Thoughts following the flurry of roster moves

anthony deangelo

The Rangers made three roster moves yesterday in what was a busy day for them. The waived Adam Cracknell, signaling the end of his short tenure in New York. They then sent Anthony DeAngelo to Hartford and recalled Boo Nieves. It was a busy day, so let’s review.

1. The Cracknell acquisition was a low risk move in an attempt to stabilize the fourth line. On paper, Cracknell is a solid, if unspectacular, defensive oriented forward. He’s not flashy, but good in his own zone. The problem he had in New York was adjusting to the system. His skating, while not necessarily a flaw, wasn’t up to what the hybrid overload/man coverage system required. In the end, it was a choice of Paul Carey or him as the 13F. Carey won.

2. The DeAngelo demotion was long overdue. It’s actually something I’m happy about. There is nothing more infuriating than trading your 1C –opening up a huge hole that hasn’t been addressed in the process– for a kid that then never plays. At his age, minutes are more important than NHL vs. AHL playing time. Sending him to the AHL was the right move.

3. Let’s not kid ourselves, DeAngelo was not perfect. He made a bunch of mistakes in the defensive zone. He’s going to continue to make these mistakes. It’s what kids do. But the upside of his offense, especially on the powerplay, is worth the risk. Again, that doesn’t mean much if he doesn’t play.

4. One last thing on DeAngelo: His usage. One of the issues that got to me was how he was tossed around all over the lineup. He was on the top pairing, the bottom pairing, a healthy scratch, a Stu Bickel, and everything in between. That’s not fair to the kid and hurts his development. The Rangers traded Derek Stepan and specifically targeted DeAngelo. The organization –from GM to coach to training staff– needs to be on the same page to ensure this works.

5. Recalling Boo Nieves was the right thing, and probably something that should have been done from the get go. Nieves had a solid preseason, and should be a stabilizing presence on a fourth line that barely plays as is. Hopefully with his recall, the Rangers play 12 forwards regularly.

6. The pessimist in me thinks that Nieves will get fourth line minutes, but then AV will never play him. He will be alongside Pavel Buchnevich getting a shift or two per period at even strength. The optimist in me thinks that his presence means the fourth line gets regular shifts. The realist in me knows it’s going to be somewhere in the middle, with one mistake costing him a bunch of shifts.

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  1. You’re last paragraph, although quite on target, is very sad. Most people say that the coach knows more than us fans, unfortunately in the Rangers situation I’m afraid that’s not the case.

    1. You guys were all really good at scapegoating Dan Girardi and Step every chance you got while AV made us the most successful team over a 4 year period that we have ever had for his entire tenure up until you got what you wanted in running them out of town—then you get what you want and drop a pair of homegrown anchors for the flashy D man YOU wanted and prospects we need bc we depleted our draft forever bc of your perennial impatience, and when we go from a top 5 team in the league for AV’s whole ride to a team struggling out of the gate…well, you want blood. As usual. The deep pockets and shallow minds of New Yorkers are what curse our teams—and if you don’t believe me why don’t you guys ask Mike Rosival if you can kiss one of his Stanley Cup rings. It’s the closest we’ll prob come to a ring, because the second the chips are down, you’re the worst and you sell anyone and everyone down the river. Even the people with banners Messier, Leetch, Graves, Richter…if only blogs went deep enough to show your constant doubt and contempt for anyone and everyone. well, we are getting what you paid for.

      1. What are you smoking??????? Your daddy cost us the cup with his play against the kings, please don’t be a history revisionist!!!!!!!!!

  2. My thoughts are these are panic-based moves, and stealing an excellent line from another poster “band-aid on a bullet wound”.

    Multiple possible secenarios here. Either AV does not have the roster he wants, and Gorton is trying to plug some holes


    Gorton has the roster HE wants and AV is showing that Gorton’s roster is failing, and this is Gorton’s patchwork


    This is AV’s selected roster and this is a last chance effort to give him a missing center


    Gorton has had enough of the 11/7 line-up and has decided to take that option off of the table completely for AV.

    Either way, I think we are nearing the end of the AV-era.

    1. That is entirely correct Sal. But which one is it? IMO its:
      Gorton has had enough of the 11/7 line-up and has decided to take that option off of the table completely for AV.
      I believe AV wont make it to the Xmas break. But there still is a major
      hole at the Center position that needs to be addressed

    2. Likely right somewhere, the coach/gm is not going to look the same sometime soon. My opinion is they show them the door and bring in new people to replace them. But, keep the Rangers core, and players in roles they are suited. They need to stop the nonsense, and give the team a chance to prove themselves as a team.

  3. This is the first time I’ve posted something as strongly worded about AV: His, and likely Lindy Ruff’s, usage of DeAngelo was someof the worst coaching of a young and talented player I have ever seen.

    1. Peter, you are usually insightful, and it is possible there is a germ of truth here, but in this circumstance I doubt you have a clue what is going on.

      What exactly do we know? DeAngelo is an highly gifted defenseman. One would surmise he has the talent to be a good top four and maybe even top two. He is currently weak in his own end and many would describe him as inadequate as an NHL defenseman at this time. He has well documented attitude problems. It is also a general fact of life that many athletes in all sports have a personal idea of what good means and when they get to that spot and make the big leagues, they stop trying to get better. While we don’t know if this applies to DeAngelo, it makes sense that a guy with attitude problems would be particularly susceptible.

      So the Rangers kept DeAngelo on the roster for three weeks and he missed a half dozen AHL games. AV familiarized him with many of the roles that he might be expected to play. In the end, he mostly used him in the confidence-building role of the PP. He and/or Ruff also no doubt spent a lot of time talking to him, presumably with both positive and negative comments. They have made it clear that they do not accept what we have now as a finished product, what he needs to do to make it all better. Now he has been sent down to Hartford to have the opportunity to fix his defects and enhance his strengths without being under the microscope.

      This is an outline of exactly what should have been done. Now, none of us has any idea how the communications proceeded. Maybe they destroyed the kid’s psyche (unlikely IMO for most athletes and especially for this kid), maybe they didn’t reach him at all and he will go back to his old game now, maybe they reached Tony, but the plan of action won’t work, or just maybe they said the right things to put him on the path to being the player he is capable of being.

      The reality is what we have seen so far is sausage being made and it’s gross. Whether or not we get good sausage remains to be seen.

      Personally, I thought DeAngelo was a lost cause from the get-go and I am more optimistic now. But really, none of us knows how this ends.

      1. Raymond, I love all here but why you and E3 continue to defend the coach is beyond me. Stating that this was a likely conclusion, that DeAngelo would fail right now, is basically agreeing with the way the coach handles players. The man is a complete idiot and worse this year than ever before. He’s lost his mind.

        I suppose Buch being on the 4th line is the right thing to do too?

        Or Staal being on the ice starting in the offensive zone in a tie game with 20 seconds to go is the right thing to do too?




        Fire his ass and now. Losing to the Yutes tomorrow night will seal it for sure but he should be fired anyway.

        I’m hearing that Kreider has totally bailed on him. He’s certainly playing like that, that’s for sure, whether that’s right or wrong by the player doesn’t matter. If the players won’t play for their coach then it’s time for the coach to go.

        Thank God we still have Staal, Holden, and Kampfer, huh? What NHL these days promotes the playing of these 3 stiffs on the back end?

        Or Desharnais, a complete offensive waste, to get valuable PP time and a spot in the shootout? Wow.

        It may turn out that this group is crap, bt let them prove that to be the case. Fire the coach and then put it squarely on the players.

        1. That I expected DeAngelo to fail had nothing to do with AV. It was an opinion I expressed long ago. We know that he was a first round draft choice. Tampa Bay saw him as a pain and dealt him to Arizona for a second rounder. Despite the fact that right handed defensemen are like gold, Arizona was willing to part with him. He wasn’t playing tough minutes with Arizona and his +/- was about the worst on the team.

          There is absolutely no question that Tony DeAngelo is a talented kid who is currently weak in his own end and has been problematic. Yes, people with rose-colored glasses may see him as can’t miss and ready now, but it is a delusion. DeAngelo is a project with a high ceiling. Contrary to the thinking here, we do not know how successful the Rangers will be/ have been in handling him. If he becomes a quality defensemen here, yay for management. If the Rangers deal him cheap and he stars elsewhere, boo for management.

          I haven’t sorted out Buchnevich. It certainly was stunning in the spring when he was legitimately beaten out by Tanner Glass. I didn’t know Glass was better than anyone. I do know that a good player is one who succeeds wherever you play him. The notion of putting a player where he will have success is just an excuse pollyanas have for why their favorites stink.

          Finally, this team was never constructed to win this season.

          1. Ok, gotcha on DeAngelo. Despite popular opinion, Gorton wanted Chychrun, not DeAngelo. But Gorton was obsessed with dumping Stepan’s contract (the Yutes wanted him badly) that Gorton settled on “plan B.” That in itself makes this a questionable deal, settling for a player, especially when the Yutes wanted Stepan so badly.

            But that doesn’t change the fact that, if this team was not built to win now as you saw, then why not play all the young players and let them make their mistakes? Because they ARE built to win now, that’s why. But even then, how do the “3 stiffs” give them the best chance to win? It doesn’t, the coach just thinks they do.

            Buch. First line, then 4th line, but still on the top PP unit. What ef’n sense does that make? None, of course. He’s good enough to play top PP but then gets 4th line duty, despite the fact that all the advanced stats favor Buch and his play. But hey, the coach knows best.

            There is no way Gorton looked at this as a rebuild. No way, no how.

          2. “why not play all the young players and let them make their mistakes?”

            Because it is a bad strategy for two reasons. First, you want guys like Lettieri, Chityl, Anderson, Pionk, Day to grow – and to grow they need to play, but whether they will grow more quickly against AHL or NHL players is not so clear. Second, the players need to learn that it is about winning. That is why the Wolfpack signed Joe Whitney for example. A carefree we are just learning and who cares what happens is a bad lesson.

            I believe this is a better team than the record indicates and no one expected a 2-6-2 start. But neither did anyone see a Cup winner.

            KZB was an enigma. The first PP unit was lights out and they were ineffective even strength.

          3. Why can’t they learn here, with the big club? And, what’s most important, is that the players playing ahead of them here are not better, so there’s that too.

            Why not get mentor ship at the top level? Unless you think that coaches in Hartford are better than the coaches at MSG, which is entirely possible.

          4. Under the CBA, you sorta need to coach em up in the show, but the problem is you actually do it in game. You just don’t get enough practice in the NHL.

          5. Richter, vis a vis your first paragraph. I think the second sentence is just wrong. If you have a choice between the 19th best third pair RH defenseman in the league and the 15th and it is the seventh game of the Cup Finals, yes, you play the 15th best. But if I tell you that the 15th best can develop into a first or second pair guy, but that won’t happen if play him here, the answer is different.

            And as for the first sentence, the opportunities for learning are just different in NY and Hartford. Newsflash on DeAngelo: The NYR thought the best place to learn was maybe in NY and kept him for ten games. Now they think it is in Hartford. He’ll get a chance to practice what he picked up in NY under less stressful conditions and be observed by different eyes.

            The problem is with the fans, including yourself. You don’t want the best development path for DeAngelo. You want to actually see that development. Holden isn’t very good and frankly watching him mess up bores you. You want to watch the players that excite you.

  4. We really need some line stability. There is clearly a lack of chemistry on the ice, which is likely due to 11 forwards dressing and no continuity.

    Roll 4 lines, keep them for at least the first two periods. If the team is in a hole in the third, then you can shuffle to find a spark.

    I would like to see the following lines, let me know what you guys are thinking:

    Buch – Zib – Zuuc
    Miller – Hayes – Vesey
    Kreider – DD – Nash
    Fast – Nieves – Grabner

    Boy, the gaping hole at C is hurting this team.

    1. I’d personally prefer…


      Man, how much better I’d feel about that fourth line if it was Fast-Lindberg-Grabs. That honestly would be a near perfect fourth line, I think, looking at it from a non face-punching-element but a skill-based view.

      But at this point, yeah…I’ll basically settle for some line stability/continuity of any kind as a starting point.

      1. Spot on comments about the 4th lime Egelstein……
        That was our best line in the playoffs and we broke it up….why????
        To trade stepan and raanta for deangelo and future 3rd line center?
        Again the move was to leave stepan unprotected and keep lindberg and the 4th lone intact!
        A short list of who we let leave…..strallman, lindberg, stempniak, hagelin, talbot, raanta……..
        How hard is it to watch the games, and determine who the best players are and KEEP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Any team with DD, paul carey, stall, holden and lunquist in the lineup AINT competing for a cup!!!!!!

        1. Sorry but that does’t make much sense from an asset management perspective. Stepan brought you back the #7 pick in the draft, if not a little more. Raanta sweetened the pot. The best course of action would have been to toss a draft pick at Vegas, or one of our prospects (not named Shersterkin), in exchange for not picking Lindberg, Fast or Grabner.

          1. In order to keep Lindberg, you had to give Vegas something that they thought was worth more than Lindberg.

        2. That implies Lindberg over Andersson in terms of ceiling/potential. I cannot agree with that, at all. Lindberg was an “old man” by the time he started getting regular starts with the Rangers (correct me if I am wrong but I believe he was 23/24 in his rookie year), Andersson is substantially younger and the general consensus is he is a top 6 player. Lindberg is a 25/26 year old 3rd liner basically in his prime – this is the player he is going to be in the NHL.

          1. With Lindberg you had a 2nd solid defensive C that would’ve freed up Hayes from a whole lot more D zone starts. When Lindberg turned 27-28, Andersson plugs right in.

            Replacing 2 centers made things much tougher than they needed to be.

          2. I can agree with that, but I also don’t think it was assumed that Stepan would absolutely be traded after the expansion draft. It is more likely that the front office was going to try but they weren’t going to get rid of him for a bag of peanuts. Maybe, 50/50 shot at the time that Stepan would be on the roster or not. Hindsight is 20/20. They were trying to shop him for weeks and did not get any serious offers until Arizona.

          3. Just an aside, Stepan was shopped around for weeks, and no takers? WOW, and I was lead to believe that he is a top 1C, rated in the top 30, before LV came into the NHL? Just thinking out loud!!!!!

          4. Walt –

            Stepan is a more than solid player, the cap hit doesn’t agree with him though

    2. Buch-Ziba-Kreider(on the off hand, you got Buch feeding 1 timers constantly)
      Vesey,-Desharnais-Fast(better D coverage out of quickie)

      That last line allows you to roll 4 lines and not being too bothered about matching up on the fly. If you get them against another 4th line, it would wreak havoc; first on the rush, then on the cycle. And to be honest, Nash needs to play against 4th lines to try and get his mojo working.

      Always trust AV to do the smart thing after all other alternatives have been examined.

      1. I can see the logic here too, for sure. While I personally am a fan of a more specifically defensive-minded fourth line, I can also see that flexibility benefit too. What I can’t see is the logic in half of the line combos and usage scenarios AV has winged it on so far this season.

        1. Like I wrote the other day, it’s purely a function of what you want out of your 4th line. If I’m looking D 1st, I’d have thought hard about Fogarty. He can skate(but not as good as Boo), has better size to body guys off the puck and has been playing a checking role for the last 5 seasons. He knows the gig, has the mentality. If you’re looking for highlight reel goals out of your 4th liners, you’re coaching in the Canada Cup or something.

      2. I don’t hate the lines but I think were too hard on Nasher – he is a dominating force in all 3 zones, guy just can’t finish lately.

        1. I love Nash, but right now he’s getting no puck love. Getting him those match ups hopefully gets him going. The important thing is the coach has to be willing to roll 4 lines; not sure most coaches on the hot seat have the stones to do that.

          Rolling 4 keeps your team engaged, fresh. If he had a margin to work with a good coach would do this; AV is (right now) not a good coach and is looking to escape the hangman by running his tea into the ground potentially.

    3. We really need some line stability. i agree with this but it wont happen
      til AV is gone. he never gives the kids a chance NEVER

      1. Ahh, the argument that has been rebuked pretty much everyday.. nice. Please refer to the comments of every blog article posted on this site for the last 3 months to see how that makes no sense.

  5. And you know the Rangers specifically targeted DeAngelo how? The Rangers wanted the #7 pick. They were not looking for the #19 pick. Getting a high draft choice greatly limited their choice of trading partner. And the historical relation between Arizona and NYR made Arizona an excellent partner. They also wanted a talented young right defenseman with negligible cap hit; most teams that have such a thing are unwilling to trade them. When all is said and done, DeAngelo was perhaps the only option. There certainly was not a cornucopia of choices from which JG chose the best.

    1. I agree with your observation. I think people think DeAngelo was the target because they’ve wanted an offensive RD here for the past several years. The fact that most “experts” believed we reached for Andersson challenges the notion that DeAngelo was the deal maker. It was more likely the case that the Rangers needed both (DeAngelo and a pick high enough to draft Andersson) to pull the trigger on this trade.

      1. Maybe this is true, but i find it very hard to believe that someone who has incorrectly predicted pretty much all roster decisions of late somehow has an in to Gorton’s thinking prior to making this trade.

        Certainly of course, we do know that no matter who was included in this deal, we would have heard about how wonderful an acquisition he was.

        1. Trying to predict AV at this point is like trying to predict how a tumbling football will bounce. Good luck.

          1. not hard for me

            AV has a different system of evaluating contributions than you do. It may be better or less good than yours, but it is defensible. Decisions that seem random by your criteria are not random at all.

      2. Actually DeAngelo was not the D man the Rangers wanted. They wanted Chychran (spelling?) and were told “absolutely not.”

        They actually settled for DeAngelo. But that doesn’t mean that the Rangers didn’t feel like they were getting a very good young player.

        1. All we know for certain is that the Rangers thought it was a good trade.

          As for DeAngelo, we know he was a first rounder. AFAIK, there is no indication that his talent is not first round level. He had been downgraded for personality issues. Many organizations are arrogant. They believe they can respond to a challenge. They believe a player like DeAngelo is a diamond in the rough and they can polish it. I have no doubt the Rangers sincerely believed (though perhaps they talked themselves into it) that there was a good chance that he would be first rate down the road.

          However, I do not believe the Rangers thought they were getting a good player (but rather a future good player). Traditional analysis does not support that. Perhaps advanced metrics suggest he was already good, but I do not see Ranger management buying that at all. And you don’t keep Holden if DeAngelo is a sure thing in the present.

          1. They wanted Chychrun, but the Yutes view him as a franchise player so it didn’t happen. I think the Rangers knew what they were getting in DeAngelo and knew that he needed work in the D zone, which he does. DeAngelo’s offensive advanced stats are pretty good, it’s the other side that’s not, like shot suppression, which is bad for him.

            So they send him down, where they now have 8 D men so some young players won’t even get playing time in Hartford. Brilliant, unless there’s a deal coming that includes some young Ranger D men.

            The mismanagement bug has hit the entire organization.

          2. Agree that 8 is too many at Hartford. Though some such as Gilmour are of little value I think and they can play the real prospects every game.

            What puzzles me is the Sproul acquisition. Do they deal Holden and call him up? Or is he just another AHL defenseman? Of course, that trade may be as simple as two players going nowhere wanting a fresh start in another organization and the NHL clubs obliging them.

          3. I keep hearing teams are waiting for the cascade of cheap Dmen coming from Vegas, seems like the pricing on the market is being affected by that. Maybe they feel like they can get more for Holden? Who knows. Once those dominoes hopefully we will have some resolution.

          4. It’s quite possible a deal is formulating. The Avs want D men and maybe sending a couple from here to there in a deal for Duchene is coming.

            The Habs need scoring so I don’t know about sending D there though they deal their #1 D prospect for Drouin.

          5. The cascade effects from certain coaching decisions are manifold, but the D situation is manageable.

            I’d send both Gilmour & Bereglazov to Greenvlle or let Bereglazov go back to the KHL and wish him well. He’s gotten better, but he’s 3rd pair on a good day. Gilmour’s a homeless man’s DeAngelo.

            Also, at this point, Graves would be a better candidate as a 7th D: can run a PP, has a hammer from the pint, has had enough reps to be consistent in his own end and mature enough to not care about dressing every game.

            Yes, he’s probably no more than a 3rd pair at the next level, but at least he’s a cost effective 3rd pair who can play either hand well enough.

          6. I like Graves, it seems like he’s the step child that gets passed over but I thought he looked good in preseason.

    2. Ray, Gorton stated at his presser announcing the trade that they had specifically targeted DeAngelo.

    1. Very possible, and with that loss, a door opening up to which AV will be ushed through, and gone………………….

    2. Would not shock me in the least. Pavalec getting the nod and getting less than 3 games worth of playing time so far? Could be a clusterf–k.

      Thank God I don’t have the tickets tomorrow night to witness it live, lol.

  6. Rumors are out there that Montreal and Rangers are talking, as both teams need a shake-up. Names being thrown out there are Zucc or Krieder as main pieces from NY and Galchenyuck from the Habs, Cannot speak to any truth to this, but it is on the internet, and we know it is true if it is out there, lol.

    1. Galchenyuk is hot garbage. JG would be insane to offload either Kreider or Zuke for that return.

        1. Agreed … no way they’re trading Zucc or Kreider for Galchenyuk whose value has significantly declined since the beginning of last season. I’m pretty sure a change of scenery would benefit him, that and playing on a 2nd line or a more offensively inclined 3rd line.

  7. Montreal and the Rangers are the two biggest disappointments so far so there are plenty of rumors around. Montreal’s center situation is much worse than the Rangers, believe it or not, yet they have relegated Galchenyuck and his 4.9 mil salary to their 4th line. The Habs would love to dump his contract but who would bite on that much less trade a top line forward for the opportunity to take on that contract. Gorton is too smart for that. I could see the Rangers taking a flyer on Galchenyuck under a “change of scenery” theory if they could dump an equally bad contract. They would have to relative to the cap anyway. The only such contract that comes to mind is Staal’s but I doubt even Bergevin is that dumb.

      1. Hopefully they won’t check AV’s “sell by” date. I am pretty sure the expiration date was a long time ago.

  8. Preferred Lines:

    Buch – Zib – Vesey
    Miller – Hayes – Grabner
    Nash – Duchene – Zuch
    Fast – DD – Letteri

    TRADED: Kreider

  9. If Ruff & AV coached the same systems, why would Cracknell have troubles adapting?

    1. Cracknell got scared, he never played in front of a full arena at home. It was stage fright.

  10. The current problems we are having happened to Vancouver at the end of his tenure.

    He’s made all star defenseman look horrible.

    High goalie talent looked laughable.

    Talent rotted.

    hit the road jack and don’t come back no more no more no more no more.

    History repeats itself to those that don’t heed history.

    1. Never cared for the guy in the first place. It won’t be long, and he’ll become history himself!!!!!!!

  11. Young players have to earn playing time on teams expected to win. If the NYR fall on hard times, and the playoffs are out of reach, they will go to fill rebuild and get the young players time. You can’t live with mistakes from young players when your team is 2-6-2

    1. You can play the prospect if, on balance, the prospect brings more to the table than the trusted vet. Hell, the biggest transgressors in terms of coughing up the puck thus far (resulting in goals or prime scoring opportunities) have been Henke, MCD and Holden. Are you going to send them to the Dog House or staple them to the bench? ADA did enough to warrant a regular shift on the D. He actually did not look bad with MCD on his flank. The small sample was not enough to evaluate his value to this squad. The fact he is in Hartford today is patently AV’s handiwork. No patience. Selective discipline. Poor assessment of talent. Bad deployment of assets. You can shuffle the deck all you want, if you are dealt a couple of aces and fold before the next draw, you court failure. This is exactly what AV is doing.

  12. a bit late to the party here but, general question on how these kids come up through juniors. you see a lot of offensively gifted defensemen who can’t seem to play D. is it the jump to the NHL that exposes that weakness? e.g., is DeAngelo expected to dominate the defensive zone now that he will be playing with the Pack? or are these often types of problems that are present throughout their young careers but they like pick what position they want to play in mites and just stick with it, and if they’re fast enough or score enough goals the coaches just go with that? as someone who never has time to watch any junior hockey, I’m curious what you guys see going on here.

    1. AHL is supposed to be the finishing school for gap control and positioning. In junior you can get away with murder because your skill will bail you out. Not so much in the A and non-existent in the show.

  13. For serious fans …you guys are not seeing the picture. For this season ….it is a wrap.
    AV is not the problem.
    Zuc is our plus minus leader in the negative and one of our top scorers. You took away Brass, STep, Hags, …these three guys were the whole reason besides hank he competed night in and night out.
    Step was best man at MAC’s wedding and vice versa. Girardi for all his horrible play which imo .was never that bad….was mac’s other constant reminder of how to be in this league. I think people wanted g gone for bad reasons…truth is his contract and durability were the biggest reasons to his departure. Once he couldn’t do it any longer …gorton dumped him. Now you got MAC making somewhere near 2.5 mil less then a shattenkirk ball licker. I mean have you seen his play? for 6 mil…watch him in the d-zone. tell me if seabrook or lateng just watch people stand in front of their net and bury in rebounds. Mac has had it.

    It is not AV. The team lost its reason to compete.

    Also Stepan just stated in a interview that he believed this team, being the rangers, is good. Just lost their way. What is a new coach going to do about losing your bestfriends on the ice and off it? Do you think hockey has the same meaning when you are playing with a bunch of random people? It takes time to form bonds with people and trust me this team isn’t going to do it any time soon. What this team really needs is a long road trip and see what happens after.

    1. Whether AV is the problem or not he still has to go, then the players have no more excuses to compete. If it turns out that the players are not good enough then you will find that out and act accordingly going forward.

      As of now, how do you evaluate the players if they don’t want to play for the coach anymore? You can’t. The dynamic needs to change to see if the product on the ice changes.

  14. Also this management group is to blame for this …JG is solely responsible. I am not mad at him for it though. I do not think he is doing the wrong thing. I got the impression from watching him in interviews over the summer …they are realizing they need a Crosby, ovi , mcdavid , eichel , type player. And being from Ny and hearing about the islanders crap situation with Taveres …i see he becoming a ranger. He likes NY …been here his whole career so far, just tired of losing and a losing for a no one cares about franchise. If it took in Barclays i could say he was going to stay a islander but the ISLANDERS are in brooklyn and they cant decided on going back to the island or staying? So happy I didn’t grow up liking the islanders. I think the islanders can’t decide cause Tavares cant decided what he wants to tell them. I think jg cleared the cap space and the 1c position for this exact reason. If he is not a ranger at the deadline or next year I am shocked.

    As for Duchene…no one is going to trade for him. Sakic wants way to much otherwise it would have happened.

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