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alex georgiev

When teams invite players to their prospect development camp, it is rare to expect much from the players. After all they went undrafted, and usually for a feasible reason. But there was one name that stood out on this year’s list. Alexander Georgiev, a talented goalie prospect in Liiga was among the invites for the Rangers only weeks after they didn’t retain Magnus Hellberg and Mackenzie Skapski. The Rangers signed him late last night.

Georgiev is a name that is known among the European hockey fans, he although Russian, has been playing in the Finnish league to play against pro men since he was 19 years old and over the last 3 years has taken strides in that league along with significant international tournament exposure.

The things that make Georgiev impressive is that he has had a good showing as a young player and that he began with great numbers and only improved upon them. I have not watched enough of his games to really comment on his play style, even if I did I would not be able to give you folks a true analysis of a goalie like Justin can.

Stats wise Georgiev is at the top of the league. At only 21 years old Georgiev ranked 5th among the Finnish league in SV% (above) and 1st in GAA (below). Normally, I don’t use GAA to talk about goaltenders but with very little data available from European leagues I think we should. One reason I feel this way is because when we compare the goalie who Georgiev split the crease with last year, Oskari Setanen, they come at very similar SV% with Georgiev’s 92.3% edging out Setanen’s 92.2%. But when we compare GAA Georgiev blows him out of the water.

Georgiev has thoroughly improved in his three years with TPS, where he is also a teammate of 2017 7th rounder Patrik Virta. His SV% trends have been 91.7%, 91.5%, and then 92.3%. This SV% beat out the goalies that he shared the crease with, and at his 19-year-old season was just on par with the actual starter.

Georgiev is a goalie that has been counted on by Russia’s world junior coach Valeri Bragin as well being the de facto starter on the 2016 WJC team, beating out Washington Capitals star prospect Ilya Samsonov for the spot. Georgiev helped carry a team that was for the most part seen by pundits as a non-medal team.

Georgiev provides the Rangers with a new and interesting dynamic. After losing Raanta and Hellberg the Rangers needed to replenish their backup and third stringer. Halverson did not show enough in his time with Hartford, but it was difficult given the environment. In case of injury, adding someone who has improved dramatically as Georgiev in a pro league is a nice option to have. Georgiev also provides Hartford with a significant talent in net, as the team needs to win games getting a reliable goalie should help the team.

Georgiev likely splits time with Halverson but gains most of the starts while Chris Nell spends a good chunk of time in the ECHL to begin his pro career as the case for most goalies.

Props to Jeff Gorton and the Rangers management for not only targetting one of the top goalie prospects who was sure to be sought for but also convinving him to sign. He was in the midst of a 3 year extension and decided to join the Rangers so great job there.

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  • Thanks for this Josh. Adam Herman had similar takes as what you say here, meaning that this was a shrewd signing for a player with talent and potential.

    I am hoping that Halverson comes around because it appears like he has the tools. But it’s tough to assess his play given how awful Hartford was last year

  • Thanks for the write up on this guy. It’s very helpful. Curious if you see him as a NHLer down the road? I know we have Shestyorkin a few years out, but always good to have options.

  • Just to clarify: The Rangers didn’t ‘lose’ Hellberg. The guy was an absolute sieve. They walked away from him.

  • Well, for those who saw Dan Girardi’s press conference today, he made it really easy for us to move on.

    His bitterness was really evident, and he went on and on about how he had such a good year and was surprised and doesn’t care what anyone says about his game, that he has nothing to prove to anyone, and is the most excited he’s been in years to go play in Tampa. Talked about his kids throwing away Rangers gear and moving on.

    Pretty disappointing stuff from a guy who’s traditionally been a class act.

    • Yep, poor Dan, getting his full Ranger contract and $3M per from TB on top of it.

      Almost makes his plight similar to the coal miner that risks his/her life every day for barely minimum wage.

      And what was Stevie Y. thinking about?

    • I didn’t get that from his presser. Sounded like him being a class act on moving to a new team.

      Considering this is the first and probably last we hear of that , I think it’s fair in how he handled it.

      • A class act would have still discussed how much the Rangers meant to him and the opportunity they gave him throughout his career (signing him after going undrafted). He would have acknowledged that the buyout is a business decision.

        It’s fine to be excited about a change of scenery, obviously he can’t act like he’s miserable to be in Tampa. But giving a shout out to the team that put you on the map would have been appropriate instead of questioning the buyout, overstating how well he played this year, insulting the critics who recognized a deteriation of his play, and talking about throwing away his Rangers gear now that he’s in Tampa. Just struck me as him striking out at the Rangers organization as a result of the buyout.

        • Chris

          And you had the gall to call me cold when I said he wasn’t any good, and was glad to see him go. You may want to apologizes to me now??? That’s OK, no need………

          • Here is the letter Kevin Klein wrote as he departed from the organization, a far cry from the pylon when he left!!!!!

            I would like to thank both the Nashville Predators and New York Rangers organizations for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of playing in the NHL. Thank you to the fans of both cities for their appreciation. I couldn’t have been happier to play in front of you. I will miss all the friends I’ve made along the way, from the staff to the guys I’ve played with.

            I’d like to thank my parents for everything they have done for me and for their constant love and support. Most importantly, my wife Jodi and our boys, Joseph and Oliver, who have sacrificed the most over the years. I am looking forward to many great years with my extended family.

            Again, Thank You.

          • Nah, I said it was cold to feel nothing about the departure of a NYR mainstay for the last 10 years who put everything out there on the line for his teammates and the fans.

            Seeing as how this occurred well before Girardi’s press conference, I’m not sure how it’s relevant.

    • A laughable quote from Girardi: “…I’m not going to go out and start fighting guys, but I will stick up for teammates…”

      Ask Marian Gaborik how well Dan Girardi sticks up for teammates. Somebody should tell Girardi that nobody has yet been protected by a snow angel.

  • Alexander Georgiev is an excellent addition to the Ranger franchise and to the Hartford Wolf Pack. With Igor Shestyorkin becoming available in three years, if not sooner, the goalie situation looks very promising. Congratulations to Jeff, Chris and Benoit for these fine moves which bid well for the future. Skaps situation is very sad, but his health issues seem to have been to much for him to overcome. Phil’s comment about Magnus was right on target. I (and othrers) called him the “Swedish Sieve ” and having watched him for two seasons I was glad to see him go–may he have some success in China or wherever he ends up.

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