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Rangers recall John Gilmour, assign Brendan Smith to Hartford

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The Hartford moves keep coming. Defenseman John Gilmour has been recalled, and it’s expected he isn’t being recalled just to sit on the bench. The 24 year old has a line of 6-20-26 in 44 games this year. He was also Hartford’s lone representative in the AHL All Star Game.

He and Neal Pionk will replace Brendan Smith, who cleared waivers and was assigned to the Pack this afternoon, and at least one other defenseman.

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      • And the scratch may be Kampfer, BUT having seven defensemen does give the Rangers the flexibility to make an abrupt trade. That MIGHT have played into the decision.

        • They leave for a 4 game road trip after tonight. My guess is they want Gilmour acclimated if they need him or decide to use him over Kampfer.

          A trade would be very nice though

        • Still day to day, though he will definitely miss a few more. Remember IR is pretty cheap in the NHL. You can backdate and the player doeasn’t have to be on very long (10 days?). And they needed room for Gilmour, so either Buch or Vesey or Staal – Staal is best as he is a defenseman like Gilmour.

      • Similar to the way AV treats certain players, where those players get the brunt of his ire, we feel obliged to do the same to him.

        I blame him for my bad days, lol. Kidding. Or am I?


        • At least you can have a sense of humor about it!

          It’s just that stupid mindless blind AV hate like this crap is what pushes my buttons. And kudos to Leather if he is smart enough to be doing this on purpose. But I doubt this post is not his true reaction to this move.

          Personally I would love to hear why it should be Graves (10 points in 48 games) over Gilmore. And further why this is solely an AV issue and not a decision made by the management team.

          I’m sure I won’t get those answers but one can dream!

          • I really don’t hate the guy, I just believe that he could be a really great coach if he wouldn’t let his stubbornness get in the way.

            I thought about Graves too and my friend, who is in the know, said that Graves is an AHL lifer.

            The guy to watch is Crawley, 20 year old shut down D man, in addition to Pionk and Gilmour.

    • My people tell me that Graves is an AHL lifer, that’s why he’s not here.

      He’s been passed by Pionk, Gilmour, and Crawley, at the very least.

      I wondered why he wasn’t called up either but there is the answer.

      • This has been clear for ages. I do not know whether or not Graves is any good. However, I do know that the failure to call him up last April meant that the organization no longer viewed him as a prospect.

          • Hey, I was no longer a prospect at 8.

            and to be clear, the organization has true prospects and whimsical prospects (usually former prospects) – and sometimes the whimsical guys make unexpected strides.
            In fact, I don’t think Gilmour was anything more than whimsical when the season started. He was so bad last year and I imagine he mostly was kept because his ELC hadn’t expired yet and you never know what will happen.

        • I’m disappointed in Graves, when he was in camp here it looked like he could be something, guess not.

      • That’s what you get when you draft in the 150th round, hopes that a player turn into a star, from a turd! I know nothing about this kid, but I really didn’t expect too much either when he was drafted, so I’m not disappointed………..

    • Leather-

      I don’t get your obsession with Graves. Is he even a legit NHL prospect anymore? Seems like he’s been in the organization so long, he may have been minor league teammates with Kovalev. 🙂

      But if you are upset here, seems to me your ire should be directed at Gorton and his staff. AV likely has zero to do with this decision.

      • E3 – remember when I said Brendan Smith wasn’t nearly as good as people thought this summer? Well I was wrong – I didn’t expect him to be this bad this fast haha.

        “This might be a little bit drastic but management and coaches felt it was the way to go for the team right now.” – AV

        I don’t think this was AV’s decision.

      • Agree that AV at this point likely has no input nor should he. Instead of trying to develop young talent (like the Bruins, Flyers, Hurricanes, etc.) did to great benefit later in the season as they learned from their mistakes, AV is more comfortable playing untalented veterans like the Kampfers of the world. Sure Graves may prove to be an AHL lifer but he is only 22. Kampfer is almost 30 and certainly a career AHLer but to AV he was solid, and worthy of playing ahead of a younger talent who might develop.

        AV may be OK leading a veteran team trying to win the cup but he would unquestionably be a disaster for where the Rangers appear to be heading next season.

    • I think they offered him a contract, and all of the contracts he got at that same time were in the same ballpark monetarily, but it was his choice to go to Columbus where he thought he would crack the NHL sooner, possibly.

      • You are correct that after his good year in Hartford (not on the 50 man roster), the Rangers definitely wanted to sign him and it was his choice, not theirs, that he went elsewhere.

  • No one picked up B Smith off waivers I take it. Another poor signing by Gorton. He should of just kept Girardi.

    • In fairness, good general managers make good moves and bad moves. Bad general managers make good moves and bad moves. The difference is that good GMs make more of the former while bad GMs make more of the latter.

      • I enjoy your cerebral approach to each situation…decision-makers are like generals who have to make decisions based on facts and instincts. Gorton has not demonstrated to me yet that he is a sharp judge of talent…this is the moment of truth for him.

        • I agree. I have yet to get enough of the flavor of his decisions to know how many good ones and how many clunkers to expect.

          Interestingly, the Stepan trade was really two moves – getting the 7th pick, then deciding who to choose with it.

    • When Tampa signed Girardi they made a lot of noise about playing him in the top 4, Cooper said he might he even play with Hedman. Reality set in as time went by. When Hedman went down there was no talk of Dan moving up from 3rd pair. Dan’s minutes have been diminishing steadily.The Tampa signing of Dan has really been a bust although for a team going for it he is OK on the 3rd pair.

      For the Rangers moving on from Dan certainly proved to be the right thing, notwithstanding that Brendan decided to celebrate his big contract last summer, get married and party a lot and come in out of shape. At least there is a chance he will take the demotion as a wake up call and get himself back to where he was in last years playoffs. Can’t imagine what Dan will bring to the table next season but it won’t be much and it wouldn’t help our rebuild.

  • I hate to tell all you loyal Brendan Smith fans I told you so, but I told you so. Even Kampher is better

  • What is every ones opinion on the way the kids played last night .Hope AV has been told to give these kids minutes going ahead for the rest of the season , AND INTO THE PLAYOFFS LOL. When McT comes back in just sit Kampfer or Holden , Staal put on IR today . Only one game but they played well last night as did ADA
    This could very well the start of the re build for next year to see what we have , as long as AV plays them as he did last night .Pionk and Gilmour were on the ice in the last minute of the game with Calgary E/N and on the PP . Normally it would have been Holden and Kampfer and on too OT. Its a start just keep it going and let the kids play threw their mistakes which will be there going forward .
    GS/JG made a statement that we are giving up on winning the Cup this year , so let the kids play and make mistakes and correct them this year and not have to wait until next year .Make the last 28 games the beginning of the re build You never know you have to be in it to win it

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