Sources: Kevin Klein “100%” retiring

kevin klein

Rangers defenseman Kevin Klein is “100%” retiring before next season. Larry Brooks initially broke the story that Klein was leaning towards retirement, however this was confirmed to me over the past two weeks by multiple sources. Klein leaves one year and $2.75 million on the table. The Rangers get $2.9 million in cap space back.

The Rangers acquired Klein in 2014 for Michael Del Zotto to help solidify the right side of the defense. Klein was somewhat of a marvel on Broadway, setting career highs in goals, assists, and points. Back injuries derailed Klein the last few seasons, which only exacerbated his skating issues.

Klein retires with a line of 38-116-154 in 627 games.

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  • One of those moves which put us that much closer to winning a cup. He was an excellent addition to our 2014 and 2015 cup runs before he began to decline. Yet another example of how swift players in today’s NHL can age.

    In the cutthroat world of cap management, this is a very good thing.

  • It’s nice to see a player retire when the time has come.

    Klein was our most physical, and most dependable defensive defenseman for his short time here.

    As Dave said, he also showed a bit more offensive capability than most of us thought he possessed.

    I enjoyed watching him play, and enjoyed his time on Broadway………………..

    • Spot on Jerry, Klein was a blessing to have on the D-line when healthy. He also was the only D-man ( other that Mcllrath) who would come to defend a teammate being abused. I feel we have his replacement in Brendan Smith . I also remember reading that Hank said he possessed the hardest shot on the team. Good luck KK, thanks for your time here..

  • I really enjoyed his play the first couple of seasons he was here. It was surprising to note the number of goals he scored. That said, his injuries have severely hurt his play the past couple of seasons, and he was more a liability than an asset back there.

    This is a good move for the Rangers from a cap-point of view. No doubt about that. A free $2.9 million. But I do admire Klein for leaving that much $$$ on the table. Not sure too many of us would do that.

    • Before you commend the altruism, rumor has it he will be able to sign a longer term deal that will pay him more money over the course of the deal than the 2.75M he would get this year in a league like the KHL or Swedish Elite. Not sure which league, but he is retiring because it is a good financial decision for him, as per the articles I have read.

      • If so, he is a smart man, knows his limits, and enhanced his financial position in life. This also would permit him to play longer due to less physical game played over there!!!!!!!!!

        Best of luck to Kevin, tough guy, gave us his all until hurt!!!!!!!

      • The KHL is having problems paying its players.

        On a side note….Coincidence that around the time that news broke that we start hearing Kovalchuk wants back in the NHL?

      • Erik Karlsson wouldn’t get $2.75mm in Europe at this point.

        KHL is broke without patronage($16mm cap going down to $10mm by 2021), top salaries in Swiss league are maybe $1mm. Sweden doesn’t even pay half that.

  • Kevin is going out on his terms he was a dependable player I enjoyed the way he played good luck Kevin on your retirement

  • Whatever the reason is, $2.9M in Cap space is nothing to sneeze at. That could help secure a 4th line winger or help or be the cherry on top of some contract for a real stud. Either way, Klein wasn’t figuring into the lineup.

    Thanks for your services KK!

  • WOW , Except for losing lindberg …..the off season gets better and better…….Rome wasn’t built in a day and even if we do nothing else this off season, its been a success……..
    What more could we ask for [ besides another RHD and center] ….Stall retires and AV follows him out the door?
    Only June but I am juiced!

  • Dave Semenko, the former NHL tough guy who served as Wayne Gretzky’s bodyguard and once went three rounds with boxing legend Muhammad Ali, has died after a battle with cancer. He was 59. This is terrible news, and wish his family my condolences!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Walt, very kind of you to mention the Semenko the passing. He was one of the most feared players on the ice, but one of the most loved off the ice. Wayne Gretzky adored him. I remember reading a quote from Marty McSorley who the Oilers brought in to basically take away Sammy’s job. Dave put an arm around Marty’s shoulder and said kid, let me help prepare you for the task at hand, not one bit of animosity or jealousy. He knew his time as a tough guy was coming to an end, it was time to pass the torch. His work with charities and sick children is well documented. RIP Sammy!!

      • Bobby

        The game has changed very much, but guys like Dave made life for the Wayne Gretzky’s of the world do their jobs, and entertain us the way he did. Again, my best wishes to his family……….

    • I don’t believe the mental midget who gave me a thumbs down on this post. You are one useless piece of dog shit!!!!!!!

  • “Cement Head” Semenko was a class act. I am sorry that he has passed at such a young age when he had so much to give. The Great One has paid homage to him many times in the past. I guess he will one more time.

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