Day returned to OHL; Halverson sent to ECHL

The Hartford Wolf Pack made some roster moves today, sending goalie Brandon Halverson to the ECHL and returning Sean Day to the OHL for his age-19 season. Day was in the mix for a Wolf Pack spot at 19 due to his “exceptional” status as an OHL draftee, but the Rangers opted to not rush him. There is nothing wrong with that.

As for Halverson, he was competing with Alex Georgiev and Chris Nell, and appears to be the odd-man out. If Georgiev is going to be the AHL starter, then it makes sense to get Halverson some work in the ECHL. That said, time is running out for the former second round pick.

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  • The quick demotion to the ECHL of Halverson is a little perplexing. He looked pretty good in his limited exhibition appearance and he was kept up in the NHL camp longer than Nell and Georgiev (perhaps to get him more work with Allaire?). Perhaps like you said, this is to make sure he gets lots of starts. He still has time to develop, he’s 21 and has 2 years left on his current ELC.

  • I would have liked to see Day in Hartford but I can’t argue with the moves, he would have been behind Graves/Bereglazov(hopefully stays)/Crawley anyway

    • There aren’t any real rumors to Bereglazov bolting to the KHL. He has an out clause, but given how early he was sent down, it looks like there was an understanding for this year.

      No, the Rangers can’t recall Day from the OHL.

      • Hartford has reduced their roster to 22, including 7 defensemen. This would be questionable behavior if they were expecting someone to leave.

        It is interesting though that I believe they can recall Andersson if they so desire.

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