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Rangers right the ship, blank Sens in strong defensive effort

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

The Rangers were looking to get back on track after losing two in a row, and did just that against Ottawa last night. The Rangers played strong defensive hockey (not perfect, but it’ll do) and made the most of their chances in the 3-0 win. They club really cemented the win after a brilliant PK after the Brendan Smith major/game misconduct.

The Rangers got a big two points against a team they may be fighting for a playoff spot down the road. It may not seem important in November, but it’s a four point swing against a potential playoff team. At this juncture, with how the Rangers have played, every point and every swing counts.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Sens 0

Jesper Fast was in deep to force the turnover along the boards. Jimmy Vesey got the puck, and his slot pass was deflected right to Fast, who got it across the slot line to Kevin Hayes. Hayes ripped it over Anderson’s glove.

Ranges 2, Sens 0

Another good forecheck leads to control for the Rangers. Marc Staal’s shot got deflected by Michael Grabner.

Rangers 3, Sens 0

Mika Zibanejad empty netter.

Score Adjusted Corsi 

This was relatively even throughout the game. There were swings in each direction, with Ottawa pouring it on in the third trying to tie it. They had chances, but those that got through were stopped by Hank.

Scoring Chances (not score adjusted)

The Rangers did a good job of limiting the Sens’ scoring chances. There are always going to be chances in games, but Hank came up big when he had to. The team defense did the rest after that.

Shift Chart

Here’s the shift chart. Nothing crazy in terms of benchings or double shifts. McDonagh and Holden got the Duchene line, no surprise there. A little surprising to see Skjei/Shatty get the Brassard line, though. But that is their second pair.

The Rangers have a little break before their next game on Wednesday night. We might see a Brendan Smith suspension in that time as well. You never know with the NHL nowadays.

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  • 2 5 on 5 goals, killed off a ridiculous 5 minute major, and a well deserved shutout.

    Good time to have a game like this before the losses started piling up again.

    I hope that Sens player is ok, unfortunate that he went into the boards like that, but no way is that a major.

    Hayes and Zuc had their best games in a while. Nash continues to play great and get snake bitten at the same time. He was dominant last night.

    One of the loudest roars from the crowd I’ve heard this year, was after that brilliant 5 minute kill. Not only no goals given up but one SOG on 7 attempts, that were not high danger. Just great.

  • Unfortunately I didn’t get to see what was a good game, but I love the score just the same!!!!!!!

  • Good game. Saw a good forecheck and minimal unforced turnovers in the N zone. Most important there were no passengers on this bus ride. seemed that everyone was involved and noticed. My conclusions , aside from the strategies/ system played, the team must have everyone going. You can always pick up one or two guys having a bad game. You cant hide 4 or 5 passengers. Last night everyone was working.

    PS can someone tell me what “playing fast means” Is that a concept or strategy? Doesn’t everyone one to play fast!

  • Good defensive effort last night. Back – checking and good goaltending. Zucc had a decent game, has anyone noticed, he does’t seem to be the same offensive threat this year as in the past? He isn’t that old to lose that much yet. Due to his size, he must rely on quickness and speed to be effective. Maybe, even as popular as he is, if the right deal comes along, maybe a trade for a younger prospect. McD has 12 assists, but this year, he doesn’t seem to be the excellent dominant player he once was either. Maybe a package for a good goal scorer or a high draft choice. Some of the younger guys coming up like Graves and Letteri could step in.

    • I agree. While these are NYR blue-bleeders, the time may be coming soon to cut ties and really rely on your youth movement.

      • It all depends on where the team is at approaching the trade deadline.

        If on the outside looking in but playing well, grab an expiring contract for a B prospect and see where it goes.

        If an 8 seed and playing like crap, sell high on the likes of McD & Zucc, play the kids and if it all goes to seed you have a shot at Dahlin and a new coach. If not, you’re still in the playoffs.

  • Even if the coach put a silly lineup in the team performed admirably. Owatta is a beatable team and we should have beat them last year. Our team is much more talented than Owatta and even on a bad day, we should not lose unless the coach F’s up like he’s trying to do.
    Thank heavens we have Fasth! Now we have a checking line of Nash Fasth and Hays! Hurray! That is what I call well-spent money.

    • Spot on comments RG…..
      Ottowa is nowhere as near talented as the rangers and I predicted rangers in 5 last playoffs………another AV underachieving playoff run!
      You are right on Fast and the checking line which can also score…….
      This team would be more complete had we kept Lindberg …….but at least its time to try Letteri!!!

      • Right…sure Rich. Last year in the playoffs had nothing whatsoever to do with your so-called “elite beasts” failing to show up—proving once again that they are neither “elite” nor “beasts”. It was all about the coach. Of course.

  • it was a great effort by the boys now it is time to start a new winning streak next game is in Raleigh we’ve got this

  • Seems to me we need to play at the very top of our to beat even mediocre teams. I still don’t think we have a stud.

    • You are correct Creature. It’s the no-margin-for-error Rangers, much as it has been for a decade now. Need a full team effort to win. There is no star (other than Hank) to bail us out.

      Real good win last night, but again, we are still a .500 team since mid-February. Our 5v5 on play has left a lot to be desired most games. When the PP isn’t working, it’s tough for this team to win—even though that’s what they did last night.

      Flip side….they have won what, 7 out of the last 9? Defense has improved by miles since the first 10 games. PK also has been mostly terrific. Hank is rounding into form, as he usually does. All good signs. Let’s see if they can get on a roll here again.

  • Just wanted to note that Thanksgiving has yet to pass and Michael Grabner has 9 goals. Yeah, I am a skutch ?

    • Thumbs up for “skutch” not your hockey post. LOL kidding pal.

      Imagine, he’s ahead of last year’s pace. Grabner is playing really well right now, even outside of goal scoring. He made several terrific back checks last night that do not show up on the stats sheet.

      • I have to admit, I did not believe there was any chance Grabner would come close to duplicating his output from last year. Very glad to be proven wrong!

        • The guy has definitely been a brilliant signing because this team seems to be the perfect fit for him and he is still in his prime. It is OK to be wrong 3E, we love ya anyways!

          • I said this before, but can you imagine if the reverse had happened, and Grabner had left the Rangers to go to Toronto, and then wound up shining there? Everyone out here would be roasting AV and using that as proof that the coach “ruined” the guy. Instead, the reverse happened, but you won’t hear anyone roasting the sainted Coach Babs or giving AV any credit at all. Just sayin….

        • You’re not the only one. Who would think that Grabner would duplicate last year?

          Bt it’s more than goals, Grabner is playing all facets of the game right now.

  • So we are at the quarter pole, so I always like to do my projections as to whose on track for a great or disappointing season.

    Projecting out….

    Mika. 40-40-80 (Stud!…..Even when he fades, and he will, he is still on track for a sensational season that might put him into the ranks of stardom in this league…something we haven’t had at forward in quite sometime!)

    Shatty. 20-48-68 (Norris candidate numbers. Yes, he can be a defensive liability, but this signing was well worth it!)

    Buchnevich 32-32-64 (Phenomenal sophomore season…..still has to learn the defensive side of the game, but again, another star in the making!)

    Zuc—12-52-64 (well, I am hoping to see the goals adjust up, and expect we will. Zuc is still a valuable piece of the puzzle. Heart and Soul player.)

    Miller—12-48-60 (Like Zuc, goal total is not acceptable, but he’s been pretty good so far. 60 points would be an excellent season for him, but he does need to score some goals…please!)

    (The question for all the guys in the top five, can they deliver consistently enough 5 v 5? If the answer is yes, this can be a special season).

    McDonagh— 0-48-48 (well, I assume at some point the Captain will score. The eye test still says he is really not having a good year. But 12 assists thus far is certainly nothing to sneeze at)

    Grabner— 36-8-44 (ummmmm….this will not be happening! :). I certainly have to eat crow on his goal scoring, but I would be shocked if he breaks 30 goals. Still, he is a weapon!)

    Nash—28-16-44 (we would take the 28 goals, which would be his second most as a Ranger. He’s been playing much better than his stats indicate).

    Kreider— 20-20-40 (on pace for the second worst output of his career. This is simply not good enough. yes, he has had his moments on the ice when he’s a pest in front of the net. Not saying he has played badly. But with all the hype on this guy, I certainly expect that he would be the player carrying the team by now.).

    Hayes— 20-16-36 (just like Kreider…needs to be MUCH better. That being said, props to him for making the adjustment as a 2C. He’s playing well defensively, so he gets a little bit of a pass. But 36 points would match his career low.).

    Need MORE from “elite beasts” Kreider and Hayes!

    For the most part, so far so good for our top players. If the defense and Hank continue on their upward trajectory, this is a team that just might surprise come Springtime…if they make it in what is likely to be a dogfight in the East for a playoff spot.

    • Lol you sound sour because Hayes nailed the coffin to “1C” Stepan. Now remember it’s more important in what the GM and coach think of him and they’re obviously really high on him.

    • Eddie!Eddie! Eddie!
      Like your analysis especially on Hayes and Kreider. They should score more and they waste their size. I feel they have great potential but also think they need to be challenged. Who says Hayes is the #2 center? And why do some think we need to bring up a center. Miller has done a good job at center and they should leave him there to develop and to push Hayes for that 2C spot. Why bring up someone with little to no NHL experience to be 3C.. If they are brought up we need a 4C. Face it Hayes and Miller is what we have that can fill the C role. Let them fight it out for 2C

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