PTO’s anyone?

After weeks of waiting for a trade that would bring a new (at least) depth center to Broadway, the Rangers are looking at the same roster they had in early July.  Either an acceptable trade for one of their existing defenseman or someone else’s center never presented itself, or Jeff Gorton is truly comfortable with the roster, as constructed.

We can debate endlessly the merits of the latter statement, but we are getting to the time of year when out-of-work veterans decide a PTO (Pro Try Out) contract is better than nothing and hope to stick with a new team.  Let’s take a look at some of the more attractive out-of-work NHL-ers and see if any are a fit for the Rangers.

Jarome Ignila- RW: Let’s start with a legend.  Iginla has the pedigree and can still put up some points, but he clearly slowing down.  He isn’t able to drive possession, like at all, which is a difficult fit with a speed and counter-attack team like the Rangers.

Drew Stafford- LW/RW: Stafford, surprisingly only 31, has regressed into a pretty mediocre player.  He is probably the most likely of the PTO crew to be able to bounce back to usefulness given his age, so he would not be a bad guy to take a flyer on and see how he looks in camp.

Milan Michalek- LW/RW: Injuries have really taken their tole on the once highly productive Czech.  He is still relatively young at 32, so he could be worth, as well.  I would not count on him ever being his old self again, however.

Mike Ribero- C: Hard pass

Jaromir Jagr- RW: Still a surprisingly productive playmaker.  There is no question that the ageless wonder has slowed a bit in his age 67 season (I kid).  I would have no problem bringing Jagr in on a no-risk deal.  He could be effective on the power play and play sheltered even strength minutes.  Plus, come on, he’s Jagr.

Thomas Vanek-LW/RW: For 31 teams to pass on a guy who scored 17 goals last year, something must be whacky in the scouting reports.  His advanced stats paint the picture of a guy who is still producing points, but not driving possession nor suppression, so he doesn’t appear to be doing any of the leg work.  It’s a strange profile to be sure, but on a no-risk deal, why not take a chance on talent?

John Mitchell- C: Old friend John Mitchell has had quite the fall from the productive fourth liner we watched walk away to Colorado a few seasons back.  His skill set these days is really one of a depth forward, but I suppose depth is never a bad thing.

None of the options on this list are particularly attractive, which is unsurprising, given that these are the guys unable to find guaranteed money in August.  I would not be opposed to bringing in any of Stafford, Jagr or Vanek, although none of which solve the Rangers’ center problem.  With the forward corp taking a hit with the loss of Derek Stepan and Oscar Lindberg, my thought is that any additional depth is a good thing.  Thoughts?

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  • There are better options then most of those imo, only interested in Jagr (won’t be a PTO), Vanek and maybe Stafford of those.

    Daniel Winnik
    Jiri Hudler
    Teddy Purcell
    Alex Chiasson
    P-A Parenteau

    These are all pretty good options, extra plus for Winnik because he has played C in his career. Chiasson would be excellent as a Fast replacement until he’s back from injury, plays the same role (albeit in a very different way).

    I’d add Jimmy Hayes as a maybe too.

    • I am with you on Winnik as well as Scotty Upshall who skates well and plays with grit. However, AV doesn’t like the rough and tumble kind of players, In true AV fashion, the Rangers will get man-handled in the playoffs if they are fortunate enough to make it.

  • No Jagr please. How many games in a row has he not scored in the playoffs? That moght be the 67 you were joking about. Watching him score a few power play goals would not be entertaining. Let him go to a non-contender and play it out.

  • They are already short a winger with Fast likely to miss a month or 2. Also if Miller shifts to center that’s a glaring hole on the wing as well. Have on the 3rd line doesn’t sound so bad Dave.

  • Would like to see jagr ……real pro, russian example for buch, PP ability and I just plain like the guy !!!!! Our last great goal scorer! Should have never let him leave ….

  • Bring in Jagr, Vanek, Winnik and Nestrasil. We let Gerbe and Jooris (and LaPierre) go after TC last year and sent Tanner to Hartford. With Fast out, no reason we can’t bring 4 extras to camp. Unless they are counting on Andersson and Nieves to make the team – lot of young eggs in the basket there. Don’t you still need a plan B?

  • Slim pickens in the PTO market this year. I would probably target Vanek. He can help the power play. Take a middle 6 role on the wing. And if JT is going to be moved back to center he would make sense. Especially if you can sign him for either side of $1 mill. Vanek and Nash playing the wings with Hayes could really help ease Hayes into the 2nd line center role if that’s the plan.

  • The market for Holden was ruined by the Vegas failed strategy of hoarding serviceable dmen for trade.

    No point in forcing a move to make a move. There is not much out there to solve the Rangers center issue. Might as well see what Boo and Lias can do even if they are long shots. Probably can find a rental at the deadline that is far better than anything available now.

    • Ol’ George McPhee outsmarted himself again?!? I’m shocked!

      Great gritty forward, absolute zero as a GM.

    • Andersson is making a big push as he’s looking great, but let’s see what he looks like in camp with the big boys.

      Giving the job to Boo shows you how bad things are right now with the center position.

      I am not for it, but putting Miller at C and signing a FA forward, as there are more choices there than at C, may be the way to go. Having DD and Boo or Andersson as our bottom 6 Cs is pretty bad.

  • I think Vanek is a good fit. Moving J.T. Miller to center can be done if A.V. would go to a zone defense which would help J.T. get use to the position again. Zone D is a good team defense when you have a player who can’t stick to his man. I believe this would be a good way to shelter him while he gets use to playing center again.

  • No. No to all of them. Just no. If the team going to spend some money “just in case”, take a chance and spend it on someone under 25. None of these players is a sure thing anymore, and the odds aren’t good that they’ll help.

    • I totally agree about missing out on Moore, this would have been a great fit for him for so many reasons but another contender jumped on it first. I feel like those moves were never into question because this club had plans for Lias to make the jump along with a possible dark horse like Boo.

      • Moore was shot three years ago. His last year as a Ranger was atrocious.

        Cullen can still skate, Dom Moore moves around the ice like a hobbled plow horse.

        • Moore did have a surprisingly good year for the Bruins but he is clearly past his shelf life. We should use the regular season to develop our young talent and only fill in the voids with rental vets at the deadline.

          Of course AV would have to be forced into that strategy, kicking and screaming, but enough of his failed philosophies.

        • The only reason Moore’s last season with us was atrocious was because he was chained to Glass.

          He was fine through the ECF against Tampa.

        • He was a bit off in the sense that Step didn’t take any of the pressure off of him on the PK. Then finally having Glass took a toll in him but overall he still has his game.

    • … even if that were true, how exactly are the “ghosts of hockey’s past” going to help us in that department?

      Both of those guys are washed up. Especially Neil.

      Not sure where they’d find ‘playable’ toughness at this point.

      The only player we could have (reasonably) acquired fitting such a description would have been Klim Kostin at the draft (he went 31st to STL IIRC).

      Even then, would you give up Chytil for that? IDK

    • Chris Neil was an embarassment in the playoffs. Boucher quickly figured that out and benched him. Of only AV had such insight. Have to admit though that even Glass would be better than Neil.

  • I picture Glass getting one b/c of AV and immediately getting a 2-way contract. He’ll fill Fasts spot, start nearly every game on the 4th line, Fast will come back and Buch/Vesey become the healthy scratch. And I will become depressed……..and will continue to be depressed as he rolls Staal and Holden out as the 2nd pairing on defense while not give Shattenkirk top PP minutes.

  • I’m curious about offer sheeting Leon Draisaitl. What would the implications be for the Rangers to pull that off?

    • It would be based on the contract, here’s the compensation:

      $1,295,571 or less – No compensation
      $1,295,571 to $1,962,968 – Third-round pick
      $1,962,968 to $3,925,975 – Second-round pick
      $3,925,975 to $5,888,960 – First and third-round picks
      $5,888,960 to $7,851,948 – First, second and third-round picks
      $7,851,948 to $9,814,935 – Two firsts, a second and third-round picks
      Over $9,814,935 – Four first-round picks

      Would love to have him on NYR, but we don’t have the cap space to offer him enough. If we did, I think they’d be crazy not to try to sign him. But word was EDM would match any offer

      • I feel like if they were serious about matching any offer, they would’ve signed him already. There’s clearly a dollar figure above what they’re willing to pay.

  • How about a crazy though like trying Zucc at center. The guy is quick, a great play maker, and can really pass the puck. I’m not sure about his face- of ability or if his lack of size is a factor. He was way more of an assist guy last year then goal scorer. I am wondering why he hasn’t at least been considered. Maybe he just refuses to give it a shot.

  • Gorton is waiting everyone out and maybe takes a chance on either Jagr or Vanek at a very low risk, high reward deal. I’m partial to Jagr and plus he would help the PP quite a bit.

  • Pass on all listed. But, Jager is interesting. Have to lower his $$ demands. Still want a true center. Anderson kid is peaking my interest.

  • Seems to me that for a team that used Brandon Pirri at center at times last year It would be upgrading with Andersson. Hopefully, the kid will eventually make us miss Lindbergh a lot less, and I liked Oscar a lot. I hope that he has a great camp.

  • No interest in any of these guys. Although I will say my one and only memory of John Mitchell in NY is him winning the draw back to Marc Staal for the GW, OT goal after Richie had tied the game with only 6.6 secs left vs the Caps.

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