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Rangers recall Boo Nieves from Hartford

boo nieves
Photo: Hartford Wolf Pack

Been a busy day in Rangerland. The Rangers seem to have finally figured out their forward problem, and as expected, the solution came from within. Boo Nieves, who had a strong preseason, has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack. He will replace the recently waived Adam Cracknell, and hopefully actually play.

Nieves has a line of 2-1-3 in 7 games this year with the Pack, and was widely assumed to be the first call up when needed. The Rangers sorely need some stability at center. While Nieves is no savior, he should at least stabilize the fourth line. Let’s hope he’s ready and this works out. The Rangers need some stability in the lineup.

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    • AV will torture Buch until they trade him for someone like Thornton, who will suck for us, blow out his knee, and be finished.

      As for Nash, he deserves to be a 4th liner. An $8 million 4th liner. Nice to be rich!!

      But Boo will solve everything. I see a 22-2 streak coming.

  • AV found new scapegoat… he’ll get 3 minutes a game and would be announced AHL material and sent back 🙂

      • I can understand your guys frustration but you have to understand it from a coaches perspective. The Rangers aren’t a rebuilding team that is expected to fail this season while they grow together & learn. This is a team that is expected to win now so AV isn’t going to leave a kid out there that he cannot trust to do his job and do it well. Leaving him out there just to keep fans happy isn’t fair to the team or the player. If he is responsible in the defensive zone and AV can entrust him with Dzone starts, then I’m sure he’ll play.
        The whole theory that “AV doesn’t like young players” has been debunked time again with Miller, Hayes, Vesey, Skjei, and he even gave McIlrath a shot despite his horrid lack of foot speed and general lack of skating ability.

        • I don’t think AV is about to give a fair chance, the guy is completely lost, his team has problem on tactical level, and he can not find the solution which would make things clicking again, 1 or 2 more looses, AV would announce Boo not a material, call up Lettieri with the same success, until suddenly something going to work or till he is fired, but no reasonable solution, this is obvious

        • That’s a losing battle Lace. The fact that AV has given Mcilrath more NHL starts than the 2 organizations combined that he has since been a part of is something so many will look past. AV hates all rookies, besides the one’s he likes.

        • Great post, AV has his ups and downs but no one can say that he doesn’t give the youngsters a chance. Deangelo barely played on an Arizona team with a poor top 6, AV gave him chance after chance.

        • Lace

          The problem with what you say is if he put players out there who were doing the job well, then I’d have no complaints. However playing two pylons, while sitting Smith, and Skjei proves that he plays favorites.

          I’m not here to argue with you, or anyone else, but people defend this coach’s actions, even though time and again he shows he’s being out coached, and will play the kids only when he is compelled to do so. We disagree on this, and so be it……….

  • Boo Nieves is coming from Hartford to help the Rangers, I am really excited about this move. Here comes the savior.

        • Chris

          Might I ask where you think I’m a Boo fan???

          I will agree with your next post about 12F, & 6D, this could only improve the team if, and only if AV let’s lines skate together to develop chemistry, rather than change them from shift, to shift!!!!!

  • While I don’t expect Nieves to directly contribute to production, his presence does mean we’re back to 12 F / 6 D. Maybe forward TOI can balance out, line combos can stabilize, and a little chemistry can develop which should help increase scoring opportunities. Whether players actually hit twine is anyone’s guess, though.

  • You can call up all the guys you want from Hartford, but let’s face it, is approaching quickly. It is definitely a time for a coaching change. The players are confused, disjointed, and not consistently hustling.
    There is little spark and no killer instinct to this team. It is time for a change, this team is going nowhere. Sooner or later, there needs to be a dismantling and rebuilding. Get rid of Krierder, Vesey,Nash and even Zucc, to get high draft choices. Maybe even McD. who has his contract up soon. The Ranger higher-ups seem to be content with good teams that fill up MSG every game. I for one am tired of the “good Ranger teams”
    We need a number of elite players and a well balanced team to win the Cup!

    • Hey Craig,
      “Good teams” is exactly AV’s specialty. Teams that rack up regular season points, but do not win the ultimate prize and the only goal for any team, the Stanley Cup.
      I too am tired of “good” Ranger teams and will gladly sacrifice regular season points for a legit Cup contender.

  • You can start by playing players on the lines they belong on Fast is one of my favorite Rangers player but the team is better with him on the 4th line
    Buch Z CK20
    Nash Hayes Zucc
    Miller DD Vesey
    Grab Boo Fast
    McD Smith
    Brady Shatty
    Staal Holden
    This is not a CUP winning line up

    • I’m not certain about Cup winner, but it looks stronger than anything that has been offered by the coaches so far!!!!! Sorry Ranger 17, but even if AV started this lineup, it would change after the first shift!!!!!

    • I wrote at some point it would take half a season to get the stink of Girardi off him.

      I may have been a bit generous.

  • I’m quoting Bill Parsels, “A team is only as good as it’s record”

    Something has to change for this team to get wins.

    you can’t fire the players, not all of them.

    coaches have shelfs lifes too.

    Time is not waiting for this team, we are missing the playoffs and it’s October 25th

    Leadership needs to right this ship. Soon

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