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Rangers Trade Ryan McDonagh to Tampa

ryan mcdonagh

Update: This deal includes JT Miller. Per Bob McKenzie, the return is Libor Hajek, Brett Howden, Vladislav Namestnikov, 2018 1st round pick, conditional second round pick

For the second straight captain, the Rangers have made a deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning. McDonagh will reunite with the last Rangers captain Ryan Callahan, Dan Girardi, and Anton Stralman in Tampa.

It’s hard to know what to say about Ryan McDonagh – I could hit you with all the numbers like I did with Nash, but that really wouldn’t do him much justice. He’s been a joy to watch on both ends of the ice, and I can still remember fondly when he put the league on notice in 2012 by playing almost a full 60 minutes in that triple-OT game against Washington. He’s our captain, and now he’s someone else’s. We’ll give you more analysis on what we’ve lost and what we’ve gained as the dust settles on everything, but as always feel free to leave your thoughts below. Thanks for everything, Mac.

More to come.

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  • Even without knowing the return, I feel pretty bummed about this one. Part of me believed if they kept Zuc and Mac, a retooling was possible. Now, we are definitely in full rebuild mode now.

    Who gets the C? I say Kreider. If not him, Zuc.

    • A wonderful Ranger who, like Brad Park, may never be truly appreciated by management…no question that injuries have taken their toll as he was often awful this season. Until we know what we got back besides cap space, will reserve judgement.
      If Tampa wins the Cup, we should hang their thank you note next to our sad Cup results 1940-2018+…. one Cup
      The World’s Most Famous Arena for lousy professional franchises

    • I’m will miss MacD, one of my favorite Rangers. But I never felt he was right for the C. I can’t speak for his locker room leadership, but he just seemed to lack the personality for it. And, was possibly hampered by it as well.

      I bet he will more than rebound in Tampa. Not being the #1, having more freedom, less pressure, playing for a coach that actually belongs in this league; all these things should reinvigorate him.

  • Expected, yet still sad. Bought his jersey before the season started too. Hope the return is worth it.

  • That really hurts. No matter who they get back, if they had kept McD, the rebuild might not have been that long. But, I’d like to see them win one more Cup before I die and if that makes it happen, so be it.

    • You said it, brother Swarty.

      McDonagh, 28; JT Miller, 24. Now 33-minutes past deadline, yet TSN/CA still hasn’t divulged what’s coming our way.

      As adept as Mr Gorton has proved, it better be Cal Foote and Brayden Point. No on both counts…

  • Looks like a huge deal….multiple pieces from us included…..anxious to see what this trade is

  • McDonagh will flourish again…..being a Captain took a toll on him….and frankly he wasn’t Captain material

    He will really shine bright again in Tampa ….I hope he wins the Cup

  • If they traded McDonough, I don’t know why they would keep Shatty. What good will he do for a team with no captain and if Zucc is gone, no heart and soul.

  • Good luck in Tampa, McD—you were a great Ranger, a true leader and professional.

  • Rumor has it….

    The Rangers will receive young forward Vladislav Namestnikov, forward prospect Brett Howden, defenseman prospect Libor Hajek, a 2018 first-round pick, and a conditional second-round pick in the deal, reports TSN’s Bob McKenzie.

    • This is the deal. Howden was their first round pick last year and was tearing it up. He is now the best prospect on the NYR (yes, better than Chytil & Andersson)

      • Look Spooner is JT, with more offensive upside, making JT expendable.

        I think the NYR think they have Skjei/Staal and Shatty + 3 kids on defense. Maybe O’gara is a 4th, but maybe stall gets bought out.

        Down the middle you have Zinbad/Hayes/Andersson & a 4th line center, but with possible wingers like Chytil/Howden – Zucc/Kreider and Buch/Spooner, you have a top 9 that can score. Fast/Vesey/Possibly Grabner and a new center round out the offense.

        Can you say MAJOR MAKEOVER?

      • As I would not have dealt Chityl even up for Erik Karlsson, I sincerely doubt this. Actually Howden was a 2016 draft choice and is still in juniors at age 19.

    • From cursory Googling, looks like Howden and Hajek are projected to be solid if unspectacular NHLers. Howden looks like a potential 2C and is doing well in Moose Jaw as their captain and 1C, while Hajek is a first pair defenseman in Regina who looks like a shutdown-oriented top 4 guy. Two potential middling NHLers plus at least one 1st round pick (a second if TB wins the cup) and a roster centerman in Namestnikov, probably slotting into 3C. Not a bad haul.

      • Every outlet that I read said that Hajek needed to be included to finish the deal so it looks like that’s the NYR top prospect. Andersson will be a quality bottom 6 player and we don’t even know if he can play center at this level. Howden sounds like some insurance because Chytil might not be all that.

        • Doesn’t have to work out like that, someone will move to the wing … and to say Chytil might not be all that when he’s an 18 year old in the AHL scoring at a pretty damn good clip (like Andersson) is a bit pessimistic (I’m being polite).

        • I heard that about Hajek too, but I’m not sure why NYR is so high on him. Andersson could break into the top 6, but you’re right, definitely a quality third liner, which is sad that we took him at number 7. Hope we draft better this year.

          Why do you say that about Chytil? For one, he seems to be doing quite well in the AHL. And Howden could just as easily be a bust, though he’s definitely playing well in the WHL. He was a TBL top 3 prospect.

  • I’ve to do some homework on the youngsters but I have seen a lot of Vlad and I have always wanted to see him in Ny. He is going to help Buch grow on the ice and be a good buddy off the ice

    I would’ve expected a little more with JT in the deal but it is going to depend on the upside the kids have

    • Despite your insight about his mentoring Buchnevich, I’m not all that thrilled about Namestnikov, Swarty.

      Nonetheless, Howden had a strong World Juniors with Team Canada: great on the forecheck, relatively good size, caused havoc around the crease.

      I’d draw a parallel–in projectable value–to Ryan Lindgren (acquired in the Nash deal), who showed discernible poise in his own end with Team USA. Think Mike Sauer lite.

      (I was between Buffalo and Toronto for the WJs, Swarty: both of these young men stood out.)

      Mr Gorton’s showed admirable boldness in this beyond due teardown. But as Spozo framed it, our GM’s somewhere between 3/4s and 3/5s here. Arguably, we can’t judge this Tampa deal for at least two, perhaps even three years.

      Desharnais remains a Blueshirt purely as a stopgap, allowing Nieves and more critically, Lias Andersson that much more time to develop.

      • I’m with you brother dude….

        After I saw they were in Buffalo I was hoping you would provide some commentary. After some very quick digging it looks like both of these kids are keepers which puts me a lot more at ease. Glad you feel the same way.

        Vlad is an interesting package. He is creative, he is fast, he is not a power guy but he is not afraid to mix it up either. He plays the PP and can play PK as well. With his heritage (he’s Russian but he grew up in Detroit) I do believe it should help Buch. And he is still young at 25.

        Like I said – i’ve always wanted him to wear that Rangers jersey. I have high hopes and would love to see him with Zucc and Buch.

        Time will tell my friend on all of these deals – but in total I like what we have to work with going into the draft.

        By the way – NHL network just said that the conditional 2nd becomes a 1st if the Lightning win the Cup. Let’s go Lightning!!!

  • Admittedly I don’t know anything about the kids but I can say the initial reaction from all of Twitter is “mehhh”. And honestly that’s the wrong reaction we should have for trading 2 playoff runs of Ryan McDonagh.

    Gorton is 3/4 this trade deadline. 3/5 if you consider Desharnais is still a Ranger.

    • I mean, it’s promising prospects, potentially two first round picks, and a young Russian who can probably buddy up with Buchnevich. I never felt like JT Miller was fully committed, so I’m not bummed on that loss.

      For me, this trade solidifies that this is not a retooling. Definitely an all out rebuild. Brooks said it best, Gorton blew it all up. Now let’s see how he puts it back together. The draft will be exciting.

      • I agree. I, along with most everyone else I think assumes they would be getting an elite talent back for McDonagh. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

        I still think they package some picks/prospects and move up in draft and nab a stud.

        • Vladislav namestnikov will look better than Buch and Kreider. He’s very skilled and could flank well next to Hayes and in this system.

  • I don’t feel full. I feel like the waiter took away my plate and I just started the second half of my hero.


  • Good trade, hate to see JT go, but AV has been holding him back for years. He’ll flourish away from him.

    • Spot on supermaz!!!
      This guy has speed and skill and hits ……can play center and wing and is a big guy!!!! Sam and Joe commented last night how well he is playing and is all over the ice!!!!!
      We have now traded 3 of our top 5 forwards……..and continue to get smaller!!!!!

      • Vladislav Namestnikov is faster with the puck and has better hands.

        The evidence of JT not liking center is there for anyone to see. He’s really not a good center at this level and that’s when his two-way would get exploited. The hype of him being as tough as Cally or Graves was bs to me because I never truly saw that from him. He had a decent game as a center last season when Hayes was out and after that he had his worst slump of the season. He will look good next Point and could give Tampa a shorthanded weapon. I never understood why AV took him off the PK and away from Hayes.

        • What about us being the smallest team in the league?????
          When the playoffs happen …..we will get killed with this tiny team!!!!!!

        • Mintgecko
          you said ‘Vladislav Namestnikov is faster with the puck and has better hands.”
          Do you realize that Miller scores at a higher rate than Vllad…. and does it with less skilled players around him!!

    • Had I a meddlesome Russian bot, Maz, I’d’ve programmed it to drop in here every few minutes to bump your Thumbs Up.

      Along with our flaming zeppelin drop in Ottawa last April, yes, AV absolutely has to answer for his passive-aggressive yo-yo-ing with JT Miller.

      The kid hasn’t looked comfortable for long, long stretches. His game used to be search and destroy. But ultimately Vigneault put the zap on him. Got in his head. Undermined a young man’s confidence.

      Like you, going forward I see nothing less than a 30-30 guy.

      • Absolutely 1000% correct!!!!!!!!
        AV has destroyed this young group of forwards we have/had…
        As far as I am concerned…buch, miller, hayes, vesey are all underacheiving!!!!!
        And we continue to get SMALLER AND SOFTER!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m hit with mixed emotions. Knew we needed to do it. Very sad to see it. Gordo better have a big bus for what’s expected back.
    What all this tells me when you look at the Lightning or Preds is how much we gave up over time to win now. Those teams have so much depth that they cherry pick to win without hurting the future.

  • A bit more of a rebuild than I would have liked. Not sure you can lure Kovalchuk to MSG now or perhaps we missed something with the young Ruski coming over. I could see us moving up to the #1 or #2 pick this year in exchange for a couple 1st rounders.

    I was a big Miller fan so I will be sad to see him go. What’s our forward lines look like now?!?!?! Plenmty of young competition now on the blue line. Holy crap, the pressure is one the young guys up now. Nice combination of puck moving and size now.

    These trades give me the impression AV is staying on (ie Miller gone).

    • Good point on moving up, that’d be nice, get a real AAA prospect. Both Hajek and Howden can fight for roster spots next year with Chytil and Andersson. Oh man, there’ll be like 3 over 30 year olds on the roster…

      The real question is, if we’re in the T10, who do you take?

  • Here is something on Hajek and Howden from Dobbber Prospects:

    January 2018 – Hajek had a breakout tournament in Buffalo at the 2018 World Junior Championships as part of the unusually strong Czech Republic squad. The return on Anthony Deangelo finished the tournament second in points among defensemen with six, and was consistently the top minute-muncher for the Czech’s totaling in excess of 30:00 minutes on ice in multiple outings.

    February 2018 The former first round pick has had an extremely strong season with Moose Jaw of the WHL recording 22 goals and 58 points in 38 contests. His 1.53 points-per-game currently sits ninth in the league. Howden played a big role in helping Team Canada win gold at the most recent World Junior Championships. The soon-to-be 20-year-old will turn pro for 2018-19 and has legitimate top six upside and is a very safe prospect

    From July of 2017 He has Howden as Tampa’s #4 prospect – the first three are in the NHL #Hajek as #10 with five of the ten in the NHL

    I guess I feel better – don’t know the condition of the #2 though

    • I think I read somewhere that the second becomes first if Tampa wins the cup this year or the next

    • Howden’s a middle 6 C but may have to go back as an overager depending on what they do with Fogarty and what happens w/Chytil/Andersson.

      • Fogarty has no impact on what to do with Howden since he will never play in the NHL.

        Howden is a 1.5 ppg player in juniors so he has nothing left to prove down there. He will be signed if hasn’t already been by TB and be in camp next year. Also outside chance you see him for a game or two depending on his team. If not here than Hartford for the playoffs.

        • It has a direct impact of where he plays so until the qualifying offers go out none of us know how anything plays out.

  • Another expansion proof deal.

    Some immediate help, future help.

    McDonagh’s chronic injury this season hurt his value, that’s for sure.

    • Just read Brian Lawton’s tweet about McD almost ready to come back from a broken hand…almost broke my knee from slapping it so hard. Because when you break your hand, the 1st thing in PT is to stop skating for 2 weeks.

  • Not feeling this return. Time will tell, and perhaps I can talk myself into it a bit…but I don’t feel like this is a clear 125 cents on the dollar like I have with the other trades. Really struggling with the Miller inclusion; makes me very concerned AV is still getting respect from the front office, which makes me want to vomit a little. I’d nearly guarantee Miller is a 60+ point player for them next year, perhaps beyond.

    • I think Namestnikov will take a bit of the sting out of trading Miller, then add the conditional 2nd round pick and it looks kind of even. So that would leave us with 2 prospects and a 1st for McD who 1 year from now will be looking for $8+m for term when he’s 30 years old.

      All of a sudden with this deal we look awfully good up the middle for the future … and we have a lot of solid d’ prospects to work with … seems we’re all in for the rebuild (not retool) and wouldn’t be surprised to see more trades up until draft day.

      • All I have to add to this is ….Thank God for Mika and Hayes still being here! Now we have our best offensive center playing a shutdown role and our best Gaborik impersonator playing our 1C role.

        Anyone willing to take bets now on how long Mika will be out next year do to injury? I am putting the over/under at 25 games. Taking all bets!

      • Yeah, I mean, I don’t think Gorton got fleeced (unless they really mess up the picks/development…but that is neither here nor there in evaluating this trade today)…but I do think he got bullied a bit. Yzerman is starting to become a bit of a silver-tongued-devil in these scenarios.

        To walk away with no “can’t miss” prospects and a couple late first or late first and early second picks…I’m not sure Gorton would have gotten much less in the summer when more teams would have been in on his services. Pros and cons; deadline deals can return more, but you generally have less teams bidding against each other.

        Really needed to see “Sergachev” or “Point” in this deal for me to possibly call it a win for Gorton right now where we stand today though, IMHO.

        • Actually Howden looks like a pretty safe prospect to be honest. Looking at some of his highlights and reading up on him I suspect he’ll be moved to the wing in a Top 6 (Kreider-like) role down the line.

    • Egelstein: Like an Albanian or Roma teenaged gangster doing the bidding of La Cosa Nostra capos, you just brought an 18-wheeler full of radioactive waste to some wild, remote canyon outside Milan. Or Turin.

      With your third and fourth lines, I see that young hood pulling a thick hose, then dumping tens of thousands of gallons of toxic, cancer wrecking waste into the watershed.

      If your presumption about AV proves correct, God help us, man. Then all this astute restructuring by Jeff Gorton and staff will be stillborn.

    • I’m with you Egelstein.

      To me, this feels like an equal trade, value-wise. Maybe the kids become better Pros then we currently expect, but right no, I feel like we did not hit a home run with this deal. Solid deal, frees up cap space, et al.

      But not the “massive haul” I was expecting for Mac and JT.

  • Maybe this is all leading to a big deal on draft day. A package of picks and a few prospects for a Top 3 pick … maybe.

      • No, this looks like a rebuild … Karlsson has 1 year left on his contract and will test the UFA waters after that probably commanding $10m+ — it might be nice to have him for a few years, but it could turn out to be a disappointing 2nd half of his contract. Not sure that’s the route they want to go.

  • Feelings TBD.

    Maybe the Nash return elevated my expectations, but I feel lukewarm about this deal with no Sergachev, Foote, or Raddysh coming back.

    • Addition by Subtraction. McD has awful numbers and we won’t do a long term deal with him. JT is duplicated by Spooner. Now need these kids to flourish in a system. Will it be AV’s system?

      • It’s not a terrible deal, but I like Miller alot, and McDonagh is probably the most coveted deadline acquisition out there unless Karlsson gets moved.

        So, to not get one of Tampa’s top prospects is disappointing.

      • SalMerc… it will be very hard to watch the new kids on the block get schooled by AV. For whatever…….Would like to see a young coach who is with todays players (mindset) come in and teach and not by some disjointed illogical, confidence eroding of benching in games. Young guys and rookies make mistakes, school them in practice not in game. Doing that is the equal of a game penalty, hurts lines and causes murmurs up and down the bench.
        GMJG has done a really good job in cleaning the cupboard and restocking it. Seems Rangers are getting some financial room. Still feel for all the guys who are gone and wish them all health and hockey success.
        Now onto the cup!

    • Sticktap, Chris. I’m also a bit crestfallen over this move.

      Stevie Y. might be the best GM in the game. Today he proved it.

      Insofar as Gorton got over on the Bs–impressively–without any of the Tampa troika you mentioned–for a franchise cornerstone–this one’s open to question.

      At the same time, I see AV’s imprint on Miller’s inclusion. And that’s even more troubling.

  • Well folks, we got what everyone was screaming for, a haul for Mac Truck. That said, we got another #1, a #2, quality players, but lost our best d-man, and JT, whom I believe will be missed very much by this team. Good luck to both, they were proud Rangers, and I wish them all the success in the world.


    I’ll be pulling for Tampa in the PO’s, anyone other than Cindy, Igor, and the rest of that sorry organization!!!!!!!!!

    • Walt, you got your wish! 4 picks in the first 40 slots and 7, possibly 8, in the first 100. I like those odds!

      Good luck Rangers South! Go win us another first round pick!

      • Chris

        Yes I did, and it will be fun watching kids with hustle in their game again, rather than some walking in your sleep players going thru the motions. Exciting times for the organization, and we the fans!!!!!!!!! Now all I need for my Christmas to come early is to give AV his walking papers like today………..

  • Sad to see Mack go but not the least bit surprised. Really felt he was not happy here anymore and the whole captain thing took a large toll on him. He was a great Ranger for many years. Thank you and wish you all the greatest success. Really hope it is you drinking out of the Cup and not Hagelin again this year. One of the best Rangers in my adult life.

    Not happy at all about losing Jt Miller. In my opinion Mack was worth everything Tampa gave us and that should have been all for what we got. You never know but maybe JT miller wanted to leave also but not likely being as he was still playing even last night. This is what I feared with dealing with Tampa …Yzerman forcing Gorton into giving something up he probably didn’t really want to trade.

    Remember he traded ST. Louis who was forcing him to trade him openly and only to the Rangers..and still got Sather or Gorts to give him a 1st and a conditional 1st plus Callahan. But we will all be witnesses to how this all pans out over the next few years. So good luck to all involved and here is to Rangers winning it all this season …I mean Tampa….I mean Rangers …I mean Tampa….lol. ..Stralman, Giardi, Mack, Callahan, JT, lol…Yzerman got the best of what was left of those playoff teams now.

    1 thing I just noticed was Namestnikov is only 5’11” another small center.

    Personally I think JT could have fetched a 1st by himself at the very least. But I won’t cast stones til I hear the official version.

    • JT Miller — 6-1 220 pounds
      –physical player who never gets hurt
      — 20-25 or so goals a year

      Namestnikov– for 5-11 180 pounds
      — non physical player
      — year older and
      –20-25 goals a year or so
      So what was the point of this trade….????? To get smaller and less physical????

      • Rich S, SPOT ON AGAIN!! I liked what Gorton did up until this trade. Steve Yzerman must have wet dreams when it comes trading with the Rangers. I do not think we got nearly enough in return, he fleeced us AGAIN!!. If Tampa wins the CUP this year ( and now they just might, and I hope they do!!!) , Stevie Y should drink from it and SHOUT OUT LOUD,Thanks NY RANGERS for making this dream a reality!!!

        • Smallest and SOFTEST team , maybe ever to lace up the skates!!!!!!!
          Rangers changing their name to the NY Smurfs……..
          Rangers continue to build in the wrong direction……

  • Hey guys it’s been a while!

    Am still reading every article n every post hehehehe..

    Hard to find the time to post nowadays but am still here.. Big smiley face.

    I just had to chime in and say that I don’t know why nobody is talking about those 2 guys in the McD-J. T. deal… F Brett Howden and D Libor Hajek.?

    Guys they aren’t your regular, ordinary, semi farm team shoe ins lol.

    Both drafted in 2016 with one of em picked in first round and the other chosen 37th.

  • Anyone bother to see where we were with McD, JT, Nash, Grabner and Holden? That’s right, not a playoff team.

    We might not be one next year either, but with resources and youth and promise. More than we had before these trades!

  • Sad day.

    Rangers really need to get lucky with the lottery to start the rebuild on the right foot. All these trades brought in some quality talent, but no elite franchise players. As was the issue with the last several Ranger teams, the lack of a true superstar(s) still hampers them.

    Ton of draft capital so I have to imagine more deals will be in the works leading up to the draft.

    • Exactly. Seeing alot of people way too happy about this deal. Sure, lots of good pieces, but nothing gamebreaking, which is what we need if this rebuild is to mean anything.

      • The gamebreaker(s) will come in the draft. We’re going to have our own pick, which will be in the top 6, and we have plenty of pieces to use to move up for another very high pick. And, depending on the pieces he winds up with after the lottery, don’t be surprised if Gorton makes at least a try for the #1 overall.

        • ^ this guys knows what he speaks of…I am 100 % on board. If Gorts takes 2-1st rounds and a second to get #1overall and Dahlen. He is surrounded by the others acquired and coming up do you make this deal? It’s time the NHL gave the NYR the #1 overall pick!

      • Now do I address you as Skipper, or Gilligan?

        Since we’re heading to “some uncharted, desert isle” just put me next to a sequined Ginger, will you Hat?

        Can the Professor get MSG on that little handheld radio?

  • I have to think there are quite a few more trades soon

    Looking for Tampa to win the Cup….early exit for Bruins….that 1st round pick then gets better

  • Does anyone else get the impression the Rangers settled for quantity over quality? Not in love with any of these trades.

    • We got enough good defensemen prospects to ensure a handful of decent-to-good NHLers, and Howden seems like a sure thing to be a solid top six forward. The thing with prospects is that they, even the good ones, are not guarantees. So having a lot of promising players assures at least a few of these guys will materialize.

    • Spot on Five hole……
      In all 3 trades we gave away the best 4 players…..and got back quantity…..lots of quantity……I would have rather gotten 2 superior players or even prospects for the 4 best players we gave away!!!!!!!!!
      We are building a young , small, mediocre team……..
      Gorton settled for 2nd tier players/prospects….and not one top 20 , first round pick!!!!!!

      • Rich

        Have to disagree with you on this, the two prospects from Tampa will make this trade a success, and by no means are they small. Both are listed at 6’2″, now beef them up with some muscle!!!!!

        Being a Mac Truck fan, as well as JT, I’d do this trade again, with the quality we got, and the potential of a second #1 if Tampa succeeded. That ain’t hay my man……….

        • Walt,
          several questions …and comments…
          1. How can you know either will be any good, they have yet to play 1 game in the NHL? We traded them the best two players in the deal and didn’t receive any of their 3 top prospects/players— Brayden Point, sergachev or koekkoek…….
          2. We traded Miller 6-1 220 [big and physical] …a slighty better scorer and a year younger than Nem…. 5-11 180
          [ small and non physical] …….???/Why????
          3. The two best players in the deal were mcdonagh and miller…..we got back the 3rd best player and some prospects which who knows……
          4. Yzerman is infinitely smarter than gorton/sather ….no arguement here right? When was yzerman ever fleeced in a deal?
          5. The tampa lightening blogs are calling it a heist for tampa!!!
          6. We need to change our team name to NY Smurfs…..this team is not made for the playoffs,thats for certain….

          • Rich

            Stevie Y is a great GM, but don’t think that JG is another Sather, he isn’t. I loved Miller, but the guy isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw, and had a habit of disappearing for weeks at a time. Hell I thought he went AWOL on many occasions, but I liked his physicality. AV had to have some input in this case, never liked JT, and the poor kid had a pine tree growing out of the cheeks of his ass on numerous occasions.

            The game is getting away from the physical aspect, to my chagrin, but that’s reality, and now it’s skill, speed, and more speed. It’s more of a thinking man’s game, no more neanderthals, sorry JT isn’t a thinking man my friend.

            I want to be an optimist, and look long term. We had a good run with the likes of Mac Truck, JT, Nash, et al, but time goes on, and it’s time for a major overhaul, so this is a very good step in that direction. Keep the faith my man, until proven otherwise, this should be a golden opportunity for a team that will give us thrills for a long time!!!!!

          • Rich

            One more point, is it me, or do you agree Mac Truck doesn’t seem to play with the piss and vinegar that he did in years past. Maybe his girlfriend Daisy being traded away, or carrying Girardi for so long, and logging in all those hours, may have taken their toll on the guy!!!! His heart doesn’t seem to be in it as in the past………..

          • Agree, mcdonagh ‘s game has softened a bit….but I think its from too many blocked shots, too many minutes, worn down and too many injuries…..
            He will have his minutes cut in tampa playing 2nd pair and should flourish as soon as he heals all up….
            Disagree with JT analysis…..he may be a streaky scorer BUT he outscores the tampa guy….Nem…..and always gives 100%….even announcers mentioned that the other night…faster, bigger, better scorer, more physical….to me a no brainer!!!!!!!

  • I like the salary we save in the next contracts VS. the style of play given the younger talent we are going to have.

    RM and JT were both going to require raises.


  • I don’t understand this deal. There’s an old caution about trading within the division. I think that one is silly. However, I don’t like trading with general managers who are smarter than you. As for the personnel, you can’t win without some stars. I see one star leaving and none coming back. Do the Rangers have even one legit first pair defenseman on the horizon?

  • Not sure it can happen, but with Rangers having 19 games left, I sure would like to see both Chytil and Anderson playing now up to a max allowed 10 games.

  • Just like the Holden trade, the Grabner trade, and the Nash trade, I love every one of them. Every one.

    We are rebuilding. These aren’t hockey trades to win the ultimate prize next year.
    Namestnikov 25, a TRUE top six player another former first round pick
    Howden 19, 6’2″ center taken 27th overall by a SMART GM.
    Hajek, 20, 6’2″ D-man taken 37th overall by a SMART GM
    A first round pick this year. and a second next year unless Tampa wins the Cup then it turns into a first.

    I know having so many picks, and I dare say high picks in a draft is very foreign to us Ranger fans. Instead of watching other teams get fat with draft picks, some of which were ours, traded away for past their expiration date vets, we are picking high, and as important, OFTEN.

    This is a GM who has a plan for the future.
    McD would have gotten a ton of $ after next season. Miller was one of my favorite Rangers. Always playing hard, even though he was jerked around by AV.

    Tampa paid a step price for one exceptional hockey player and a versatile wing who will FLOURISH under another head coach. Mark my words. FLOURISH.

    JG you ‘done’ EXCELLENT !

    • I agree, JT has all the talent and is still only 24. Anxious to see how he does with a real coach.

    • Jerry

      I have to concur with your analysis of the trades made. As for JT, I posted earlier today that he will be missed, and I would have loved to see the guy play for a different coach, just to see if he could have fulfilled his potential. Bottom line, we did OK today, and it’s going to be an exciting day when the draft comes. LGR!!!!!!!

      • You’ll get your wish, just not for a Ranger’s head coach.

        What scares me, a LOT, is that AV may not be gone after the season ends. Miller was obviously not one of AV’s favorites.

        I was going to watch this years playoffs and not pull for any one team, just watch our (ex)players skate wearing other sweaters. Although I would be rooting against the Flyers and Penguins.

        Now I will be pulling for Tampa.

        • Jerry

          Not to open a can of worms but isn’t it funny just this past week someone, I don’t recall who, got all over another poster when he said that JT hated the coach, and was berated for it. Funny how time proves people to be right don’t you think????????

  • The Rangers must have their eyes on a particular First Rounder…..that is the only way I can rationalize this deal. Who is the top pick this year? We have two picks – right?

    I was willing to trade Mac – as much as I hated it – because I thought we could get a huge return for him. I thought the game had already taken a huge toll on Mac’s body and worried he was going to find himself on the DL more and more…..

    But Miller too? No don’t see it…..Makes no sense

    • Playground,
      As I said Miller was one of my favorite Rangers. Always played hard. I really hated to see him go.
      That said you have to give to get and I feel JG did get a great return for McD and Miller.

      If JG does have his eye on anyone in particular not named Dahlin or Svechnikov (sorry if I screwed up the spelling) I hope its Brady Tkachuk.
      6’3″, can skate, can shoot, great hockey IQ and just as mean as his father Keith.

  • Well – I guess the biggest decision I have now is what jersey to wear to the lightning game tonight…..

    Thinking the Ranger jersey might be more appropriate 🙂

  • So the probable game plan(updated:)

    1: Play a more doctrinaire style so new coach can see what he’s working with for next season. ✅

    2: Play the kids to see what the team has without losing expansion draft protection. ✅

    3: Deal any moveable asset that won’t be essential for a new window starting from 2019-20✅(Just Zucc remaining)

    4: Stockpile future assets to possibly make deals or draft to slot players in the assembly line to extend the window. Draft & develop allows you to trade certain players for more picks farther out.✅

    5: Put together a team for 2018-19 season with the post deadline core accented by players on short term deals. If it works: great. If it doesn’t, repeat current process.

    • I have no idea why zucc overrides this rebuild process. he is an aging undersized not elite talent. move on.

      • He shouldn’t.

        Just guessing how market prices collapsed after the Kane deal they didn’t want to sell at that price and I’m fine with that.

  • We may have done better if we had traded JT Miller in a separate deal. I liked the Nash deal, but why trade our only top stud D at age 27?

  • Think of all the cap room they will have to make a run at John Tavares.

    Tavares, Zib, Anderson, and Chytil sounds great.

    • Oh this will never happen. That is just a insane man talking. You are so stupid. No Islander will ever come to the Rangers!

      You guys love me don’t you!

      Don’t worry I love you right back!

  • A lot of things to like about all of the trades. They have definitely gotten a lot of future D-men. They are going full rebuild, that is for sure. The only hesitancy I have at all is watching Miller go too. Kid is hot and cold, but I think on a hot night he has some magic in his hands. He is young and I hope he has a long and productive career. Same for a real class guy, Ryan McDonough. I think his deal had to be made now with his UFA looming after next season. Sure, he will be missed. As will Nash, Grabner and JT.

    But, they have a bunch of prospects now and a heck of a lot of picks. They can work deals galore and possibly trade up. Draft day is going to be exciting for Ranger fans for a change.

    • IMHO this just way to early to judge all of it. Gorton and Sather can still pull a pavel Brendl here with all these 1st round picks. I would not count my eggs just yet. Remember who we are dealing with.

      I give full marks to going all in on a rebuild though. Takes guts and I can respect that. Just feel like yzerman is the worst person to deal with in these situations. And we all know that these 2 guys in Gorton and Sather are not going anywhere even if this all flops and the rangers are a horrible team for the next 5 to 10 years.

  • I’m not feeling this trade. I think we settled and that’s not the right reason to do a trade. The return is ok, but without Shepachev, Point or Foote I walk away. One of our biggest problems is we always expect B grade talent. We never hold out for top players, only when they’re over the hill, then we sign them for 7 years and buy them out. So great we are drafting and rebuilding. But these were our 2 of our most valuable assets. You need to do better. We had done good up to this point, but as good as a 3 rd is for Holden I feel like Gorton fumbled here. And this conditional draft pick is not the same as St Louis deal. We only had to make it to the Stanley cup final for our 2nd to become a first. They have to win for us to get that 2nd to a first. My next trade would be to trade our scouts for the scouts from Nashville or Winnepeg as they seem to ha e this draft thing figured out.
    Good Luck McD and Miller.

  • ESPN grades this as an A for us. “Home run into the bleachers”. It’s one of their highest ranked deals.

    Then again, these are the people who said that Holden’s strength was his “defensive acumen”.

  • Since the lockout, every team prior to winning the cup had at least one top 5 pick, except the Detroit Red Wings. I think Gorton is going to package two of his three first rounders to go after Dahlen. We really need an elite talent somewhere in the lineup.Are there any other elites in the top 3?

    • Rangers have a shot at the 4 seed going into the lottery, which is just shy of 10% in the draw. Other candidates at the top end of the lottery.

      Colorado(with Ottawa’s pick) has a decent team, both now and going forward. Would likely listen on pick before lottery, would need to be better than what Rangers have.

      Arizona is a mess, but have been playing better over the last month. Would need a serious win now haul to move before the lottery, Rangers don’t have that anymore.

      Buffalo is a mess, but ownership is impatient and can be easily swindled. Would need to be a win now+ package.

      The Rangers would need to package the Tampa/Boston picks to move up to 10-15 along with maybe something else. Then you have to take that puck and package it with something to get another lottery ticket.

      • Edmonton might be ripe for a trade. They think this was just a horrible off-year after last year’s success. It would take at least a roster player (or two) plus a 1st rounder.

        • Oilers likely to finish ahead of the Rangers. Only 2 pts down with a game in hand, Rangers will get swept on the upcoming trip.

          • Nah, Rangers win 75% of their games going forward. 😉 I kid I kid. Actually don’t be that surprised if they show a marked improvement from now to the end of the season. A big weight has been lifted off the players even if more changes are likely to come before draft day — not to mention we’re getting healthy.

          • An undersized D from Hartford that bled shots there, even less forward support, a bunch of teams fighting for playoff positions. Or teams that hate the Rangers. StL might be the only win on the schedule and I doubt that.

    • Yes, but possibly a step down from Dahlin who is the unanimous 1st pick. That said, it might take all 3 picks to get the 1st pick, If we can finish in the 5th slot (which is looking possible) we might still be able to get in the top 3 without having to make a trade. In that case I stay put unless as you suggest it only takes 2 first round picks.

    • Stevesse
      I wish I could agree but except for Gorton/sather/milbery/esposito GM;\’s are not stupid enough to give up a ”franchise” player a truckload of mediocre ones!!!!!!

  • Assuming the boys don’t make the playoffs, and I don’t think that a stretch, Than I am all in on rooting for TBL to win a CUP this year. This was a trade that had to be made, management is going in a different direction. Keeping McD, would still be part of the old direction. In order for him to help win a Cup, he would have to be re-signed, at that point he is just another aging defenseman on a big contract. As sad as it is to see him go (it was way too much fun watching him play for the Rangers) it is something that needed to be done. We are in total re-build mode, I, for one, am loving it. Loading up on picks and young talent is what I’ve wanted for a long time. They are doing it right, McD needed to go. It’s all about picking the right guys! It can be done. Good Luck to all the lost Rangers, but LGR!!

  • Hi all, I wanted time to digest all this before I spewed my BS upon you all. So now that I have had time to think about this, this is what I think:

    #1. This (now former) group just didn’t get it done. 2013-14 came the closest and while on the surface it seemed like the Rangers team after that were similar, they were not. Giving up guys like Stralman, Brian Boyle, and Hagelin proved devastating. It was downhill from there.

    #2. 5 on 5 play was awful for the team. They became opportunity type scorers, meaning they were “one and done” shooters as opposed to driving play and possessing the puck. This style works in Oct and Nov but not in Apr, May, and June.

    #3. The lack of offensive skill is extremely evident. Lack of “scoring hands” as evidenced by the fact that no one wants to shoot and they are always passing to get the “tap in” goal. Snipes? Never.

    #4. Lack of speed. They were a quick team in early parts of the seasons but only because the other teams didn’t start playing until January. Now the Rangers look slow.

    #5. Bleeding shots due to lack of mobility on the back end. Not to mention the detriment the back end caused in 5 on 5 play and the mere breaking out of the own zone to attack on the offensive end.

    #6. All this necessitated a major change in direction. So what have they done? Accumulated young assets, including picks. They tried to acquire fast skating and better skilled young players. Some will stay and some, including picks, will be traded at the draft.

    #7. Rangers are far from done. The tank is on that will lead to a top 5 pick, which may turn into a higher pick if they trade up.

    #8. The chances of making a trade for a top NHL player at the draft? Very good. I’m hearing that the Rangers have several targets for trade, that are major NHL stars. I do not know who they are. But I here the Rangers have a plan here, and the first step was to acquire young assets for trade.

    #9. My record for this trade deadline:
    I said Grabner was going to be traded the day he was traded. Check.
    I said that Nash would be traded on Sunday. Check.
    I said that McD was 50/50 to get traded based on the return. I was not completely right on this one.
    I said that either Zuc or Miller would be traded. Check.
    I thank my friends who kept me in the loop, supplying me good, factual info.

    #10. My take on this trade. We all hated to see McD go, but the bottom line is that McD was not getting re-signed here. Rangers feel that he’s starting to physically breakdown and a big contract would not have been justified. Miller, as good as he is, is dumber than a door knob. He is not very smart and he will be limited in his ceiling because of it. I hear that he’s stubborn to the point of stupidity and the Rangers wanted a fresh start from him. So the Rangers did not get Serg but they did get, what appears to be, possibly 2 firsts and 3 B+ and above prospects. Time will tell but the assets are there now for future moves.

    #11. My gut feeling. Rangers are in on OEL or Trouba or even Karlsson at the draft. Also, an offensive NHL star may be in the mix as well. I think Nash re-signs, Kovy may come, and Grabner “may” re-sign as I am not so sure about him. May not be room for him. I think they like Spooner (JT Miller replacement) and he may stay since he can play wing. Definitely new coach coming (to be determined).

    Interesting time for sure. Will it work? Who knows. But 2 Cups in almost 80 years, maybe it was time for a change, huh? LGR!! (But continue to tank this year, LOL).

    • With the ankle/Achilles, even with a full look at his medical reports and put him through a full MRI, I wouldn’t touch Karlsson with a 10′ pole. I know his skill level, but the stories about resections and bone shaving to get to blood flow going on a guy who want big money & max term scare me right out of the room.

      The Rangers are in a great spot to rebuild and the risk doesn’t nearly make up for the reward. The kind of contract where you get it wrong and you’re 6 years away from competing again instead of 1 or 2.

      Coyotes will listen on OEL, but it’s give away the store levels of return. That’s not where the Rangers are at.

      Trouba can get moved, but is a RD needed that badly right now? By the time the team is ready to be dominant, you’re looking to move him? Not saying no, but this a hard question they need to answer for themselves.

      What’s the 3D you have to protect as of now?

      Seriously. Shattenkirk? No. DeAngelo? Not yet. Pionk, Sproul? Nope.

      • Skjei-Trouba
        Smith (he redeems himself)-Shatty

        Plus, new coach and maybe an actual “system” to work off of.

        I think big moves are coming. There’s a plan.

        • But who are the 3 you have to protect?

          Staal is actually one of the 3, but he’ll be bought out before then.

        • Tony

          You don’t see any other changes in the defense, say like Sean Day coming up?? We got some very decent young d-men in return for our players, I’m thinking Rykov, or Hajek, to possibly be in the equation!!!!!!!

          • Yeah they could Walt, but I was going by what they have now.

            Rykov probably not here until the following year. But Hajek could definitely be in the mix for next year, yes.

            Plus there will be adds to this group this offseason.

        • I think Spooner and Namestnikov are solid players and should be part of the future. They will most likely be resigned over the summer. I agree with you that will acquire a defenseman at some point. I think Smith will be given a chance tor redeem himself.

          I think there is a good chance Zucc and/or Hayes will b moved over the summer.

          • Smith will definitely get a 2nd chance, the Rangers at least have to try with his contract.

            I think the Rangers like Hayes a lot. I can see Zuc moved, they did try this past trade deadline.

            It will be interesting to see who they make Captain. That could tell you who stays and who may be going.

    • It all a team toughness thing, a goon does nothing.

      Messier’ 1st season in NY was amazing in that regard. Everybody had everybody else’s back. Graves would go if anybody looked at moose the wrong way, guys like Harpo would drop, everybody played a foot taller.

        • DeAngelo is not a big kid. Yet he gets into scrums all the time. The Mighty Zuccarello is a Hobbit, but he’ll shove and jostle a guy twice his size. Hit their teammate the wrong way and both of them will go after who did it no matter who it is. You don’t need goons. You need a bunch of guys who know how to stick up with each other and have some cojones.

          • I agree my friend. Anyone can be a “protector” if they choose to. Goons are a thing of the past.

        • Agreed, it seems like Kreids is the only one on the team now that will stick up for his teammates (a good amount of the time at least). The team leadership has a lot to do with that like you guys said and another thing I like about these trades is we’ve gotten some character guys that are already leaders on their teams that hopefully will continue when they make it to the big club.

          Also why I’m getting more sold on Brady Tkachuk, I’d love to see us somehow get him being a big body that has skill and will provide that grit.

          • this is fine depending on your draft slot. do not make a mcilrath mistake again.

          • Agreed, Tkachuk is supposed to be better than his brother, skill wise, which is saying something. It would be nice if the Rangers had a shot to draft him, but I want Zadina, assuming that we do not have the first pick.

  • Hey guys, never posted on here but figured this was as good a time as ever. Obviously not getting Sergachev/Foote/Point, etc left a lot of people (myself included) a little disappointed but to insist that we got fleeced here I think is a little ridiculous. The more I read on these kids we got, the more I like them. Of course they’re not big names right now but both have the potential to be solid NHL players from what I can tell. I particularly like Howden too given he’s a big center and it looks like we might have a log jam forming up the middle with Zib, Hayes, Chytil, Andersson, etc. which is always a good thing. Still would prefer JT over Namestikov but as of right now they’re pretty close and might be considered a wash (unless JT starts going off not playing under AV which is very much possible).

    Anyway, I’m really excited for the draft/offseason, we definitely have enough assets to make a huge splash whether it’s trading up into potentially the top 5 or even trade for a current superstar or maybe do both (one can hope). Maybe I’m being a little too optimistic but, put that on top of the fact that we’re gonna have a ton of cap space to sign some studs and this rebuild won’t take long at all.

    Also, has anyone read/seen anything about Tavares potentially signing with us this summer? Probably a pipe dream but who knows with all the money we’ll able to throw at him it might be hard to say no.

    • I can tell you this, if Tavares somehow does not re-sign with the Isles, which I think that he will, the Rangers will go all in for him.

      • I think he signs with the Isles again. But, if not, the Rangers will have an intriguing amount of cap space. A leader to show the kids how its done? Yeah, that would work.

        • I think he re-signs too pal, but if not, the Rangers will be right there with an offer, bank on it. The Rangers will be intent on adding at least one elite player this offseason.

  • I think JG had a good three days. The peopel saying we got fleeced are reacting emotionally. We all remember the player MCD was prior to this year when we see his name. Problem is he isnt that same player although he is still good just not great.

    Miller is an enigma. You never get any consistency from him except the playoffs where he is non existent. Vlad Nam is a better and more consistent player.

    The kids they brought in, particularly Lindgren ( A faster left handed Kevin Klein before the injuries)

    Hedjek was outstanding in the WJC for The Czechs ! JG obviously watched him and was excited by his upside.

    Howden was one of if not the best of the gold medal winning Canadian team. He is a good player who projects as a really good 2c.

    We have 3 first round picks in a draft considered extremely deep. We also have 2 twos and two 3s! Thats almost 10% of the first 88 players. This is the year to get lots of picks and rebuild. Thas what JG is doing and he isnt close to being done.

    Exciting times!

    • I think with the potential logjam of centers we have that unless a few more trades are made (i.e. Mika and/or Hayes) that Howden ends up on the wing. He’s got that simple north south game, is strong along the boards and comes away with pucks. He seems like a candidate for that switch more so than say a Chytil or a Andersson. Just my opinion.

  • I guess I am really not that far off with the Taveras idea now am I? How did I see that way back in November and just now the band wagon is tagging along?

    Look if defense won cups then Nashville should have won last year. That was about as good of a defense as it gets in it’s prime. But it is just a simple numbers game with hockey…6 defensemen vs. 12 forwards…for 60 minutes. 9 times out of 10 the 6 defensemen will tire out before the 12 forwards.

    These trades as a overall are all solid. Got some players for today and alot of players for tomorrow. Leaves Gorton in a solid place with the High card. If the tank continues and we end up in the bottom 5 of the league we are really looking good. Could be a much faster turn a round then the 3 years I predicted.

    Now if the signing of Taveras comes to fruition and the team gels around him and he can shoulder the leadership role to the younger players …boy oh boy we have got a contender for a long time. I do realize it is a big if! I just kept saying to myself I find it weird that the Andersson kid kept saying how he compares himself to Taveras. Either he really wanted to play for the islanders or it was a fluff tactic. So I was and am going with the latter. Pad the mans ego and give him a place he can shine. Add to the fact that Gorton stated after the loss to Ottawa that we had no super star and yet we competed for a long time with the best. It was a direct hint he wanted a generational talent to come to NY at a young age. And everyone in the scouting department in the nhl placed Andersson at best in the 20’s yet we took him 7th overall in the draft? Just didn’t add up. I figured at that moment there was a plan in place to try and bring a superstar in.

    All of this aside ….lets see how the rest of the season roles along. Still have 20 something games to lose or win. This will define whether or not AV is here next year or not. If he doesn’t get the team to gel and cant get them to compete then I have to go with the crowd and say he is gone. But if the opposite happens and by the end the season rangers are winning and players start to outperform expectations well get ready for another 2 years of gum chewing. sorry to you haters out there.

    I personally really hope that there is no Pavel Brendl move in this years draft for us. I really hope he takes what he has and uses it to the best of his ability and all the guys in scouting. Even number 1 picks as I have stated have a only a 60 or 70 percent success rate of making the NHL. Look if we can’t sign JT then so be it. But I can’t be mad if they went with a plan and failed. I can be mad if they had no plan and failed. But honestly think there has been a plan in place since last year to try a grab a Crosby type player. Only now at this point are we all aware of it.

    Let us all watch and see how everything plays out cause that is all we can do. But here is to a brighter future and a hope for a cup in the next 5 years. Even if Hank at that point is just a backup.

    • Tavares has been pretty emphatic that of all the teams out there he hates the Rangers the most. I get the feeling there would be no hometown discount here and that would make his cost prohibitive. I also have no doubt though that Gorton would kick the tires, it’s pretty much mandatory.

      PS: I wouldn’t put so much stock in “And everyone in the scouting department in the nhl placed Andersson at best in the 20’s yet we took him 7th overall in the draft?” Andersson was just a safe pick, someone whose upside probably doesn’t include Top line duty.

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