Rangers assign Tony DeAngelo to Hartford

anthony deangelo

About time. That’s all I can say. The Rangers finally assigned defenseman Tony DeAngelo to Hartford after the most questionable usage of a kid I’ve seen in recent memory. DeAngelo played eight games for the Rangers so far (out of ten), but you wouldn’t even know it.

AV’s usage of DeAngelo was troubling. Using him only for powerplay time was silly. It didn’t help the team or the kid. He needs to play and grow. Now he has the opportunity to do just that.

Believe it or not, I’m happy about this move. It’s about time they got smart with his playing time.

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    • Nothing is brewing, they are not giving much of cap space…. just saving space toward trade dead line, which anyway nonsense since it going to be sellers deadline

  • So they trade their #1 center and backup to Yotes for a d-man now in Hartford and the number 7 pick is back in Sweden. Did they really have a plan for this season?

    • Maybe they wanted to unload shit in the form of Stepan! That my man is the plan……..Please send me all your thumbs down with love, I’ll be awaiting!!

      • Ridding ourselves of Stepan was never a bad plan. Letting Oskar be taken by LV was the stupid move. Could have easily let Grabner go unprotected.

      • Should have exposed stepan and protected lindberg, the better and more valuable player for us………now we have no 4 th line and the two players we got for raanta and stepan are not with the team……
        Again…..strallman, stempniak, raanta, talbot, stallberg, hagelin….and now lindberg……….who rates player value??????? Who decided these players weren’t worth keeping???????????Dont they watch the players performance during the games??????Whoever it is needs to be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!
        And giving big raises and extensions to stall, girardi and hank……..brutal……

          • Follow the logic tanto……we lose stepan but get to keep Lindberg and Raanta……so we have a 4th line and a goalie better than hank!!!!!!

          • Rich

            Tanto is right, and it’s easier to get a 4th line guy anyway……Also, Stepan was grossly overpaid for his game, and a NMC would kick in this season, the trade had to be made. Really, do you Really want Daisy on this team for another five years, or so? Didn’t think so.

        • Bingo Rich! Absolutely the most idiotic thing they did was to expose Lindberg. Forget Nieves and bring up Vinni Lettierri.

  • Mighty big logjam now down on the farm. 8D, 5 of them lefties(but Crawley plays on his off hand.) It was 9D, but I guess Garrett Noonan got sent down to Greenville.

    They gonna call up Sproul, or just work with what doesn’t work?

  • Hopefully a big brewing ! Like Shatty , Nash and the Queen for a few draft pics and start over from scratch …. Oh Staal wouldn’t be missed either ?

  • AV’s usage of DeAngelo was troubling. Using him only for powerplay time was silly. It didn’t help the team or the kid. He needs to play and grow. Now he has the opportunity to do just that.

    Really, did you expect any other treatment from this coach? I didn’t!

  • Is this what flailing looks like?

    Nothing shakes up the boys like waiving a spare part who wasn’t even in camp and sending down a kid getting 6 minutes a night.

    Hopefully the Coyotes can hand AV an anvil.

  • Not sure how much faith I have in Gorton anymore. He approved of this and AV’s usage of DeAngelo.

    AV reminds me of that lousy High School coach we all had to deal with at one point, whether as a player or parent. Better options available but not used because of seniority or some other stupid reason.

    • Exactly!

      Soccer coach played my kid, a small, fast, high skill left wing playmaker on DEFENSE because he was “reliable” and the team never scored a goal again – one game at center mid he scores both goals to beat archrivals 2-1. Next game, back on defense. It was his “system” – a la AV. Goes to a club travel team, 1.5 ppg, they go undefeated at a much higher level than his HS.

      Av would piss of every parent on the team except the one guy he loved – like Rick Nash or Marc Staal

    • Before we trade away any young talent we really need to see them with a different/better coach…..We will be getting pennies on the dollar if we trade anyone now……..
      It is time for AV to be replaced ………then we can have the rest of the year to determine what the problem was, lack of talent or stupid coaching……

  • My guess, hope, is Kreider is moved with an overpriced Defensemen and draft pick and in return we receive a legit Center. Does Montreal have such a Center?

  • Anyone know the latest asking price for either Galchenyuk or Duchene? God knows we are going to overpay for this one. Kreider, $Def, Pick, and an AHL Defensemen or Forward is about all I could handle for the latter of these two guys. I am sure Col’s price is even higher.

    • I would guess the former’s price is much less than the latter. Duchene has a track record and is among the league’s best on draws, whereas Galchenyuk is brutal, and has had a terrible start to the year. Although I guess Galchenyuk is really young still and provides greater cap flexibility.

  • DeAngelo looked like a talented puck moving d-man who was a great addition. So, naturally set him up to fail and cut him. Another brilliant move after giving up a better goalie than Lundquist is now. This team is going down the toilet in front of out eyes. Rick Nash has been a total bust – $8 million a year for 35 point seasons, while the guys we traded for him put up 80-90 points, and include an absolute faceoff stud. The people who defend Nash have got to stop. He has been a disaster, can’t finish, has one season in which every shot he took went in, and one playoff series in which he didn’t absolutely choke, and has just been a let down in the role he was signed to play. He trie hard, but he peaked at 26. I am my handle — a masochist. Rooting for the Rangers is pure existential

    • Nash is a good player on both sides of the puck , just like the Sieve,way overpaid.

    • By “guys we traded for him”, are you combining their points, or adding them across years? And who’s the “faceoff stud”? Btw, the 3rd round pick we acquired in that trade? Buch.

      Agree on DeAngelo – should be up here and getting regular time. Nick Holden is the guy you have confidence in? You have to let some kids find their game at this level. You can see when he gets the puck his skating and hands are phenomenal.

      • Come on now, Holden is top flight, and the best D-man that Colorado had according to Pat Roy, AV’s buddy. And he ran with it! LOL………

  • Stepan and Antti Raanta traded for DeAngelo and a first rounder, does not look too good right now. Not saying the Rangers should not trade Stepan, but the package coming back to them isn’t looking good right now.

    • give it time, this kid is learning, as is the Anderson kid, while Daisy is choking his chicken, and going down hill quick!

    • Lol, I love this take, after 10 games, in a deal for youth. Btw, how’s that working out for the winless Yotes? Seeing it everywhere, including comments about how DeAngelo again has disappointed. He got put through the AV ringer, that’s all. He should be getting regular time like Montour, McAvoy, and Theodore and Chabot will see once they’re back up.

  • Delangelo needs to go down to the Iron League for some seasoning. Some forwards should see some time in the press box as well. Unfortunately the team has no forward depth and doesn’t have the luxury of sitting out underperforming players. There were many free agents out there that could of contribute but Gorton took a pass on all of them.

  • I have no problem with DeAngelo being sent to Hartford if they were going to play the kid in the ridiculous manner they had been. He was a shadow of the guy we saw in preseason because they took his game away from him, which is lugging the puck out of the zone and joining the rush. Instead, they wanted him to hang back and pass out of the zone. He was lost and his confidence was completely shot. So, going to Hartford to work on his game and get that cockiness back is essential for him. I saw him play with Arizona. The kid has all the tools. The Rangers need to develop them.

    • Well said Peter.
      I agree he does have the skill set to be a very good D-man. The key here is his being coached properly to develop those skills. And as far as the coaching goes, I am very suspect……………………

  • Just tear it all down and start again, with new management in place. I try justifying what went on during the offseason but it has become a complete clusterf–k.

    • Hi Richter my friend. I’ll have to respectfully disagree with your “cluster….” off season comment. I think we have two blue chip centers in Andersson and Chytil, both part of the future.
      I agree Stepan should have been moved, but only because of his NMC that would have kicked in.
      The loss I think has a serious effect on the current team, was losing Lindberg in the draft. I was a huge proponent of protecting both Fast and Lindberg.
      But protecting Lindberg and exposing Stepan would have resulted in not having D’Angelo and Andersson. Gorton was between a rock and a hard place.
      So while I think the current team is going nowhere as presently constructed and COACHED, I feel Gorton knew that and was looking past this season.
      So I agree and would love to see ALL new faces behind the Bench as step one and then through trades acquire some quality prospects and draft picks in the upcoming draft, which by all accounts is a VERY deep draft.

      • Hey pal.

        I get it but here’s the problem, Gorton failed and AV made it worse. I don’t have a problem with trading Stepan, I really don’t but you have to have a supporting plan, and this is what happened:

        1) Gorton didn’t trade with Vegas to keep Lindberg.
        2) Gorton way underestimated the trade market. Without knowing, I would bet a lot of money that he thought he had trades in place to get a center. He said it and AV strongly implied reinforcements were coming.
        3) Gorton way overestimated Andersson and Chytil.

        Strike 1, 2, and 3. Bad.

        Another alternative: Not sign Smith, keep Stepan, and sign Shatty. They had enough D men to go this route too.

        AV does need to go to see how the players will react. This coach is not the future of the team anymore.

  • Bingo Rich!

    I long for the days of tomato face. I mean how stupid is management? We give away 2 of our top three centers and expect to thrive? I know everyone hates Stepan – well…..are we better off??? Losing Lindberg? Unf’ing believable.

    The hell with Nieves. Bring up Vinni Lettieri and PLAY him. That is the move.
    If you get something for Staal or Holden – do it. PLAY D’Angelo.

    I mean if the answer to everything is to send them to Hartford – send the whole f’ing team there…..

    • PG9, right on point. Boo sucks, Lettieri totally outplayed him in the preseason.

      Just another “let’s give the fave” the spot as opposed to the better player.

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