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Rangers agree to terms with Ty Ronning

Ty Ronning

The Rangers have agreed to terms with forward Ty Ronning on an entry level contract. Ronning, the Blueshirts’ 7th round pick in 2016, is looking to be a complete steal for the Rangers. The 5’9, 170 lb winger exploded this year for 55 goals and 77 points in 64 games with the Vancouver Giants of the WHL.

The scouting report on Ronning is that he’s a pest who can chip in offensively. He has a nose for the net, gets in on the forecheck, and does a lot of the dirty work. The good thing here is that Ronning’s game has already shown like it can transfer to the pros, following a good stint with Hartford last year.

Ronning isn’t going to be a 50-goal scorer for the Rangers, but his style of play likely means he’s going to be a fan favorite. He’s certainly one of my favorite prospects, ranking him 12th in this year’s version of the Top 25 Under 25.

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  • This is truly good news. Was starting to worry that he might opt out. You win with guys like this even though he may never be a Top 6. He’s another energizer bunny, you want kids that can skate, are quick and never stop working.

  • I think we need to cool the jets a little with Ronning. He a 20 year old playing in an 18 year old league. How many players have great numbers in these leagues and never turn into anything. I hope that isn’t the case with Ronning.

    • He’s 20, but is the size of a 17yr old.

      I’m a big believer that in smaller guys having to put up obscene numbers in junior in order to have a shot.

      Ronning is putting up obscene goal numbers. The only thing that scares me is a lot of undersized overagers are putting up even more obscene numbers in the WHL this year.

      • I here you. I just think we need to take a wait and see approach with some of these players. Wait till they are playing the AHL at least.

      • I think this is a very good point.
        The bigger problem is when huge guys put on good numbers against kids. That doesn’t always translate.

        Pavel Brendl, as one example, scored a lot of his goals in the crease, by simply being bigger, not working harder. He flamed out really fast once out of juniors. Don’t know about HugeAssMan, but it was probably something similar.

        But it was back when our draft masters were the three blind mice. The talent assessment is much better noways.

    • Everybody realizes this. No one expects him to be a 30 goal scorer in the NHL, just another piece to the overall puzzle. He has the basic skills and most importantly, he always competes. You can never have too many, as long as they aren’t all playing on your first line.

      Nice vid of him here: …. there are some nice goals here, decent hands and skills.

  • Glad for this…Hopefully he can get some AHL time next year. I think this kid has a lot of promise.

    • Leatherneck:
      Brickley? Absolutely. Big kid, tireless worker. A Utahan: L/H, though.

      Aren’t we loaded from Hartford up to the Big Club with L/H D?

      Now to your knowledge, has Jake Evans snubbed The Habs, specifically their ELC (last month, if I recall)?

      • he is free to sign this year if he doesn’t sign…technically still a Habs prospect…I don’t think he’ll sign with the habs

    • I cannot believe the Rangers are making so may good moves. I love the idea of this kid. He can give other teams nightmares – the same way Butch Goring still haunts me. Now please go out and find some big Slav that will stand in front of the net. Is that too much to ask???

  • How ironic is it that Ronning is playing for…The Giants? 🙂

    He is small and light, so we can’t be sure what his NHL potential might be. However, one doesn’t score 55 goals in a professional hockey league without at least having decent hands. Makes sense to get him to the AHL and see what he is really made of now.

          • Norway is a garbage league, the best teams would have a tough time competing in the dub.

          • Was off by a couple of months, was thinking SHL even though he didn’t average that many ppg. Still, it is a MEN’S league compared to a teenage league. He was 21 when he played his first season in the SHL and scored just under a point a game …

  • Small guy like his dad Cliff, who also tore up the Western League. If this kid plays anything like his dad did, I love him already. Cliff Ronning was a real good hockey player

    • Doesn’t quite have the same offensive capabilities of his dad. I think Cliff scored 89 goals and 197 points one year — of course the League was different back then, the Top 10 scorers all had 120 or more points. I would say the rest of his DNA though seems to flow from his father.

  • Gallagher for Montreal in the same 5’9″
    as a 17 year old scored 41 goals, 40 assists in 72 games for the Vancouver Giants

    Ronning scored 55 goals and 22 assists in 64 games for the same Vancouver Giants

    I have zero knowledge of who their respective linemates were and how they contributed to the success of either Gallagher or Ronning.

    What I do know is that I’d take a Gallagher type player on the Rangers any day.

    I don’t think anyone here expects Ronning to score like Ovechkin.

    Another good move by the Rangers.

    • Doing it in your year 17 is more impressive. He was trying to play a well rounded game including his linemates, but they always got hurt and the rest weren’t that good.

      So this year he said the heck with it and played a 1 man game. Got him a playoff appearance and a contract.

      Good for him. He should get another cup of coffee in Hartford, but The Giants have a chance in their 1st rd series.

  • He’s in a high scoring league so it will be interesting to see how he does in Hartford. He deserves the contract.

  • can’t get excited about some undersized minor league player who potentially could be a 3rd line winger in the NHL…the Rangers has too many of them. NYR needs a legit elite 1st line center.

    • It’s not just the Western league: 35 goals in junior won’t get you out of the ECHL unless you ave NHL average size(both for over and undersized.)

  • Definitely a great signing. Small players who put up points like this always get me excited because they play with something to prove. If he can be anything close to a Gallagher type player, then I will be a happy guy.

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