Thoughts following the Rick Nash trade

The Rangers sent their biggest pending UFA and perhaps most valuable guaranteed trade asset to the Boston Bruins yesterday morning, culminating a series of rumors that started the night before. The return was a 2018 1st rounder, a 2019 7th rounder, prospect Ryan Lindgren, and forwards Ryan Spooner and Matt Beleskey. As per usual, I have some thoughts.

1. First things first, the Rangers will 100% miss Rick Nash. He may not have been the 50 goal scorer fans had hoped (unrealistically) for, but he was a solid two-way player who consistently put up 25 goals when healthy. A series of concussions derailed him a bit, but when he was fully healed, he was a force on the ice. He drove offense, demanded attention, and opened the ice up for others. His penalty killing was top notch as well. The production may not have warranted $7.8 million, but the play on the ice was that of a top line forward. I thoroughly enjoyed his six years on Broadway.

2. The return for Nash was an absolute haul. The Rangers got that extra first rounder they wanted, which will probably be in the 20-25 range. Ryan Lindgren isn’t a top-top prospect, but is still a solid prospect. We will get to him in a bit. Ryan Spooner was a surprise add to the trade, which is probably why the Rangers got Lindgren and not a better prospect. Matt Beleskey is just a body to make the money work. The 7th rounder is neat. That’s a haul, and a fair trade.

3. When looking at Lindgren on the surface, I understand why folks aren’t overly excited. He doesn’t have a fancy scoring line. He was “only” a second rounder. He isn’t a name brand. He isn’t the top guy in the B’s system. However his tools are there. He’s a good skater, good vision, good gap control, decent puck mover. He’s strong, and already an assistant captain at Minnesota. He is currently getting primarily defensive assignments, which should sound familiar. He’s getting the Brady Skjei treatment. Same school. Same deployment. He may not light the lamp regularly, but he’s going to be fine in his own zone and in the transition game.

4. Spooner was a very surprising get in this deal. He’s putting up a very nice line so far, but he’s also getting sheltered minutes with David Krejci. He’s not the kind of forward who can carry a line. He needs strong wingers –or a strong center if he’s on the wing– to produce. Expecting 60 points or top-six production from his is a fool’s errand. I don’t know enough about Spooner, but my guess is he would slot in nicely as a 3C.

5. The Beleskey inclusion was weird, but also expected I guess. With 50% retained on Beleskey, his cap hit is $1.9 million. If he’s in the minors, it’s a $900k cap hit. That’s not overly terrible. I don’t expect him to have an impact at the NHL level, though.

6. When I first saw the return, I was a little bummed the Rangers didn’t get Frederic or Donato. It sounds like Frederic was the ask with a 1st, but the Bruins countered with Lindgren and Spooner instead of Frederic. That’s how negotiations go. I’m sure the Rangers did their homework on Lindgren.

7. The Blueshirts are in an interesting situation now, with Spooner, JT Miller, and Kevin Hayes all entering restricted free agency. All three play similar roles, so I’m intrigued to see where this goes. Considering the deployment concerns with Spooner, I was wondering if the Blueshirts would be best flipping him for another pick and a prospect, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Since they are under team control, there is no rush for a trade, if they go that route with any of them.

8. I can understand concern regarding the approach for Jeff Gorton. Of the three trades, he hasn’t acquired any elite level prospects. But these are rentals, and it’s rare an elite level prospect gets traded in that situation. He got a pair of prospects at one level below, and has six picks in the first three rounds in the upcoming draft. With one more day to go, that could increase. So far, he’s done a solid job.

9. Final note on Nash and Michael Grabner: Neither were traded that far away. I’m speculating 100% here, but I wonder if that was done on purpose, as a way to entice them to re-sign in the offseason. I doubt it, but still kind of interesting to note.

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  • 2 big trades, 2 big wins, enough said.

    Thoughts following the Nash trade? Who’s next?

    P.S. Spooner’s a player huh? Rangers fans whining about this return would not have been happy unless Bergeron came back. And even then, I’m not sure if they would be happy.

    Embrace the tank.

  • Good trade for us. Bruins fans overall not happy. Thought giving a 1 was too much and think Nash is too soft. Read the Globe for fan reactions as well fan sites. B’s have a ton of D prospects in the system and this guy Lindgren was a tier 2. That said he’s a grinder who plays very hard and will absolutely be in the majors. Spooner is a 3c and Dave is correct. He did play a lot of special teams with the Bruins. It would have been an epic hall to have gotten Donato.

    • I’ve liked what I’ve seen of Spooner’s game. And somebody (Swarty?) posted a sick vid of Lindgren absolutely crushing an opponent with a beautiful hit yesterday, Lindgren’s closing speed on that play was pro-level as well.

  • Still wondering how the post-season conversation goes with AV. I am not so sure Gorton is ready to dump him.

    Goodbye Nash, you were a good player for us. Hopefully the B’s treat you nicely.

    • He won’t get fired anytime soon.

      The team does play for him at the end of the day. He’s too cocky to be calling out Hank which let’s me know that he must be sitting well in his office. If you or any other’s are wishing for a coach’s change than it would have to be like 2013 all over again but worst with rumors flying around that the team is revolting against AV’s tactics. When your younger player’s like JT have a terrible game and then gets benched for a whole period to come back in the next game with multiple points than that paints a different picture for JG. Add to the fact that JT sounded like a AV clone in his post game while giving credit to the “process” tells me that the coach has the bench on lock.

  • The return for Nash is all one can ask for. In return for a rental, we got the primary objective completed, a #1 pick, and the rest is icing. If the Lindgren kid plays, even as a third pair guy for us, he gives us something that’s been lacking on the blue line for some time, grit. I like that video of him wiping out the forward, great to see those CLEAN, solid hits.

    Spooner is nothing more than an insurance policy. I see him as a third line center, Zib, Hayes, Spooner, and Andersson will man the center for us. This will also give us a chance to see the Chytle kid play center, and possibly move Zib to the wing. Nothing like options, you have to love it.

    Then there is the strong possibility of Nash coming back as a UFA. If that does turn out to be the case, well folks this is a classic case of highway robbery!!!!!!

    • I heard if we want to get the best out of Spooner than he has to play 3rd line wing. I think the quality of the 3rd line can make or break him. Him being at the age of 26 years old definitely puts someone like Vesey on the back burners when it comes to constructing the perfect 3rd line.

      It would be sick to have Nash resign and play as a NYR for the next two years and hopefully in two deep playoff runs. Then flip him for a lower quality package that might still involve a late 1st.

      It’s good on my mental health to see a fan not say that Andersson could come in and be a top 6 center. I also agree about moving Zib as a scoring winger. People want the KBZ line to be a thing so bad that they rather risk Kreider breaking out and seizing Buch’s development. So far as a line they don’t come close to the old Brass line with Pouliot or Hayes line with Grabner last season. Zib is not a 3 zone center and should worry more about his 160 ft game rather than 200 ft of ice. A Kovy signing would balance the top 9 and Nash would finalize it. If Chytil should be in between 2 names in the top 6 than it should be Zib and Buch imo. Something deep down tells me that he will also have to play wing to get the most out of him, every draft class has names that cannot handle center at this stage in their career.

      • Nothing like options, you have to love it.

        Repeating myself here, but it’s true it’s nice to have players who can be slotted for different positions, or situations!!!!!!!!!!

  • So they got a 1st rounder, a 2nd rounder who already has a year of development under his belt, a 3C, and a 900K cap hit in Beleskey for the next 2 seasons. There is nothing to dislike about this one!

  • Rangers have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds. Maybe they can parlay some of these into a top 4 pick in the first.

    If McD does not go now, I do see him going at the draft.

  • My gut tells me Nash will have a very good postseason for the Bruins. With the Rangers Nash was the focus of the opposing teams. Opposition coaches continually put out their best D-pairing, best defensive line and in many cases both, when Nash was on the ice.
    AV was continually overmatched when it came to match-ups.

    I think Nash is in a wonderful position to succeed with the Bruins in the postseason, and his post season numbers will show what he is capable of.

    • I considered this aspect also. When teams in recent years have faced the Rangers, you have to consider Nash was most likely ranked somewhere between 1st and 3rd in terms of forwards the opposition was looking out for all game. He’s probably no better than 4th to 6th in line in this area on the Bruins right now with how their roster is currently built, so I could see him making significantly more noise in the playoffs with them if that is the case that he will have more room to operate with others drawing more attention. Also just a gut instinct that he and Krejci seem to have somewhat complementary styles and could click fast.

      While I will stop shy of wishing the Bruins a Cup run, I have no ill will towards Nash and do think that there is more potential for him to shine in this situation with BOS than he has had for probably much/all of his NYR playoffs career in this area. Wish him nothing but the best, whether or not he is back (on a much cheaper deal, of course) next fall.

  • Nash had some great years with Columbus, but had really only one very good year 2014-2015 with the Rangers in which he scored 40 goals. The rest of the years, he was anything but an elite player. Overall, a very decent player for the Rangers, but in my opinion, an overall disappointment in NY. Check his stats with the Rangers. Not to mention his lack of scoring in playoff games as well. Good defensively and penalty killing, but we needed him to score more and he fell short in his career with the Rangers. Even so, many times this year, Nash was the Rangers biggest hustler and biggest standout on the ice. It’s hard to see him go, class act and gave his best, but factor in; his 16 goals, his age at 33 and overpaid salary, I hate to say, in the long run, he won’t be missed that much.
    Spooner alone is younger, and has more points in less games then Nash does so far this year. This package deal, add in, (number 1 round choice, and Lindgren) what the Rangers got back for Nash, in my opinion will prove to be a STEAL! Yeah Gordon! Keep it up, you get a definite star!!!
    Boston could be disappointed when they may see Nash do a disappearing act in the playoffs. I certainly hope I am wrong, and Rick has a good last run in the final part of his career. Best to him, a great team guy!

  • Hmmm…I don’t know what’s not to like about the return Jeff got for Nash, but I disagree with some of you who want him back over the summer. Unless he’s going to play for $2 million a year, which is not going to happen, the fact remains that he’s a 25-goal scorer, who’s a good citizen (no one’s disputing that) and makes the players around him better (I guess). $8 million a year? Sorry, not in my mind. I would see him more likely signing over the summer with someone like Nashville or San Jose.

    I would rather get Grabner back, if anybody, depending on salary. At the very worst, maybe the Devils will have to overpay him this summer, if they want him, which leaves fewer dollars they have available to pay other players, or free agents, or whatever. We’ll see.

    I like the draft picks, which from what I’ve heard and read this is a deep draft. Four picks in the first two rounds; my personal opinion is to go in that direction. If the team is going to play six 22-year-old defenders, like last night, this is what it’s going to be like for a couple of years. Mistakes are going to happen. Might as well go all in; sometimes these college players can step in and make a difference, given the chance. Again, we’ll see. Tough loss last night, but at the end of the day none of the games between now and April 10 really make a whole lot of diffference, except to find out who wants to be on the team in October. I don’t watch a whole lot of college hockey (like none), so I’ll defer to anyone who does.

    And I’d be careful assuming that Vigneault will not be retained. Word is the Rangers are leaning toward keeping him, which I know will send several of you guys into a rubber room, but let’s see what happens before we start jumping off bridges. And please let’s not let McDonogh get away.

    Should be an interesting spring and summer. Regards- orange

  • Right now the Rangers sit as having had two 1st in the 2017 draft. Two more 1st in the 2018 draft. That’s how one rebuilds. The two young defensemen,Spooner,O”Gora and Matt B. A second round pick also a third round pick and a 7th. Good job Groton keep it moving. McD to Toronto or TB maybe St. Louis. He’s our big chip no less than a elite prospect or prospects and another 1st or two. The above teams have the elite talent this team needs. So go get it.

  • Spooner fit in well last night. He plays well along the board and makes nice plays. With 6 draft picks in the first 2 rounds, I am certain the Rangers scouting staff will come up with some impact players. The organization needed more depth in quality young defensemen and that was also addressed in the Nash and Grabs trade.

  • Please everyone don’t get excited. The biggest clog is still with us. Lunguist got to go and stop being selfish. We need to get younger, he would bring back the most in prospects. We did not win with him and well not win in the future. Him telling us he does not want to go nowhere tells me he’s not a winner an does not want the pressure of trying to win with another team.

    • 1. He would most certainly not bring back the most in prospects. Not even close. Goalie trades are often bad returns for the selling team – notorious for it, actually – and that’s generally true of even young goalies who are cheap for years and look to be up-and-coming being shipped out.

      2. You don’t magically get his full cap hit to use to upgrade another area even if he were to sign off and the Rangers were to trade him and not retain any money (which, by the way, would be extremely unlikely given that the only teams who can afford an $8.5M goalie right now are years away from contending and have no need of a goalie to push them over the top). Same would be true to a degree if this was an $8.5M F we were talking about – the pool of teams who could afford such a move with three years remaining and an NMC would be slim.

      3. Believe it or not, even with Hank’s salary, the Rangers don’t spend the most combined goalie budget in the league. All other goalies aren’t free, you know. Not to mention, whatever the Rangers might spend the savings on from his contract are not guaranteed performance upgrades, either – for a fan of a franchise that has made some sizable free agent overpay blunders over the years during the Glen $ather Era, we should know this by now. We should all know this quite well.

      4. I highly doubt the Rangers would want to risk not having at least a decent goalie, even during a rebuild – again, all other goalies aren’t free. This isn’t a true “fire sale”; they are not tearing it all down and handing the keys to Georgiev until 2021. Pav has looked good at times, and has looked terrible at times, so he’s pretty risky to consider starting for 60 games a year unless this is a true fire-sale-and-tank effort. I’m not honestly sure they would even trade Hank if he did waive his NMC. I think they want to contend in two years, and right now, Hank is the closest they have to a guarantee that goalie will be taken care of then. Even if he may not be in his peak late-20s form anymore.

      5. You even going anywhere near trying to imply that Hank isn’t a competitor tells me you must be new to following hockey. Not just the Rangers – hockey. He is known to be an absolutely fierce competitor. Like, widely known. Worldwide reputation for it, literally. The Anti-Hank crowd produces some whoppers from time to time, but that one is a real doozy.

      • Who cares how competitive he been. I trying to win for the future. Let see how competitive he is by asking the Rangers to trade him. Guys Stop this is not about Anti_Hank, this is all about moving forward. I can’t say it enough Thanks Hank but time to go.

        • Literally, the most ballsy thing Hank could/can do to show that he is an alpha competitor is to stay in NY and lead them to a Cup. Asking to be traded to latch on to an established defender would be the cheesiest way out, actually. I think if Hank went to the front office and said, “Alright, I’ve had enough of you (string of expletives) and I want out!”, the team would try their best to trade him. I think if he went in there and said, “Alright, I want a Cup so I want out!”, again, they’d do their best to help him. I think they would still have a tough time coming out on top in either trade scenario, though.

          I suspect, however, that if he went in there and said “Hey guys, I feel terrible we haven’t won a Cup with me in goal yet. Trade me for prospects to help the team, and I’ll go quietly end my career wherever you send me.”, they’d laugh at him, tell him to go have a steak and a beer, cheer up, and they’d see him tomorrow at morning skate,

          In any case, you’re the one who pointed out the “competitor” nonsense. Not me. Fun Fact: You don’t ever even make it to the NHL if you aren’t a true competitor.

  • There is a lot to like about this one. It will take some time to get a true read on it thoug.

    But….we may like it even better when we see what happens with the Bruins #1, how Lindgren progresses, and what becomes of Spooner.

    I like what I am hearing on Lindgren especially the leadership part.

    I hope we are cautious now with McD and to some extent Zuke.

    To give up McD there needs to be one of the real studs coming back, and then some, and then some more.

    I’ve said it before but having McD around next year with kids will not be such a bad thing. If we can get a haul like this for Nash we are going get a better haul for McD at next year’s deadline.

    I am a little weary of doing this all in one swoop. There could be better options next year. Now, if Gorts can figure out a way get a sniff at Dahlin then that is a different story.

    • You get a far better haul by trading McD this year because he wouldn’t be a rental. He’s not a Captain type so the leadership,helping the young kids isn’t him.

      • That is exactly my point – but you need to include “should” get a better return as in a stud, a first, the farm and then some.

        If you don’t get the premium for McD and the extra Cup run then do you trade him anyway just to make a trade?

        I think not and I hope not. That is a Sather move.

        This is not going to be an overnight process. I don’t believe anyone of significance who has an extra year has moved yet so the market has yet to be set…but we shall see.

  • Thanks for spelling correction. When are we as fan stop holding on to these players. Know is time to say thank you and good bye. Please tell me what he brings to us by staying when we are two to three years away.

    • 1. Hank has a no-movement clause
      2. goalies don’t bring back equal value in trades
      3. generational goalie talents like Luongo, Hašek, Brodeur tend to play well into their late 30s; Hank wants to continue to play and is still a top 10 goalie in the NHL, despite what his legion of crybaby doubters thinks
      4. Hank has a no-movement clause
      5. Hank has a no-movement clause

      • Hank has a no-movement clause I understand that is why I stated he is selfish and not a winner. The last time I look Pitt has won the cup with out this so called great goalie. You need star players up front to win these days. Last time I look the Ranger have a team of two and three line players. You mite not think I know what I am talking about. But I know we will never win a cup with him.

        • You’re right—I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Ask Ovechkin about how many times Hank derailed his Cup dream. And then maybe realize that two of the world’s top 5 centers are on Pittsburgh, along with Phil Kessel as a winger. Those guys could start a shooting accuracy cutout in nets and still win a playoff round.

          Oh yeah—and despite the fact that Crosby has won three Cups during Lundqvist’s career, Hank and NYR have beaten the Pens in the playoffs as often as the Pens have beaten the Rangers.

          • Really you bring up Ovechkin. How many cups has the Ranger won with the great and powerful Lundqvist. Do we not play too win. Who cares about being close. I am done and you say I don’t know what I am talking about. Good luck to you with your almost made it but close teams. I want cups

          • If I were you, I’d ask for spellcheck first, and worry about Stanley Cups later.

          • Ok this works out well for the both of us. You stick to teaching and I’ll stick to being a true Ranger fan.

          • Just so you know—generally speaking, true fans don’t insult franchise greats. But you should feel proud that you’re someone who doesn’t feel confined by that.

          • Harris44–do you have even a slight grasp of what a no-movement clause means? It means the club cannot trade a player against that player’s wishes. So Hank’s publicly stated desire to finish his career as a Ranger means that….wait for it….Hank won’t be traded! See how easy that is to understand?

          • Ok maybe you guys will understand this. Hank please wave you no trade clause so that we could move forward. Hank I love you and wish you very well. Thanks for all the great years. but can you help us out.

          • Hank’s value is only sentimental. Fools care more about the past than winning. I’ll be back when AV is gone. Better pray AV stays!

  • Thanks for these post-trade write ups.
    Good to see consensus on the blog is favorable over Gorton’s moves.

    More to come today?

  • I didn’t realize how much I liked Nash, seeing him take the ice for his first shift as a Bruin had me wishing him well. His quiet presence on the Rangers as a strong leader and defensive forward will be missed. I am hopeful he can be signed after the B’s fail to get to the cup, it would make me feel great getting this trades return and then getting back our rental. I hope at a nice discount, my opinion was he was overpaid for what he became.

    But still… I will have a new outlook and feeling when I walk the garden seeing all the #61’s on the fans backs!

    Good luck Nash!


    I can’t see AV coaching this new young crop of talent we are about to get!

  • Nash was a good Ranger. We did not win with him. But wish him all the best in Boston. I think we got a nice haul for him as well. Ironic he has no points in his first game and Spooner has 2. Just his tough luck. It’s a game it means nothing.

    Thing I like about this trade is we got a lot of assets for an expiring contract. We need more deals like this. I know there was chatter about us taking a run at Spooner post the Stepan trade. We can keep him or package him to move elsewhere. Remember the goal is to stock the cupboards with assets. Other than Belesky who is probably just an AHLer at this point we did a nice job of that.

    We will see what the day brings…but I think we have resumed the rebuild in a positive way.

    • Imo we will miss Nash’s two-way play out of everything he ever brought to the NYR. I still see a guy like Hayes who has a chance to always have a breakout year and be a regular 20 goal scorer. Imo he’s a Nash in the making but as a center, he has that sticky touch that elites have to control a puck. In 2013 we were all amazed how a big man could go 200 ft and score or when he pulled the one handed windmill goal. Well Hayes has done it all already with the same type of quality as Nash provided in scoring his points. The dude even used the move as a decoy to pass it to Grabner last year against Price. We’re all of sudden seeing what happens when he’s on the PP down low where Nash was for most of the season. Hayes influences on special teams is what makes him a standout from guys like Kreider and Miller. He would give any team a chance to be a double threat on the PP’s and last year mixed in with this season is why he’s a specialist on the pk. He would continue to be a matchup in hell for other coaches and Nash even talked about how that’s where Hayes has been at this point in his career in the league. I think all and all Hayes will be a NYR for a while but it’s very possible that they use JT to flip and keep Spooner as a 3rd line option/PP specialist.

  • Last 3 seasons:
    Spooner: 33G 80A 113Pts
    Nash: 56G 46A 102Pts

    Plus a (late) 1st round pick. Plus what looks to be a solid D prospect.

    The Bruins fans I read are apoplectic – although they have NO idea how good a two-way player they now have in Nash. Excellent job by Gorton – both here and with the Grabner trade.

  • Looking at the schedule the rest of the way, if AV can work his magic I don’t think the Rangers can break 70 points. In any other season that would get them to 2nd last, but this season probably fourth last. A 10% chance to move up to #1 won’t be bad.

    • Sort of related…. unfortunately I think we’re looking at the first year Lundy doesn’t get 30 wins (barring the lockout). For the best, I guess, but still unfortunate.

  • Off topic, but…..

    Anybody else agree that Skjei has not looked so good the past few games? Uncharacteristic turnovers, being manhandled off of puck, unnecessary penalties….. all noticeable in recent games.

    I’ve been watching him pretty close ever since my father in law told me “I think he’ll be better than McDonagh” and have to say that I am as confident as ever in taking that bet. Sure, Skjei may bring more offense to the table but an equivalent overall defenseman, he will not be.

    • I’d agree that he’s been playing poorly of late, but I think it’s a case of Skjei trying to overcompensate for a team that’s collapsing around him. As far as the McDonagh comparison, it’s no shame if Skjei isn’t as good as McDonagh—McD is a heck of a player.

      • Agree in full. I just take issue with my lovely wife’s father not recognizing that. All in all, there are much worse things in this world to disagree with in-laws about.

        • Ha, most definitely. Conversations with in laws are strictly regulated at my house. Sports can cross barriers though!

      • I never understood how Skjei and Vesey were placed under this scope of being the NYR’s best player’s who are 25 and younger. Skjei looks like he needs sheltered 3rd pair minutes but nothing less or more than that so he can keep up with his development. At this point I hope he could be as solid as Kevin Klein was between the years of 2014-16. Maybe stats are similar to Mcd but no way could Skjei mimic what Mcd has done in the playoffs against Crosby, Malkin, Giroux, Ovi and Backstrom and that’s what really counts. Mark my words that he’ll never have a resume anytime soon of shutting down those type of caliber names. Hank body language is always basically giving him the finger after every big save. I was a huge of his game up until the MTL series. He threw around his weight that made people forget about his overall game.

    • There could be a half-dozen reasons why Skjei isn’t shining right now including simple over-compensation as MC pointed out. No stability in the deployment (even before the rash of injuries), spirit broken, battling injuries himself perhaps, still getting used to the grind of a full NHL length season and more responsibility, etc. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. That all said, yeah, not quite willing to say I think he will be better than McD just yet either, haha. That’s quite a bold statement by your father-in-law.

      • Even before the maintenance days started, McDonagh was not good this season.

        When your D corps all go backwards simultaneously, I’m guessing it’s not the D corps but the coaching.

        • Amen! The only constants during this tailspin behind the blueline that has been happening for three seasons and counting are AV, McD, and Staal. Obviously Staal has been lackluster pretty much that whole range, but most teams, even can’t -miss contenders, have a Staal-type- performer on their blueline and it doesn’t ruin the whole effort (in large part because that guy isn’t relied on for heavy minutes and in big moments with other options available, to note). McD hasn’t been himself this year it seems for sure, but not the case in the other years. The system sucks, the deployment decisions have often been even worse, and AV appears wholly incapable of coaching guys up to any degree. I would blame his defensive assistants more, but again – three different guys, same results. Don’t think they are given much say in matters.

  • So a question to all you Lundqvist fans

    1) Why does he want to stay with the Rangers if they are going full rebuild?

    2) What do you think Lundqvist values more a Cup or being a Ranger with 0% chance of winning here?

    3) Do you prefer him staying here during a rebuild or trade him for assets?

    • 1) Internally the team has likely identified their competitive window as opening as soon as 2019-20 season (season after next) with aspirations of being a young bubble team next year.

      2) Unfair question as the plan is likely to be competitive while he is still here.

      3) Prefer him to stay as he is still a very able NHL goalie and hopefully will be the perfect 3 year platoon until our prized KHL prospect is ready to make the jump.

      What no one seems to understand is that if we trade him, there is no way that we won’t retain salary. So assume you decide to trade him for however many assets you think you can get. Then cut those assets in half, as goaltenders historically do not net sizeable hauls. Then pencil in 50% of Lundqvist’s cap hit retained (roughly 4.35mil) for 3 more years. Then add 3-4 mil for his replacement starter and 1 mil for a backup and viola- we have saved nothing on our cap. You’d think by all the people coming out of the woodwork to trade Lundqvist that he was losing games for us this year a la Scott Darling.

      • THANK YOU. I think I’d have an easier time explaining literal rocket science to a literal hamster than explaining the (should-be obvious) financial ramifications of what a Hank trade would really mean in terms of savings on the cap to some folks. I like how simply you laid that out, though. Little to nothing would be saved, and even if they did save ample funds, no guarantee it would be spent well. Just the same as Gorton didn’t get a haul AND $7.8M in his pockets for Nash, he wouldn’t for Hank. He wouldn’t even get one or the other for Hank, because that’s how goalie trades go. Just pure silliness.

      • Go tell that to the Penguins……not valid… do a three way trade to say Coyotes who eat up his salary…..

        If there is a will there is a way

    • 1. Doesn’t matter, and it’s a little weird that you care so much.

      2. Doesn’t matter, and it’s a little weird that you care so much.

      3. Doesn’t matter, and it’s a little weird that you care so much.

          • Clever response. You should be happy, Leather, at least I called you “determined”. The troll part is self-evident, backed up by your repeated entreaties for NYR to trade with the Islanders, who are probably your favorite team. Their fans specialize in bitterness & reactionary attitudes, you share those characteristics with them big time.

            How’s that size 54 Boychuck jersey fitting you, anyway? Have you snacked your way out of it yet?

          • Are you looking in the mirror ? Yes you are

            I got banned for half the BS you say,,,,but since you are a Leaky fan Dave gives you rope.

            I really wish I could speak my mind about who I think you are.

            Your intelligence suffers if you can’t understand why I mentioned the Islanders.

            Leaky holding the team hostage….wants to stay in NY makes the Islanders a perfect fit.

            You do know Leaky is done….not what he used to be or are you so in love with your man crush that logic is no longer prevalent?

            Dude what makes you right about him, and other peoples opinions as you call trollish?

            GTFOH dude

          • Lundqvist’s career stats make me right. His performances in various game 7s make me right. His proven ability to lift his game in the playoffs makes me right. His durability makes me right. His exemplary behavior over 14 years for a team that has featured past public scandals like Kevin Stevens’ crack arrest, Theo Fleury’s relapse, the mishandling of Derek Boogaard’s addiction, etc. All these things mean something in terms of people’s perceptions of Hank. And that’s why your complaints against him are ultimately worthless, all you can offer is negativity while you trollishly ignore his career achievements.

    • This isn’t a typical rebuild, this is an accumulation of assets and a reshuffling. This is a league where you can go from 0-100 pretty quickly … and vice versa. After all, we aren’t the only team that is suffering now after years of solid play (ask Chicago).

      • If your theory is correct, then it is a very flawed and unfocused way to go about rebuilding.

        long term contracts with $ have enslaved the Rangers

        buying a Cup has not worked

        pretending has cost us way too many assets and now we are paying the price

        We must rebuild the right way….Period!!!!

        • Man your loyalty to a washed up player sure puts the blinders on…..comical… ok Leaky fans

          with Leaky how do you propose the Rangers go about to even sniff a shot at the Cup? What would you do a GM

          give your plan….players….trades….signings …formula to the Cup is what?

        • I am with you

          We must rebuild the right way Period
          We must rebuild the right way Period
          We must rebuild the right way Period

          Please excuse the experts who can’t stay on the subject by call people names. Yeah real smart

          Leatherneck let hope for a brighter future

      • You notice how they defend Leaky….but never offer how Leaky as a centerpiece of building a cup winning team as we are now never gets uttered.
        They just defend leaky…..but are quick to throw the rest of team under the bus.
        Leaky’s time is done as a Ranger… different than Girardi as an example

        • A team needs to be built around the middle,the center is the most important piece not a High Price-d Goalie.Hell not even a high priced winger for that matter.One solid top center with a good second line center(Zib fits that role),couple of good wingers,need two good shut down Dmen with a couple Shittenkirk style guys minus the 6.5 mil left a ton on the table deals with two decent goalies.

    • The Rangers trading Hank away would be the equivalent of the Mets trading away Seaver. I doubt the organization would do that.

      • How do you win with him as your centerpiece, when this is the team we have right now?

        I will offer the answer, we won’t

        In my opinion Team comes before a player

        • Again … It’s not the New York Sieveqvists … It’s the New York Rangers!

        • Leather

          I’ve read your back and forth with MC, and others, but one simple point becomes very obvious to me, that is the remark “Team comes before a player’! Our background is such that we were trained to think that way, that may not be the case with some of these younger, non-vet types on this site. I’m not saying you, or anyone else is right, but to your point, I have to agree 100%!!!!

  • a follower, first try at a post.
    We’re trying to tank our way into a high 1st round pick, even if the players sometimes forget and play a competitive game on muscle memory. Gorton basically does an NHL version of Cashman’s Chapman deal in 2016, which was a system changer. (Along w other moves, clearly. e.g., Andrew Miller trade) Gorton got a #1 instead of top prospect, and similar good side pieces. Cashman’s work completely changed not only the objective look of a shallow system, but also the perception of the system which is perhaps even more important. Same seems to be happening with NYR, though they are short the Judges, Sanchez’, etc. the Yanks acquired while Rangers were mortgaging their souls for a Cup. (Almost literally, since they sold the farm for a Saint.)
    The seventh rounder Gorton got makes it clear he was wringing the Bruins as dry as he could– in addition to preemptively protecting against fanatic sites and posts like the negative ones scattered above. Pretty clear from my overview that he got the most he could. Also, remember that another expansion draft is coming up and getting more smaller pieces might be a safer move than getting one larger one that might expose that larger one or pillars already on the roster– as well as being insurance against a trade blowing up in his face with one bad injury.
    All that’s left to get Gorton on the same GM All-Star wall of fame as Cashman is to resign Nash this off-season. And, of course, to sign a ton of talent from Latin America.

  • Mission pretty much accomplished in my mind. We now have the picks to be able to move up anywhere in the draft (aside from maybe the top 3 picks, although you never know). Take the two 3rds and parlay them into a 2, or a 2 and a 3 for a better two, 2 2’s for an end of the 1st, etc. I like that type of flexibility if there’s someone specific on their radar they need to move up to get.

  • Gorton did a good job. Nash or Grabner are of no value to us unless we were going to make the playoffs and make a serious run at the Cup. That was not happening. A 1st rounder and Spooner should be more than enough to make us Rangers fans happy.

    My gut tells me know that McDonough is going to bring back an elite young forward (with picks) rather than a Defensemen (with picks). He will also use a 2nd rounder to move up in the draft 2-3 spots if the guy he wants is still available at pick #3. I think we finish the season with the 4th pick.

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