2018 World Juniors: Andersson and Chytil continue to dominate

filip chytil

Lias Andersson and Filip Chytil are continuing to dominate on the world stage. I can go through everything they’ve done, but one tweet really sums it up:

For those keeping track, that’s Andersson who is tied for the lead in goals (4) and second in points (5). Chytil is actually one point behind (4) with two goals.

Again, we are lucky we have Alex Nunn to track these guys. Here are some of the highlights:

As we saw in the preseason, Chytil uses his body very well to shield the puck and keep control, allowing his teammates time to get open for chances. He really reminds me of Jaromir Jagr in that regard.

Perfect Swedish hockey right here. Andersson is the third man on the back check, takes away the centering pass.

More on Chytil being at the net all the time. Creates a goal this time.

He is also a pretty solid passer.

Some may think that because Andersson is playing with the likes of Elias Petersson and Rasmus Dahlin, his numbers will be skewed. Don’t think that for a second. This is why the Rangers took him seventh overall.

The future is bright for the Blueshirts.