn from BU. All younger, successful, and used to developing young players. Of course a wild card could emerge but I would think the focus is probably within this group.

    6) I would be shocked if Zuc is not traded and maybe even Staal. The next “wave” to go are Zuc, Staal, and Smith, if the last 2 are even tradeable.

    7) While it’s tough not having playoffs, I am very excited for this offseason. Cap space, draft picks, legit prospects, and opportunity to do something really special and make this team a contender in one offseason.

    • I really, really hope that the Rangers do not sign Carlson. Lots of miles on that player already, and he’s spent his whole career on a team that’s a playoff underachiever. Him and Alzner were completely overrated as a defensive pairing in Washington, and their consistent failure to win more than one playoff round underscores that.

      • Trouba is the guy I want. But depends on the trade cost because you know more than half the league will be asking for him. I hear the hawks want him bad.

        Staal (assuming he’s here)-Pionk

        With Hajek possibly in the mix, is not a bad D set. With Hank and a new coach that actually has a defensive scheme, and with with forwards that actually possess the puck, it could work.

        • I figured that this was more a reload then a true rebuild. I think Namestnikov and Spooner were considered part of the future, not through away players.

          I also think they should take a look at JVR as well. I thought Gorton said they were going to give Smith a shot in training camp next season to earn a spot? I think Zucc is as good as gone by the draft.

          Any way it should be a very interesting off season.

          • Hey pal.

            Here’s the deal, everyone is in play depending on the trade proposed. No one, other than Henrik, Shatty, and probably Kreider are untouchable.

            Don’t be misled. The Rangers are now stocked with young players, prospects, and picks. NO ONE from the Rangers have said that are keeping all of that. NO ONE.

            They are trade chips that the Rangers have not had in a long time. I have that the Rangers did not trade that much because they did not possess these assets that some of the teams want.

            I like Namer and Spooner, but if the Jets, who are currently stocked with young players and prospects, but are an extremely right handed team, ask for both of them to fill their left handed center need in exchange for Trouba, then guess what? They’re gone.

            They’re all in play, picks, prospects, young players, vets, etc. Depending on the return. Tavares somehow gets signed then Hayes is a definitely traded. It’s all a domino effect.

            Howden’s doing great and may never play a game in a Ranger uniform.

      • With Shattenkirk under contract for 5 more years, Carlson is redundant.
        If we land a top pairing d-man, it’d have to be one that can handle the elite forward talent in this league. Not another Right handed PowerPlan quarterback.

        The top teams in the league have a balance of defense who can be relied on to defend (Pitt notwithstandin, no one else has a Sid/Geno setup).
        But Nashville has a Ekholm and Subban to go with their Josi/Ellis.
        Hedman/Stralman, Burns/Vlasic.
        Being a shutdown guy is more about skating than size now, but you still need to be strong.

    • Hi Tony, I’m still Moody. I love Trouba, also. He’s going to be tough to get this year after a Winnipeg run, plus he mentioned 2 years back, his desire to play for his home state Red Wings. I think that Hayes or Zuc go to Calgary on draft day for a D man. Zuc because of the rumors at last deadline and Hayes to be reunited with Johnny Hockey. I’m in the very small minority in wanting Peters from Carolina as Head Coach. Good teacher and bloodlines ( Babcock ). Gilmour is 25 and not an NHL D man.
      I also see us trading one or two of our 5 first / second round picks to add some more D . Ping bong balls in 8 days and draft in about 9 weeks. Get ready.

      • Hey pal.

        I agree with a lot of what you just said. Zuc was off to Calgary at the trade deadline but the Rangers were focused on getting the TB deal done in time.

        If it’s Zuc and Hayes to Calgary, then Hamilton better be coming back in the deal or someone on that level. I hear Hamilton may be available as the Flames need scoring, no question. And this fits a big need for the Rangers.

        Again, dominos or cause and effect. Hayes gets traded, Spooner or Namer might stay. Spooner and Namer get traded then Hayes stays unless Tavares signs. There is no “one” plan here. One move determines the next and the next and the next…

        Peters is an under appreciated coach because he’s in Carolina. No question.

  • 2 great draft picks and 2 UFAs make us contenders. Is that better than 4 strong picks and no signings? For 2020 yes, but I doubt they want to accept missing the playoffs again.

    Look for something in between. Hoping we pick 3rd.

  • Like Tony above, I don’t see this as a long term rebuild. It may require an additional year after next season, but we are the Rangers, and the fan base has gotten used to being a contender, unlike when I was a kid watching a door mat for a team, we will compete.

    As for UFA I usually am opposed to getting retreads, but a Carlson, Trouba, or a Kovy short term would be fine with me. The rest I’m not so sure about, and they would demand BIG money, tying our hands again, when will we learn?

    New coach for this team has to be a teacher, calm temperament, willing to let the youth grow the right way, but still be stern enough to let everyone know he’s the boss!!! As for Ruff, what can we say, he should be put out of his misery, and run out of town…….

    JT Miller has been jerked around so damn much, and AV probably was the worst case scenario for this kid’s development. He may have been a disruptive force, but after being put in every forward position, bounced to every line, developing callus’ on his rump for sitting, growing pine trees in his tail end, what can anyone expect a happy camper. I wish the kid well, and all the success in the world.

    The defense will be addressed, we will be better, and much more structured. Anything will be an improvement over the cluster eff we had under the old “System” !!!!!! A major trade will be made for a top pair guy, or a free agent signing-Carlson anyone???????????

    Hank is here to stay, Shestyorkin is on his way, with possibly Georgiev as a back up to Igor down the road, the position is secure.

    As for the PO’s, I love that Filthadelphia is getting their clock cleaned, and hope the same happens to the Pens next round!!!!!! I’m enjoying the Jets series, they are my dark horse to get to the finals!!!!

    Another great thread Justin, keep them coming. Have a terrific day folks, the sun is out here, what happened?????????????

  • Could we please stop beating the dead AV horse? He’s gone already which is what just about everyone on this site wanted.

    As far as JT Miller I’m not crying any tears over his departure. He has talent, to be sure, but he never overcame his tendency to make bone-headed plays resulting in bad turnovers. He was also invisible in the playoffs and that was not the coach’s fault. Yes, he’s doing great playing with Stamkos and Kucherov – who wouldn’t? Do you see any guys like that on the Rangers? Neither do I.

    • “Could we please stop beating the dead AV horse?”

      no, he took potentially very successful Ranger seasons away from me, and who knows how many years of life I have left to see another Cup.

      So no, I can’t.

      • Well, suit yourself but you’re seriously deluded if you think that even Scotty Bowman could have made this past season (or the last one a Cup winning season. AV certainly had his faults and deserves his share of the blame but at best you would be looking at another playoff round in each of the last two seasons.

        • I agree about this year. So I give you that.

          But what about 2014-15 and 2016-17? IMO he lost playoffs series in those years that ended the Rangers’ seasons.

          A good coach is not supposed to lose playoff series for their teams. He did, so his regular season record is vastly tainted, including the fact that for most of his career, he had the 2 best goalies in this era as his goaltenders, Luongo and Henrik.

          So yeah, I’m pissed for the wasted opportunities.

    • Agreed, this is how it will feel when Hank is retired. All those anti fan are going to talk about how it’s time for him to step down because he hasn’t been sharp since 2012.

      IT also gave AV all the credit for helping him become a better player. That’s not the kind of talk that player’s say when they want to publicly put down their HC. I find it very hard to see anyone putting AV down, JT’ s comments were a bit black and white but nothing to the point were he has alot of built in hate for him. McD told the press he will bounce back quickly, Hayes gave him credit along with JT.

  • As far as the concern with Lindy Ruff not being fired—Jim Schoenfeld is the Rangers assistant GM, could the Sabres connection between these two be the reason Ruff is staying around? I don’t think Ruff’s as bad as everybody makes him out to be, either, nobody could’ve done anything well as a defensive coach with these players, or with Vigneault as their boss.

  • AHL has most(if not all) of the data the NHL does, they just don’t make it public for whatever reason. Read it in an interview with AHL Prez Bob Andrews.

  • I didn’t have a problem with AV, yeah I question some of the decisions like I would with any coach. I had more of an issue with Torts and his style of play with all the shot blocking and resulting injuries. I’m sure everyone here will have all kinds of issues with who ever the next coach is just wait a year or 2.

    • At least with Torts you had an identity. Those teams were mentally tough, I never questioned the effort of the team as a whole. Not to say we didn’t have an identity with AV for the first couple of years, but the last 2-3 years it was lost — unless you count never having the puck enough as an identity. 😉

  • Hi all,

    For NYR to actually win the cup we need a coach that can make them believe they can win. Keenan did that in 94 showing Messier and company the parades down canyon of heroes during training camp. Keenan worked hand in hand with Messier, so we need a coach that communicate with his captain. Just saying with the right coach and lets say Tavares we are slightly better, ideally add Trouba via trade NYR gets a good top notch defense and center.

    Its New York City, how many coaches have come here and made it work? We need a coach that can light a fire under the players but the right way. Make them play with an edge. There must be a coach out there that can come here and establish a good system. Also, a coach that can work with Gorton, and ask I would like so and so player. Also, at the 2019 trade deadline if the Rangers are in a playoff bound position make a reasonable trade, not 2 picks lost. Sad to say this, but Lundqvist is running out of time, I hope he can rebound and finally win here. Mentally and physically he must be shot, the backup has to get 30-40 starts. Figure with Trouba and the young defense in front of him he can regain his form.

    Come on Gorton lets rebuild to the cup!!! We can do this, you got this, don’t listen to Sather, LOL

  • Rome was not built in a day

    gotta pay the price to get elite talent…draft your own…means you gotta draft high

    absolutely tank it next year to be in the discussion for Jack Hughes

    When will it stop being about Lundqvist? Enough already…move on…Murray is already better than you…yeah that kid in Pittsburgh. I am OK with Georgiev and say Bernier, not saying him but someone of that ilk as our goalies to hold the fort till Shestyorkin arrives

    Get another 1st and 2nd and Islanders are a perfect match for a trade

    Draft well…..meaning draft for need too….not always the best player available….pointing over to the Oilers and Coyotes. One of the late 1st round picks must be Ty Dellandrea.

    Tim Gettinger, Ty Ronning and Sean Day…develop these kids in Hartford next year

    Ryan Lindgren….see what you have with him…preseason play him as 1 D….meaningful minutes in preseason…Libor Hajak too but I see Lindgren as a Letter bearer for this team so really invest in him

    The UFA days has to come to an end….enough of this nonsense…I remember in the day when Adam Oates started this BS

    Retain Hayes….right price Spooner…..Zuc and Namestnikov must go (Zuc is my favorite Ranger)

    I see Birgas being on the main squad early next year, so Gilmore should be traded too

    Why would Winnipeg trade Trouba? Yeah I would love him here too….just don’t see Winnipeg trading him

    No to Karlsson, Carlson and Tavares. I think the Islanders are going to make a huge splash in the off season as they are not far from contending with the right pieces, one of which in my opinion is Lundqvist.

    Marc Staal has to be the 7th D if not traded

    The Ranger push realistically starts in 2019-20 at the earliest more likely 2020-21. Ranger fans, be patient….better to win 3 cups in 15 years than 1 cup every 78 years

    • Forget it, they’ll be marginal next year and even if they tried to tank (never going to happen with a new coach and players), there are worse teams … and not just 1 of them, but a host of them.

    • Smart post….
      No to Karlsson, Carlson and Tavares.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Correct, Winnipeg is not trading Trouba, why would they!!!!!!!!!
      Tim Gettinger, Ty Ronning and Sean Day…..yes, yes and yes!!!!!!!!!
      Next year should be a tank year from day 1and maybe even the year after that!!!……….maybe we should have kept AV , he is the perfect coach for that…….
      Hank, NO ONE is taking, even for nothing!!!!!!! Facing 60 shots a game may hasten his retirement, because its near impossible to win a cup with a goalie eating up so much cap money!!!!!!!
      Namestnikov must go… I dont think of Miller every time I see him!!!!!!!!

      • They won’t tank and our goalies won’t be facing boatloads of shots as they did this year with a new coach/system in place. That said we’ll probably be just on the outside looking in with regard to the playoffs. This team was never as bad as people made them out to be, only Mr. A “Stubborn” V was.

        • 100% agree with “””This team was never as bad as people made them out to be, only Mr. A “Stubborn” V was.”’
          And because of his coaching and gortons/sathers unbelievable mismanagement we ”’gave away”’– strallman, eric stall,
          jt miller, mcdonagh, hagelin , john moore, grabner, nash and talbot!!!!! And that doesnt include 2-#1’s and callahan , and yandle…….for basically nothing!!!!

        • Nah, with the moves I’m expecting to make, they will make the playoffs. The question will be if the D will be good enough to contend.

          The Rangers find themselves in a very unique situation, for them anyway. Cap space, picks, prospects, etc. This opportunity is similar to the NY Giants 2 years ago or the Yankees of last year. That they can reload in one offseason.

          • I understand where your thoughts are from and I’m good with that going into the season, but if after November and the team is going sideways at best(and they don’t deal Zucc in the summer) who do they unload to rebuild?

            I assume some of the RFAs will be dealt after getting them under contract, so it’s a guessing game on how they want to shuffle the deck on contracts.

          • I really believe it comes down to what star players are available, either via trade or FA, that determine who stays and who goes.

  • The Rangers will rebuild/retool/rewhatever, they will obtain/draft/sign, good players, but their desire to get back into playoffs will make them rush to trade the future for the now. no faith in Gorton, even less in Sather and Dolan is a clown, thinking he is discussing the Knicks.

    I know you guys will give a thumbs down…but 1 cup in 80 years proves me correct.

  • Lots of disagreement this time Justin. For starters, I see the defense as a complete puzzle. I think Pionk has established himself as an NHLer and that DeAngelo appears very much a long shot that will kept around for a year or two just in case he somehow puts it together. But the real puzzle is that some of Lindgren, Hajek, Day, Crawley, Gilmour may really be ready. If none are, the Rangers will struggle without acquisitions. But there just may be a glut. And the crash of Brendan Smith might be coach-related.

    Now for the more controversial points. Using data requires understanding data. I actually did a statistical analysis of NHL offense for the 2016-2017 season. The object of course is to score goals. Goals = (# of shots)(shooting percentage). So you score more goals by taking more shots and making more of the shots you take – simple enough so far. However, when you look at the numbers, there was a wide range in shooting percentage and a narrow range in shots taken. So, if you really want to maximize scoring, you need to focus on shooting percentage; number of shots is pretty much meaningless. OR, to put it simply, a good coach is not going to worry about possession stats.

    Finally, goaltending. 2005-2013: Henrik Lundqvist looked every bit a HOF tender. Then AV came upon the scene. During his tenure, for whatever reason, Hank has not gotten good results. I realize your opinion and those of others here trumps my facts, but it is a fact. In the numbers that determine the outcome of games, GAA and S%, he has lagged his backups by a noticeable but not statistically significant margin. Granted, Talbot, Raanta, Georgiev are good tenders who could start for many teams; it’s not like he was outperformed by Pavelek who could not.

    Now, we do to a certain extent know what happened. Hank prefers a defensive set-up which allows him to fully utilize his talents. This set-up leaves him better prepared to handle shots that appear to be difficult. Ignoring Occam’s Razor and using fancy metrics, one sees Hank that faces much tougher shots than anyone else in the league (including the other Ranger goalies) and fares better than anyone else at handling his task. So the two things sort of cancel each other out (but of course really there was nothing – I teach: if you give students more time to do a harder test, it really isn’t a harder test, just a different test.

    You lament we only have ten games worth of data to judge Georgiev. Well, we have zero games in the last five years to judge what Lundqvist could do behind a properly configured defense. AV’s biggest failing, in my view, was not standing up to Hank, not telling Hank that the goal was to keep the puck out of the net and not to make look and feel good. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Hank is just an average NHL starter now and needs a special defense to get acceptable results.

    What I want next year is a coach who sets the defense the same way for both Lundqvist and Georgiev and give the majority of starts to the better tender.

    • Crazy concept: Hank was an excellent unorthodox goalie who can no longer has the edge to afford to be unorthodox.

  • No player position besides a Center is going to change the outcome of next season and the following seasons. If you trade for a Defensemen or sign a big name defender the rangers are losers for the next few seasons if not longer. We don’t need another big name FA signing to appease us. We need a plan in writing with a ultimate goal.

    Cups are won and lost by depth at center. We had 5 good centers the year we went to the finals. Not a coincidence. And lets be honest none of them were HOFer’s but they were all good at one thing and played to their abilities. Centers are the driving force behind all statistics. Last year we had 2. We didn’t even look like half a team without stepan moore and lindberg.

    Lundquist is here to stay til he decides otherwise. It is a dead end echo chamber discussion point.

    AV is gone. End of discussion. You are never getting those years back and we are always going to suck til you the fan look at the real problem.

    The front office buffoons. Endless list of idiotic decisions on player front. Coaching front. Just all around self destruction of the team since the first day Sather has been here. It is time for a real change and that starts with getting rid of Sather and his cronies. Get someone in here with a real nose for the NHL. Gretzky has been retired for 20 years. Time for Slats to do the same thing and get out of the game. Lets go with the metrics and see how that all works out.

    In all honesty I view the Rangers franchise just like I view the Dallas Cowboys. Til the owner dies we are always going to suck. Dolan knows just enough to make us a bad franchise but will never really feel it cause he can always just charge more. And us New yorkers will pay it cause we need the distraction from our horrible over worked over taxed lives.

    We need to draft centers and see how all the chips fall out. From there after these kids progress we can fill in the gaps in FA signings.

    • Centers are deep next year, Ty Dellandrea should be the target this year for a center and the kid is good…with character

      This year at the draft it should be all about Wahlstrom unless by miracle we get number 1 overall selection

      At 2 or 3 I trade down to 5 to get Wahlstrom and wouldn’t mind a bit if we tabbed him with 2 or 3. I prefer Wahlstrom over Zadina and a toss up with Svechnikov, however Wahlstrom is a righty and just exactly what we need

      Trade into the 1st …9 to 14 range and any one of Dobson, Bouchard, Wilde, Hayton and Veleno and last 2 picks of 1st….Dellandrea, Bokk, Kaut, Ylonen

      2nd round Jack McBain, Martin Kaut, Kevin Bahl, Nils Lundkvist, Benoit-Olivier Groulx

      3rd round Curtis Hall, Igor Sokolov, Alec Regula, Vladislav Kotkov

      4th round Kody Clark…Just because he was Wendel ‘s son, Riley Sutter…some meat to the potatoes here

      Seriously in one draft they can add so much…talent…depth….need
      Key is having an excellent developmental team

      • Awesome post and as I say it seems like you really do your homework! My only concern with committing as much effort as you have is I know this front office and we will draft some swedish unknown 20 slots before he was scheduled to be selected because hank got undressed by him back home this summer and would not stop raving about him to the front office. lol. And we the fan base will rave about his arrival as the next coming of john taveras!

    • “Lundquist is here to stay til he decides otherwise. It is a dead end echo chamber discussion point.”

      Not exactly. A lot can happen in the next three years. He can be bought out. Now that won’t happen at the present time for three reasons. (A) As Dave noted with Staal, the Rangers don’t need the cap space next year and should not buy out anyone this year. (B) Arguably he is still the best goalie option the Rangers have. (C). Such a buyout would be wildly unpopular among already frustrated fans and JG wouldn’t dare. (If I were GM, I doubt I’d dare.)

      However, those three things can all change. I am not saying they will, but they can. The next two years will change minds about many things and the perception of Hank may be among them.

      • If the Rangers surround him with any kind of good team, the the King will be able to play out the rest of his contract with good years.

        • Maybe. After all, Niemi won a Cup with the right teammates. But a really good tender doesn’t need a particularly good team. Look. Neither the Rangers nor the Oilers had much of a defense. But with sharp play, Hank and Talbot both won a fair share of games on their good days. But neither (Talbot worse than Hank) could be consistent and both teams are sitting at home.

          As I noted above and a number of times before, Hank did not outperform his backups during the Vigneault era. So you can think of him as a wonder drug that didn’t outperform a placebo.
          Eventually the excuses get old.

          There are three visions:
          1. (Pessimistic) Hank is getting old.
          2. (Optimistic) Hank has been co-coach of the defense and he is a crap defensive coach. A new coach will configure the defense the same way for both tenders.
          3. (Delusional) He is stil getting great results.

          • Ray, he’s still the best goaltender in the league if he even has a slightly above average D and team surrounding him.

            Even the players list him as one of the top 3 goalies as toughest to score against.

          • That’s the thing about stats. Sometimes they legitimately tell you things you don’t believe. At this point, Hank is roughly the 15th best tender, which is better than I tend to give him credit for.

            The Ranger defense is designed to make him look good — and it does.

          • So in other words, if the Rangers had 10 year olds on the ice in front of Henrik then that would have no bearing on his stats?

            You can’t be serious Raymond.

      • A.) No buyout fans would riot.
        B.) More to my point
        C.) Refer to A

        Dead issue. He is not going anywhere. Just a circle jerk of maybe options that will never happen just like the idea Dolan would sell this team to someone who knows what they are doing.

        Better discussion point would be how to best utilize him and how many games he should get in the upcoming season.

        • Fans will get over it….initial re action sure but there are plenty of fans that see the writing on the wall with Lundqvist as well…It’s a mute point as far as fans go

  • DON’T BUY IT BUILD IT ~~~ !!!!! what the rangers NEED are players who want to play and if all they do is collect their checks, then all is over anyway. too many slackers in the league getting big checks that aren’t worth half of what they’re getting !!!!!

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