Rangers to sign Ondrej Pavelec as their backup goalie

ondrej pavelec

Per Bob McKenzie, the Rangers will sign goalie Ondrej Pavelec once the free agency period opens at noon. Pavelec was rumored to be coming to Rangers last night, and McKenzie confirmed it this morning. According to our goalie guru Justin, Pavelec is a solid talent but has inconsistent conditioning and technique. Per friend of the blog Tobias Pettersson, Pavelec’s stats actually aren’t that bad, and he’s a lot better than some other options out there.

Knowing Benoit Allaire, he can likely work with Pavelec to fix his technique. He’s a top goalie coach in the league, and turned Cam Talbot and Antti Raanta into starters with other clubs. If there is anyone who can resurrect Pavelec’s career to his talent level, it’s Allaire.

From past trends, I’d expect this to be a one-year deal. That’s usually what Jeff Gorton does with backups. It’s a one-year show-me deal, then a multi-year deal if it works out.

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    • Let’s get it correct right from the start. The pronounciation is Paavelets” Let’s not make him another Stahl, Stall or Stephan;)

      • Staal was STALL to me because that was generally the outcome of his time on the ice.

        I knew/know how to spell it but one of my pals (who shall remain nameless due to his checkered past) shamed me into using the proper name.

        I did see a Jeff Gordon lately though – thought it was funny – can see how that happen with spellcheck….

  • I like and he always seemed to play well in net vs The Rangers so don’t have to worry about that now either. Welcome

  • So they’re going the Biron route this time, less hassle. However, I’m curious as to their backup plan in case Pavelec doesn’t pan out well in net. With Skapski gone, would Halverson be the call-up, ala Hellberg/Cam Talbot?

  • I think there were plenty of better options but the money has been high. They’ve all been getting $2.5 – $2.75M and Mason at $4.1???

    43 – got a point there about Halverson. Where is all that depth? Wall and Huska would have to leave college early and Igor is not eligible for at least one more year. Don’t know anything about Nell

    Given the fragility of Hank over the last several years I would have made the investment.

    Actually I would not have traded Raanta which brings me to this:

    With all deference to my mate Fotiu – all those who are followers of the “Benoit is God” theory you now have yourself a test case.

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